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When looking for an Owasso Dog Training Company it’s ever been easier to find the best fit for you! The best fit for you is tiptop canine. Tip top canine I serviced the house and the dogs from a wide variety of places. We know what it’s like to train dogs and we know it’s not always easy. If you were looking to have your dog in the best possible training this is the place for you. We have trainers that have service hundreds of dogs and will take good care of yours too! We can’t wait to meet your furry friend and we hope to make your life a little bit easier by solving some of your dog’s problems!

Trying out an Owasso Dog Training Company Can be difficult. Not here at tiptop Canine. Here at tiptop canine trying out our services has never been easier! New dog owners can schedule their first lesson for just one dollar! That’s right you heard us right one dollar! It’s never been easier to schedule appointments. We can come to you. If you want to be with your dog the whole time will be here for you every step of the way just like you will. Or if you don’t have time to fit our training in your busy lives we understand that too! That’s why we offer a drop off and pick up for any and all of our dogs.

Locating Owasso Dog Training Company has also never been easier. With a multitude of locations around the US it’s easy for you to come into any of our offices. If you can’t come into our offices it may be easier for you to give us a phone call. In which case we can help you over the phone at your convenience on how to help your dog. Helping your dog is our priority and we will do whatever we can in order to help you. We know your situation may be more time-consuming than others and that’s OK! We’re ready to take our time to do what is necessary to help rid your dog of all pre-existing problems. We just want to ensure that there are no lasting problems. And that is our guarantee to you. That is why we offer service even after your dog has trained with us to ensure long lasting correctional behaviors! The next time you come to us, you will need a good service.

!As you can see, tiptop canine is the premier service provider for any and all of your dog training needs. With a proven track record and guaranteed quality service it’s the best choice for your dog! Whenever you’re ready will be here waiting for you. Feel free to give us a call at 833-484-7867 or visit us at her website at We can’t wait to get you and your dog on the track of correctional behavior. When you’re ready we will be here! Thank you for considering tiptop canine for all your dog training services