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the best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho | For the love of dogs

This content was written for Tip Top K9.

The best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho are found at Tip top K9 dog training. We pride ourselves on creating an comprehensive plan for both you and your dog. Ryan our founder grew up around dogs all his life. Ryan began training dogs early in high school because he lows seen dogs left outside because owners couldn’t control their dogs behavior. Ryan had empathy for dogs are tied and left outside so he decided to walk dogs for hours at time trying to teach them how to walk appropriately with the leash he also trained family dogs and try to constantly teach dogs to do different commands and tricks. While off the bat he struggled he continued to work at it and spend lots of times with dogs. His passion is evident in everything he does.

When Ryan went to college he witnessed dogs for sale in the side of the road and stop to check out the puppies one day he stops to pet some boxer dogs. And this is where he found his first baby, Curley. The young schnauzer/terrier mix was full of energy and would not listen to basic commands. But this did not deter Ryan with working on the dog using positive reinforcement. The best dog that is trainers in Meridian Idaho work for Tip Top K9. Ryan relentlessly worked with his dog Curley all while taking full-time courses in college. Curley still had issues on pulling his leash and would run away every chance he got. While inside the house currently was well mannered and could do basic commands, like stay, crawl, down, spin in circles, sit, but outside was a whole another story and he had a hard time focusing to commit to his commands.

While frustrated this led Ryan to spend multiple endless hours watching Cesar, the dog whisperer. The best dog trainers and Meridian Idaho are here to help you and your dog but the best life possible. As most college students do, hanging out on Friday nights at the bar with friends, Ryan would watch Cesar Milan reruns for long hours, all the while telling friends he was studying. Which is not a lie, his passion coupled with his work ethic, led Ryan to pursue a life with dogs.

The best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho are focused on working with you and your dog to achieve unbelievable results in a quick and effective time frame. When college finished Ryan headed back to his hometown in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ryan bought his first home and bought a new dog. He began researching local dog trainers in the area. After thoroughly vetting and talking with dog trainers, he found a passionate and reliable dog trainer. He interned with the Tulsa dog trainer and learned tips and tricks on how to train multiple breeds and temperaments.

Ryan was enamored and and driven to begin training dogs as a career. He not only wanted to change the dogs live the better the owners lives and let them cohabit peacefully. The top reason most people get rid of their dogs are behavioral issues. He strives to help customers conquer and overcome these issues and enjoy life together, as it should be. Don’t wait another day visit us at or call us at 1.833.484.7867. We are looking forward to helping you and your dog live a wonderful life together.

the best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho | me and my buddy

This content was written for Tip Top K9.

The best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho, strive to work with you and your dog deliver unbelievable results. Ryan trained dogs locally for two years before deciding to move out to the East Coast. Some of this memory is of excellent client testimonies was to help a young girl walk her humongous Doberman around the neighborhood and listen to basic commands. Another one of his biggest successes early on was the training of a very aggressive dog that was giving the whole family issues. They were on their last resort and wanted to get rid of their beloved pet because they could not control him. Ryan meticulously worked with the mastiff and established behavioral patterns that aligned with the family.

Ryan took his dog training the new echelon on the eastern seaboard. He made the decision day job and become a dog trainer full-time. His love and affection for canines can be witnessed in every aspect of tip top K9 dog training. The best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho are people and dog oriented.

While living on the East Coast, Ryan thought out one of the top trainers in the US. Under Tim Smith, Ryan was taken under his wing and shown the ropes. Tim Smith is a renowned dog trainer and his fees reflected that. Ryan credits Tim’s training and demeanor too much of his success he has today. He is forever grateful for the time he spent with Tim Smith. Tim Smith is very patient with both the dogs and the owners. Ryan recognized Tim’s demeanor and try to apply that same cool and collected attitude and his training. Patience is a virtue and Ryan practices his patients every day at Tip top K9 dog training.

The best dog trainers in Meridian Idaho set a schedule and plan to train your dog according to your desires. Tim Smith was more than a mentor to Ryan and while teaching Ryan the ropes, he also led Ryan to pursue Jesus Christ. Ryan was more focused than ever and gave his heart to Jesus in 2008. Ryan enrolled in Rhema Bible training college. Being a morning Bible school, let Ryan focus long hours on training and working with dogs and their owners to achieve the desired behavioral outcome.

While setting at Rhema, Ryan befriended the love of his life, Rachel. When Rachel was young she had several dogs attack her and left her with a debilitating fear of large breeds. Not only has Ryan helped numerous clients, he also broke his wife, Rachel, of her fear and aversion of dogs. Ryan is very proud of his wife when she went to adopt a dog, that was marked as dangerous and does not play well with others. Now this dog still lives with Ryan and Rachel and a shadow of her former self. Ryan and his wife run tiptop K9 and look forward to meeting with you and your dog. Please visit or pick up the phone and give us a call today at 1.833.484.7867