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Are you ready for your OKC dog training done right? We are here to get the job done for you the right way the first time, so that you never have the same problems which are loving dog ever again you can come to build a great relationship. We know that that a dog is a man’s best friend and can be a woman’s as well so we want to help build that relationship.

Tip Top K-9 is responsible for the happiness of over 5000 families within the last 13 years of OKC dog training. We have become the best of what we do because of the tender loving care that we put into our work and all that we do. We know that we can fix 95% of your problems within 2 to 4 weeks we will guarantee you 100% of your money back. We are so confident in all that we do that we will give you your first lesson for only one dollar, because we know you will be back. We are also one of America’s highest and most review doctrine accompanies 1500 five-star reviews.

Since beginning OKC Dog Training we have proven methods, lasting results, lifetime support, 99.3 success rate, and we have trained over 134 breeds of dogs. We’ve also been featured on Bloomberg television, Forbes, Pandora daily, Yahoo finance, FastCompany, and business insider just to name a few. Why we feel these features are well deserved we also don’t put much stock in them because we understand that the only opinions that truly matter are the opinions of our satisfied customers send us testimonials about how impactful we have been in the lives. That is what keeps us going.

We specialize in three types of training which are potty training, dog training and puppy training. The dog training it is so you can take your dog anywhere with you. We will help to fix melting, biting, nipping, digging, and barking. You also help to get your dog to stop jumping on your gas, Lisa Bullard, bolted on the door, and get your dog to listen. When it comes to puppy training we would prefer to wait 4 to 6 months in order to let your dog mature and sometimes it would take him into the four months but it would have to be very mature otherwise we would rather wait. Was there maturely would teach them about socialization with dogs and people, potty training, and environmental soundness. When it comes to the potty training we love to work on obedience and routines to set patterns, teaching words were to potty. Obedience retains work because if he dog stays and listen for utilities and will be able to sneak off the potty without you knowing.

We would just like to let you know that we are so grateful to be able to serve you for over 13 years because it is truly what we love to do when you are ready to get the best services possible be sure to contact Tip Top K-9 dog training for your satisfaction. You can give us a call at 1.833.484.7967 and let us know how we can best serve you, feel free to ask us any questions that you may have for us. You can also register our website for any further information about our company and what it is that we can do for you. Look forward to hearing more from you we can’t wait to make another satisfied customer. Have a great day!

Okc Dog Training | There’s Levels To This!

When it comes to the OKC Dog Training we can say that there’s levels to this! There’s a level that other dog trainers are at and then there’s our level, Tip Top K-9. We are the best of the best and we have the results to back up any of our statements. We say there is no other company quite like ours we truly mean it because I haven’t done were read what we’ve done of Gomer we have gone.

We know that we are the best OKC Dog Training services out there and we would like you have the best because we believe that you deserve the best. So come look your first lesson for only one dollar yes you read that right will give you first lesson with their dog for only one dollar. The reason we do this because we know you will be back after the first lesson for many more. What we can do is guarantee to fix 95% of your problems in less than four weeks we will give you your money back, good dog guaranteed.

We are one of America’s -most reviewed OKC Dog Training companies with 1500 five-star reviews, proven methods, lasting results, on-time support, 99.3% success rate, and have trained over hundred and 34 breeds. Over the last 13 years we have been featured on Forbes, Pandora daily, Bloomberg television, Yahoo finance, FastCompany, and business insider. We appreciate those prestigious awards and honors but they will always come second in our heart when it comes to the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, is their opinion that lets us know that we are impactful is to have a place in this dog training industry.

We specialize in three different areas of training for your dog which are potty, dogs, and puppy training. Potty training work with obedience and routines to set patterns therefore teaching dogs were to potty. Obedience routines because if he dog listens to you when you tell him to stay then it will be able to sneak off to potty without you knowing. The dog training helps you be able to take it out anywhere. We will see to it that you can communicate with your dog better fix it from mouthing, biting, nipping, digging, barking, and jumping on guests. Not to mention we will get it to listen better, stop her from pulling her leash, from both another door, and show you how to place a command that it will listen to. Once it is mature enough we work on it with environmental soundness, potty training, and socialization with dolls and people.

When you’re ready for your dog to have the best training possible be sure to give us a call at 1.833.484.7967 and let us not we can best serve your, feel free to ask any question that you may have. You can also reach us to our website for any further information that you may need from us about what it is that we can do for you and what we are the best of what we do. Look forward to hearing more from you and we can’t wait to make you another satisfied customer. Look your first appointment for only one dollar right now, have a great day!