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If you want to ensure that you getting nothing but the best for your dog in your finding The Best Dog Trainers in Tulsa, then you should probably come directly to Tip Top K9. Is because Tip Top K9 here our original location in Tulsa, Oklahoma is part of one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country. As a company started training dogs professionally as a company more than a decade ago, our leadership has many more years of experience training dogs successfully. Our owner and founder brought his method of training and created Tip Top K9 utilizing a newer less well-known method that yields better results, more consistent and reliable results want at the same time being overall better for your pet as well including her psychological health in addition to the physical health. So we have found enormous success using this method and our commitment to customer service here Tip Top K9 and we now have well over 1500 five-star reviews on Google and counting.

We’ve successfully trained 134 different breeds and age ranges and dog training from four months to 14 months. Overall here are the success rate was training dogs is 99.3% which means that we are successful almost 100% of the time the matter what the cases. Because our method is better, and we have proven that over the last decade by helping thousands of dogs and thousands of families get results. We do this with a specific method that works better in every way, and if you want to find more specifics about the approach that we take our training and this method that has proven results and backed by science, then you can go to our website anytime at and check out more about the particular method that we use. There is more than just a method, is the way we approach and structure the training as well.

In addition to being The Best Dog Trainers in Tulsa as a result of the method that we use, it’s also accommodation not just the method itself but the way in which we implement the method because we know here at Tip Top K9, that not all training classes for dogs are a one-size-fits-all situation for all dogs. Every dog is different needs different issues and therefore requires a more specific solution. Just like people, you can expect to take every criminal, and thing that the same Reformation is going to work for every single prisoner. Same way with the dog is misbehaving, you need a single out the particular cause a problem with the issue is to provide training the specific to that we offer a wide range of classes.

That’s why as The Best Dog Trainers in Tulsa we have classes that address puppy training, potty training, even aggressive training, and we also offer a wide variety of group classes that tend to be a better alternative for some dog owners who find more time-efficient cost-efficient although they tend to get results that are less effective. Comprehensive doggie boot camp this in your dog home of the good dog guarantee.

If you like to see the difference our methods and our structure can generate with your dog’s behavior, the know hesitates to reach out to us anytime at calling us at 1-833-484-7867 and setting up your first lesson with us for just one dollar. You can also find more information about us as a whole what we do, details about our services even a podcast of our own creation our website anytime at