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Meridian Idaho Dog Training | training your pup

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You just brought home your new adopted puppy, but to your dismay they seem to think your most expensive shoes, and everything around the house except their toys are are fair game to chew on. Using the water bottle to spray him only makes him think it’s another game. Just when you’re about to give up you stumble across Meridian Idaho Dog Training with Tip Top K9 and discover the many training services including ones for ornery puppies and dogs. For just $1 for your first session of your choosing Tip Top K9 is guaranteed to save you the stress from the battle of training your puppy on your own and also save you the expenses that comes with being a new dog owner.

Meridian Idaho dog training at Tip Top K9 will provide you with the skills to conquer your dog’s disobedient behavior and equipped you with knowledge about the traits of behavior that come with their breed. Ranging from group sessions to one-on-one classes Tip Top K9 can provide you with the tools and plans to put in place that will have you and your dog starting a long-lasting bond you have always wanted as a dog owner. Group sessions can be very helpful when teaching your dog how to interact with other dogs and humans and becoming more comfortable socializing. Whereas one-on-one classes can go more in depth of understanding your dogs behavior and how you as a dog owner can conquer and handle it long after the classes are completed.

With several years of experience, top-ranked trainers at Tip Top K9 have experienced all types of behavior in all types of dogs. Helping you develope skills and knowledge as well as educating each dog owner during each session, which are key components when becoming successful in the process of training your furry friend. With classes ranging from 2 to 6 weeks Tip Top K9 guarantees that you will find success after choosing us as your go-to Meridian dog training service. You can experience what all the other dog owners are raving about during your first session for just one dollar.

Training doesn’t have to be serious, Tip Top K9 makes learning and training fun for the owners and the dogs. With our top training services, Tip Top K9 includes classes that can allow you to teach your dogs fun tricks to show off to your guests as well as simple commands. With these training classes we provide knowledge that will allow you to use long after the training is completed. We provide training to the simplest problems you may be having with your dog who may be obedient but seems to tug at the leash every time you’ve taken them for a walk. Or barks at strangers anytime the door bell rings. No matter how unruly or how simple, tip top k9 is here to help you reach those goals with your furry friends.

Head to our website at to read more about testimonials of success stories from dog owners just like you. Or give us a call today at 1.833.484.7867 to learn more about the different training services and to schedule your first training class with us for just one dollar. We strive to help you and your dog reach the goals you’ve been hoping for and to help create a bond that will last a lifetime.