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We are looking for the best dog trainers in Owasso, then look no further than tiptop k9. We are the best of the best and we offer the best experience and highest ratings for you to feel safe and secure knowing that your dog will be trained in the best possible way. They care about pets as much as you do & we treat your pet like they are our own. We will love on them and care for them and we will make sure that every training leaves them feeling more secure in their obedience to you and you feeling like you have more peace of mind in how your animals are behaving around your loved ones.

We offer a one dollar first training lesson, so that you can see just what we do and make no commitments to using us again. We’re so confident in our business that we know you’ll want to continue using us for all the dog training needs. We can assist with puppy training, potty training, dog training, aggression, leash pulling, jumping, and more. If you are tired of your dog barking nonstop and you wish that you could figure out a way to make them stop then have no fear, bring your dog to us. We specialize in all things dog and we can assure you that we will make your dog stop at the nuisance barking.

We are the best dog trainers and Owasso, and you will find no one who knows more about training your loved pets and us. We give back to the community with the profit made from our dog training. Let’s offer conferences for anyone who is interested or already is in the dog training business. These are today conferences where you can come and hear from us as well as other successful business owners whether they are in this field or another. We also offer locations all over the country so that no matter where you are you can find one of our offices and start training your dog ASAP.

We offer group classes as well as individual classes. We also have a dog you boot camp or you can bring your dog to live with one of our trainers for a few weeks or however long it takes, so that we can better assist and assess and training your dog. If you are not satisfied with the results that we get on the training in abeyance of your dog, then you will receive your money back. We guaranteed to delete. At least 95% of the opinions problems that you are experiencing with your pet.

As you search for the best dog trainers in Owasso, you are always going to come across tiptop canine. You can reach us by phone at 1-833-484-7867, or you can visit our website at You can read all the reviews online as well as look at our testimonials and find more information about us. You will be highly satisfied the training that we offer and with the behavior dog after they have come to our classes. It was a call for more information or booked a class today on a website. You will not be disappointed that you chose to work with the best in the business and that is us at tiptop k9!