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Southlake Dog Training | No Easy Task

Dog training in Southlake Texas is no easy task, lucky for you Tip Top K9 has you covered. No matter what type of dog you have or the issues you face, we can help. There are so many different issues that we as dog trainers face every day. Young dogs can have much different issues than older dogs but we can train at any age. We can train from as young as four months to as old as fourteen years. The young dogs have lots of energy and are fun to work with. The biggest challenges we run into when training new dogs are the lack of focus and wanting to run around everywhere. When we are training puppies to come to us, most of the time they will try to circle us instead of coming straight in. This is normal but it’s still something we have to work through as dog trainers in Southlake Texas. Southlake Dog Training Young puppies also have puppy teeth instead of adult teeth. Although they cannot bite very hard their needle sharp teeth can still do some damage to trainers hands and ankles.

Young dogs don’t typically pose an issue for training and are usually very fun to work with because they have so much energy, they can train for a long time. An older dog may be able to work more efficiently but doesn’t usually have the stamina that a younger dog can have. An example of a young dog that we have worked was named Hannah. She was the dog of a doctor and used as a therapy animal for his special needs son. The dog was not necessarily a bad dog, it’s just that the family needed her to behave very well in order to fulfill her role as a service animal. She did suffer from very high anxiety and pulled on the leash a lot. They signed her up for the advanced obedience boot camp which usually takes three and a half weeks in Southlake Texas, but because of her age of fourteen years and her high anxiety she was not able to work for an extended period of time. Her anxiety proved to be a challenge for training because it provides a barrier that the trainer has to overcome to be able to get the dog’s attention. Southlake Dog Training She also had a deformed foot that further challenged her physical efforts. Our advanced obedience boot camp at tip top k9 dog training in Southlake Texas usually runs less than four weeks.

However because of her age, anxiety, and physical challenges, she ended up taking almost six weeks. We did not charge the owners any extra for the extended period of time because our guarantee with the boot camp is that the dogs don’t come home until they have passed the training tests that are a part of our advanced obedience boot camp. When we took Hannah home the entire family in Southlake Texas was overjoyed to have her home. Southlake Dog Training She was like a completely different dog and was much better able to handle her role as a therapy dog because of the behaviors we had taught her. She just required a little extra care.

The take home for her was very enjoyable. The reason that our system is so highly rated is because it is transferrable. If the dog listens to the trainers then the owner can enjoy the same results. If the dog listens to us, but not to you then what was the point. I like training dogs, but what I like more is providing great results for my customers. The transition from us to her was very easy. The first thing we work through is the come command. When a dog first comes home they are very excited so you have to let them run around a little bit and say hi to everyone. Also for some reason dogs always drink a lot of water when they get home. The take home lessons can last a while because we are with the family teaching every member how to use the system and give the commands that make everything transferrable. The come command means that the dog has to go straight to the person that called them, not just the trainer. Because the dog is back at home and back with the owners, sometimes we encounter a little bit of stubbornness because the dog has never had to obey the owners before. In Southlake Texas our dog trainers know that this can happen and work through it all the time. It just takes a few more repetitions at first and then the dog usually understands that they also have to listen to everyone at home.

After we go over the come command with the dog, we have the owners give the command and we supervise to make sure that everything is going the way we want it to. After we do the come command we go over the place command. It’s very important that we teach the owners how to do everything correctly because that’s what makes the dog training system transferrable. After come and place we work sit. We teach the dog that they have to sit for everyone no matter who gives the command. So we started with the dad and he gave the command and Hannah was able to listen to him the first time. Then the mother gave the same command that the dad gave and Hannah listened for her as well. The special needs son was able to get involved and walk Hannah for the first time because she no longer pulled on the leash like she did before. Southlake Dog Training It was like the family had a new dog who listened to them no matter what. Because of the training we did and the systems that the family followed, they were able to have Hannah better fulfill her role as a therapy animal. That is just one example of how Tip Top K9 can help dogs of all ages and sizes.