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The more you learn about dogs and dog training in Southlake Texas, the more you enjoy the process. Our private lessons give you to tools to take your dog training as far as you want. Our twice weekly group classes can also help you advance your dog and keep up training. Just like a kid who is out of school can forget what they have learned, a dog that has not been trained in a while can also forget some of the training. Southlake Dog Training That’s why it’s important to regularly practice, the good news is that a well-trained dog is a great addition to any family and will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Ninety five percent of dogs can be trained on our dog training system, not every system works for every dog so we will be upfront with you about how your dog fits into our program. We would rather refer you to a different dog trainer in Southlake Texas than give you disappointing results. We are the most highly reviewed dog trainers in the United States for a reason. We guarantee all of our results. There are a few issues that no trainer can one hundred percent solve all the time. Southlake Dog Training That is because some dog behaviors are genetic. For example, we can’t teach a golden retriever not to want to fetch because it’s part of who they are genetically. Here are the behaviors that may have genetic factors.

Number one is aggression. Some dogs like Heeler mixes can have innate aggression. In these dogs our goal is to manage the behavior associated with the aggression instead of actually removing the aggression. If the dog is angry but does not act on the behavior, we would consider this managed. You can’t force a dog to like everyone. In the cases where aggression has been learned or taught, we can sometimes eliminate the actual aggression. The reason we can’t guarantee eliminating aggression all the time is because when we start working with the dog initially, we have no way of knowing if the aggression is innate or genetic. Under most situations we can help the behavior even if the aggression is still present. Like with any learned behavior, the can be unlearned which is our goal for learned aggression. Southlake Dog Training There are two main types of aggression, people aggression and dog aggression. If a dog is dog aggressive, that’s easier to manage because it’s not necessary that your dog be around other dogs and we can slowly introduce them to new dogs in a controlled environment. The other main type is people aggressive, this is where dogs try to attack people.

This one is more difficult to tackle because the dogs fight against the dog trainers in Southlake Texas who are trying to help them. But through patience and practice we can help dogs who have previously attacked people.. Our dog training program is Southlake Texas consistently provides great results for aggressive dogs.
The second behavior that can have genetic roots is anxiety. Some dogs are just anxious, and will always have that tendency. Anxiety in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but under the right situations it can lead to aggression in some dogs. Anxiety has the same causes as aggression; it can be innate or learned. Southlake Dog Training You see anxiety in a lot of smaller breeds that shake a lot. Learned anxiety can be relieved over time by constantly immersing the dog in situations they are not completely comfortable with. Putting them in new situations where nothing bad happens can show them over time that they don’t need to be afraid of what gives them anxiety.

The third behavior that can have genetic backing is potty training. Some dogs have bladder issues that are just part of their physiology or psychology that cannot be changed. One example of this is when young poodle mixes get excited, they tend to pee. That’s just going to happen, sometimes they grow out of it, but it’s just a breed characteristic. Sometimes dogs just have genetic flaws that make them want to go to the bathroom in their kennel. Most dogs instinctively avoid this, but some dogs just don’t have that instinct. Instead, sometimes they will actually wait to get to their kennel to go to the bathroom. There was one dog we were working with who’s owner had tried everything. Even putting the dog in a small kennel wouldn’t stop it from going to the bathroom. He would take the dog outside, and it would do nothing, then pee as soon as it got into the kennel. Southlake Dog Training This continued for a year, and the owner had to wash the dog five times per day. This is an example of an innate behavior. On ninety five percent of dogs, we can help teach potty training in Southlake Texas. Most of the time it’s just something that young dogs need to learn and we can help build that habit. We accomplish this by having the dog on a consistent schedule and taking them to the same spot every time and giving them the same command. Over time they learn what that command means, and when you give it, they will squat or lift their leg even if they don’t have to go to the bathroom. That’s a typical result, it’s less common for potty training to be a genetic issue but it can happen.

Even if a dog has all of these issues they can still be trained to our dog training standards in Southlake Texas. Southlake Dog Training We may not be able to completely resolve some innate behaviors but we can still teach the dog obedience consistently in all situations. Some dogs have a very hard time learning, most of this is due to stubbornness. Husky’s for example are very stubborn. If you try to make a husky do something they don’t want to do, most times they will scream. Some dogs bark when they don’t want to work, Husky’s actually scream, but we can still train them.