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Here at Owasso dog trainers are company built our company to make programs that will fit your schedule and help you within 2 to 4 weeks and help you to enjoy your dog more. We make everything here so simple all you have to do is show up for your first lesson which is only a dollar and we get an understanding of your pet and see what services that they need and what services we will be able to provide your dog to get them started on the path of excellency. We offer more than just a few training services but we also offer more for your money than any other company in the market for dog training these days.

Our company at tiptop K-9 has professional Owasso dog trainers in your area that are willing to help every client that walks in our doors with their dog. As a well-respected company with high standards and extremely good goals that we expect to me as a company every single week with all of our training services and our dogs you should know that your dog is an absolutely amazing hands and you will not be to find a company that does more than us in this market for training. The services that we provide range from anywhere from potty training, to puppy training, and all the way up to aggressive dog behaviors.

Looking to find the best Owasso dog trainers you should know that our company has the best and most professional and well-respected dog trainers in the country. First we start with a first lesson for only a dollar in this where we get to know you and your dog to show you some of the results beforehand and before you sign it. Then we go over training option that would work for your dog that’ll be perfect for your dog. During this first lesson you will find that most of our dogs will come off her leash and no more jumping in the first lesson. That is why we offer that lesson for only a dollar so we can show you how quickly we get our results.

Dogs are just like humans and they learn at different speeds and different times depending on how develop their brain is. So not every service and dog training class we have is gonna be perfect for your dog. If you’re looking for solid dog training obedience and you live in the Tulsa area we can help you out indefinitely. If you want your dog to come out of our training classes a complete different dog and absolute excitement that our company is absolutely perfect for you and your dog and we want to get you in for a consultation as soon as possible. That we can see why our reviews and why aren’t so fantastic and why are companies so well-respected.

Our company strives and brings our best talent best professional services possible to you so we want you to call our toll-free number at 1-833-484-7867 anytime to talk to one of our professional team members they can get you in and get your dog the care that it needs. We can also be contacted on our website at any [email protected] you can fill out a small survey in which we would get right back to you as soon as possible to get you scheduled and for your first lesson for only a dollar and we’re so excited to have you as a potential new client.