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Here at Owasso Puppy Training we care about you and your puppy! We’ve all been in that awkward process of your new dog becoming a puppy to an adult and the training process can be brutal. We understand and we’ve all been through that. That’s why here at tiptop canine we’re here to help you and your dog get through every step of the process. With proven results and a proven track record we’ve helped many people get to that next step into adulthood. If you are thinking about getting your puppy trained and want to help him get to that next step we’re here for you!

Trying to find Owasso Puppy Training can be difficult. We know how difficult it is to trust somebody with your dog. That’s why we created a tiptop canine. After servicing thousands of dogs the trusted trainers that have dogs of their own and have service‘s of dogs on their own we understand what it’s like to try and train your dog every step of the way. Some dogs are easier than others and some dogs are harder than others. That’s why we have individualized training processes for each dog that walks through our doors. Sometimes your dog will need a couple training sessions and will be good to go.

For our more rigorous Owasso Puppy Training We offer a doggy Boot Camp. are Boot Camp is a more comprehensive and strenuous training regimen for dogs that may need a little more love. We understand that not every dog is the same and some may need more time and love than others. This program is perfect for those that are in need of a little more love and attention. So if you think your dog is a lost cause or other companies have turned down training your dog we would love to train your dog and show you why tiptop canines are the best in the business!

We understand that dogs are the way to a human’s heart. And we know it can be frustrating when your dog doesn’t always do what you wanted to do. So if you just need a little training a lot of training or help with commands tiptop canine would love to help you and your dog. This way you and your family will be more in tune and make for a happier home environment with your new dog.

Puppies have never been easy and nobody said they would be easy to train. That’s why Tip top canine is here for you and your puppy. If you’re thinking about getting your puppy trained you’re doing the right thing. Feel free to call and schedule a visit at 833-484-7867 or visit our website at We look forward to training your puppy and giving them the best possible adulthood behavioral life that they can enjoy. Thank you for your time and consideration and considering tiptop canine to be your puppies dog training provider! Bring your puppy so we can help you excel.