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At Tip Top k9 norman oklahoma dog training our first goal of our system is transference. We don’t like to do any solicit, shenanigans, or anything that would be hard for our client to replicate. We like to use a system that is easy to teach to get long lasting results. We offer a 95% of your problems fixed guarantee. We call this a good dog guarantee. We are America’s highest rated and most reviewed. Dog training in America with over 21 locations and over 15 years in service we are committed and eager to help you get to take anywhere dog of your dreams today.

What are some success stories, Norman Oklahoma dog training? At tip top K9 we are proud to say that we have helped dogs that have been returned to shelters labeled as unadoptable. We help dogs with severe anxiety and phobias. We helped a five-year-old dog that couldn’t walk on a leash and five-year-old dogs that were not potty trained. We have helped seven year old, aggressive, mini poodles that had been recommended to be put down after hurting multiple family members. We were 170 pounds aggressive. Great Dane that would drag their parents off the street. We had a German shepherd with such bad anxiety. He was on three pills of Xanax a day. We have helped feral dogs that were trapped in the woods. We helped a 13-year-old Rottweiler that was still pulling on the leash.

What are more success stories of Norman Oklahoma dog training? A tip top we had a pitbull that I had a dad who has a fighting dog and only at barely a year old had been recommended to be put down by five different veterinarians. He was 85 pounds of pure muscle that just wanted to attack every person that saw. We help dogs. I have seriously attacked people and Lefty punctures. We have helped a 100 pound aggressive mastiff that ripped fence pickets to chase people. We have helped 150 pound and 175 pound king Corso to team up and attack other dogs. We have held Pitbulls that have viciously attacked and very well could’ve killed other dogs. We also helped a six month old pitbull with genetic aggression who would attack any person or dog it saw. At six months old and even bought the other family dog in with chase people out of the backyard.

You can visit us online at to see our podcast, see your story, Sierra group class schedules, you can schedule a lesson, if you are training services, so your client testimonials, view all of our locations across the US, learn more about her safari mission and more. We have a good dog that guarantees a 95% guarantee of a problem being fixed. With over 15 years and service we are America’s highest reviewed and most rated dog training service out there. Call us today 18334847867 to schedule your one dollar first lesson today.

Norman Oklahoma Dog Training | America’s Highest Rated And Most Reviewed Dog Training

Tip top K9 Norman Oklahoma dog training is America’s highest rated and most reviewed dog training service in America. We have helped over 15,000 families and have fixed 95% of problems. We guarantee that or your money back. We started 15 years ago in Oklahoma and have locations all across the United States where we strive to help people communicate better with their fur babies. We have over 7500 five star reviews, we have trained 134 different breeds, we have a 99.3% success rate, we have a proven method that works, we have lasting results, and we have lifetime group support. Your dog training doesn’t just end, you have us as a support group for a lifetime!

What is a no-brainer offer for Norman Oklahoma dog training? No brainer offer is to schedule a one $ first lesson. From there within 15 minutes of being with your dog, your trainer will be able to find out more about his personality, and give you a better recommendation of what your dog may need. He will be shocked to see how many commands and how much she’s listening. Just off of 30 minutes with a trainer. We have a 95% fix problem, right guaranteed or we give you money back. We don’t have a specific time limit to work with these dogs, we work with them until they are fixed.

What is Norman Oklahoma dog training charity of choice? Tip Tip K9 loves to give back. Our charity of choice is the Safari mission. The Safari mission is where they train local leaders in East Africa. These leaders go on to build churches, grade schools, high schools, orphanages, businesses, and other institutions to help build the surrounding communities. They like to provide a long-term method that solves a real problem. We enjoy empowering people by involving natives in management and leadership. We have partners, churches and businesses comment on how much they enjoy receiving updates on what their gifts are accomplishing for this transformation.

Tip Top k9 offers a dog training conference, once a year and a training session. This year the tip top conference will be March 10 and 11th at the lions den. The cost of this will be $395 for two people and it is 8 AM to 4 PM. It is our goal to keep growing and keep learning to be the best. Last year, the pet CPR first aid class was absolutely outstanding.

You can visit us online at to see your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can find out more about franchising, contact us, see the group class schedules, if you are podcast, check out our story, you can schedule a lesson, view our services in detail, check out client, testimonials, see all of our locations across the United States, and find out more about us. We have a no-brainer offer for your first schedule. Lesson is only one dollar. A good dog guarantee fix is 95% of your problems or your money back guarantee. You can call us 18334847867 to get your first one dollar scheduled lesson done today and find help for the pup!