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So you need your dog to be trained by the best we are not surprised that is why TipTop K9 is here to offer our services for training your dog to the utmost excellence in making sure that your dog becomes the best best friend that you have ever had in your entire life and will continue to act that way for the next 15 years. Now we are going to ensure the longevity of your dogs life through its well behavior and that is going to be our mission statement in each and everything that we do. We strive to be the best and that is why we are the most reviewed and top-rated company for dog training in the entire state of Oklahoma. There is nothing that’s going to come in between us and our goal of exceeding our client’s expectations with both customer service and dog training skills.

Owasso training dogs has not always been the easiest thing. People used to have to bring their dogs to Claremore or to Bartlesville or to Tulsa in order to get their dog trained or perhaps even board their dogs while they are on vacation. But we are no longer having to do that because TipTop K9 is now located in Owasso and has the best absolutely by any standards of dog training in the entire state of Oklahoma.

We’re going to make sure that by the time your dog is done training at our facility it is going to be like class and the efforts of training dogs. It will never be inside, it will never walk ahead of you when it should be walking by your side, it will never bite another dog, it will never buy a human unless that is what you wanted to do. Because we are going to meet your expectations and make your dream come true as to how your dog can behave in your own mind. We believe that this is most important in our efforts to raise your dog the right way we’re going to keep your dog to the best standard we possibly can.

You may be asking your dog to go go go because on the count of three we’re going to train your dog and make your dog the absolute best in its effort to be the number one dog in the state of Oklahoma. No we do not have a way of reviewing your dogs Google reviews unless you were to make a business out of it and then we could probably leave your dog review if you left us to review because Owasso training dogs has the number one reason for TipTop K9 to be in your conversation for excellence and dedication to capture perfection of training dogs and boarding dogs. We even groomed dogs and walk dogs to your needs because we know that it is all about getting that money baby and we’re going to make sure that your dog can always get that money for you

So go to and make your dreams come true by scheduling a consultation perhaps you want to book online or you can call 1-833-484-7867 and schedule a consultation today. We are the best and you will find out sooner or later! Up to you.