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If you are need of quality dog training Tulsa, then anybody that’s ever been to Tip Top K9 would recommend that you bring your dog directly to us and not even look at any other dog training companies in the area. This because here Tip Top K9, we are one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country. We originally started out with our very first location here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and our reputation precedes us here, but over the last decade or so since we established ourselves right here, we been so successful with our training methods and a results that we have anyone to quickly expand to 12 locations total in seven states now across the United States. We’re now objectively one of the best dog training companies in the US.

This is reflected not only in the fact that we have more locations that we use to but the fact that we get great numbers. When the most telling metrics of our success here the fact that our success whenever it comes to dog training here Tip Top K9 is 99.3%. Real quick, that means almost 100% of the dogs that we have trained over the last decade have been a success. Especially trained at least 134 different breeds, and ranging in age anywhere from four months to 14 years. It is a matter of what read the dog is, what the situation how what is there any other excuses other dog trainers provide, we can provide you with results. It’s almost guaranteed and it’s so reliable, the method that we use, that we can put a money-back guarantee on it. Our system is better than anybody else, and that’s why we also provide you with a good dog guarantee. That states that we can fix 95% of your dog’s problems we get your money-back guarantee.

We also have our very own doggie boot camp. So if you want the best and highest quality dog training Tulsa has offer, the make your dog to our doggie boot camp which is the most comprehensive that is for the most stubborn most misbehave dogs out there. I doggie boot camp your dog will come to live in with one of our trainers with other dogs for about 2 to 4 weeks while they receive comprehensive training on a variety of issues behaviors even things like fear and anxiety. They will learn simple commands, and you will receive video documented feedback throughout the process and receive your own personalized training as the dog’s owner as well or when the dog returns home.

And then your dog comes home with the good dog guarantee because of the high quality dog training Tulsa received. In addition to the good dog guarantee we also still have our famous first lesson for just one dollar. So if you like to see the kind of results we provide, and the kind of value that we produce here at Tip Top K9, then come and get your dog training for 60 Minutes for just one dollar people quite often see results in a dog’s behavior after that one lesson, and then we can also assess your dog needs and talk to you to find out what kind of a customized plan and training that your dog needs.

These are just some of the reasons why we become one of the best dog training companies in the country, and if you want to part of what we had offer, they go and give us call anytime at 1-833-484-7867 or you go to the website whenever you like to find tons of other great resources and information at