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What makes Owasso dog boarding and train the most unique training facility through tiptop K-9 dog training over the US? We don’t just train dogs here at tiptop K-9 we believe in getting back to all of our client as our business grows. All of our clients benefit from our services and leave knowing their money is being invested into organizations who are dedicated to helping those around the world. We had a safari mission here and we train local leaders in East Africa. As these leaders build all the churches, schools, orphanages and even businesses as well as other institutions the result will empower the locals to build their own communities.

Not only do we train dogs here in Owasso dog boarding and train we get back to the world in many ways that no one else will be with you in this market for dog training. By empowering people in East Africa we help them get results in building their communities and giving back to the people. We have lots results even on a small budget it cost about two dollars for each person with a long-term impact. Our testimonies and stories transform people in many different ways. Not only are we helping people get their dogs that were also mending families in marriages by changing their dog completely.

Owasso dog boarding and train is the most unique dog training throughout the US simply because we do not use any harshness on our dogs and we have more than just your average services to train your dogs to choose from and that makes us the most unique around. And just to four weeks our trainers can teach your dog to be a complete different dog and take anywhere dog. We make sure your dog learns the proper ways and commands that teach and enforce them more than anything else ever could. Our company has an extremely high success to give money back guarantee on all of our trainings with your dogs.

Our company does not take any dogs or owners into our training facility until we have met with you on a first lesson schedule for one dollar. Here are company timing is very crucial and is a typical positive reinforcement only trainers will limit dog training clients to one dog and one handler per class. When it comes to being reward-based training you must be professional what you do or your dog will not listen to you and even if it doesn’t deal you only get a couple weeks out of that until they start realizing that there only getting a good seal give them treats. Depending on how the family members pay the dog with two depends on how the dog will respond. Some dogs are not very food motivated and you have to really limit their food to get them to listen with being treated with food.

All in all our company is going to be the very best company for you when it comes to dog training as we have very different training methods for all dogs of all sizes as well as breeds and ages. We make a very accessible and accommodating to you as a client to get in contact with us to schedule your first lesson for just one dollar you can toll-free call us at 1-833-484-7867 or get in contact with us on our online [email protected] Once we have met you and your dog we will make sure that you will be a perfect effort company so we know and you know you’re not wasting your time and money on us.