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Top dog training Gilbert Arizona| Puppies for christmas

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Dog training

Especially around the holidays, or special wedding anniversary year or occasions many loved ones will get their children, or spouse or partner a puppy. But then they have no idea how to train your puppy in the top dog training Gilbert Arizona specialist tip top K9 dog training save the day. Because most people train their puppies wrong and you want to make sure that you know when the best age to start formal obedience training is. So call us with any questions or concerns at 1(833) 484-7867, for we are able to turn your puppy into a good dog.

The best age to start training your dog really depends on the breed, and underdog. Most obedience training classes start at around 3 to 4 month old and they need to. Some dogs feel more comfortable when you wait till they are about 5 to 6 months old or even a little older. Dogs are like people and top dog training Gilbert Arizona. Because this like if you had a room full of toddlers were all five years old, some of them will be more emotionally mature were mentally developed. Some have better bladder control than others while some are still having accidents and needing to wear diapers or pull ups. That is exactly how puppies work they are all different, they all have more control over their bladder, interdependent. All puppies have different life experiences they were born and raised in different social environment in list goes on.

Top dog training Gilbert Arizona the same thing with puppies over and over again. Some puppies at just three months old are extremely confident ready to begin training on the other hand some older puppies for a five month old are too shy and do not have much confidence. With puppies who are extremely shy quite don’t have a grasp on confidence get a 45 minute class may stress them out more than it may help them. Give them a few moments to mature and develop an empowered confidence.

So if you are unsure about whether your puppy has enough confidence, or is ready to start training is the call at our 1(833) 484-7867 grew we are able to set up a consultation. That we can help them work on and achieve before they are brought into more formal obedience training is we can help assist with potty training as well as making them aware of environmental soundness which is where a dog will be able to go into any environment and be comfortable and confident. Puppies are often too scared around extremely loud noises such as car rides, a new environment floors etc. we want to take our puppies everywhere with us this gets pennies to do environment as well as house and other unknown sounds.

It’s very important that your dog is able to socialize with other humans and other dogs. Most people here that they need to socialize their dog can then be immediately take it out to a dog park and throw them into the city of dogs. This is the wrong way to introduce songs to socialize with other animals and humans. Because if you are taking your puppy to meet your friends your old sinful your parents dog most likely does not like other dogs and does not want to meet a puppy. So many young puppies need to be able to play with other puppies, because they will not stay to roughly and your puppy will have a positive experience. So if you are ready to become involved in top dog training Gilbert Arizona contact us today.

Top dog training Gilbert Arizona | Soothing voices

This content was written for tip top K9 dog training

We recommend on a working on a few things for your puppy begins formal training here at top dog training Gilbert Arizona. Not all the love other dogs which is why you don’t want to introduce your new puppy that corrects it to roughly by abiding or chasing it around and scaring it. You also want to avoid dog parks, and introducing a puppy to a grumpy older dog. We recommend that you introduce your new puppy is to dogs for six months old or younger. Because when a puppy is born, it often has playmates, and a mother to teach it right and wrong and to play with it and how to play in a gentle loving manner.

You don’t want to send you are a puppy to a dog park before your puppy is prepared to handle stressful experience. So if you have any other questions about how to assist in training your puppy before you bring into a more formal obedience class, contact us at our 1(833) 484-7867 or go online to We want your puppy to have a positive experience interacting with other dogs and other humans. But first you have to get them used to other environments and situations. Just why you also need to make sure that they are environmentally sound. Which means that you need to take your new puppy everywhere you go. Top dog training Gilbert Arizona knows their stuff!

But taking your new puppy everywhere you go, you are able to allow it to hearing the sound as well as feel comfortable around them. Because most often that your puppy will feel extremely stressed out and experience anxiety when it is just thrown into experiences that it is not familiar with. So by taking your puppy with you everywhere you go not only introduce it to tons of new environments, but your puppy begins to trust you and build that relationship with you. And then you are able to enjoy time spent with your dog taking them everywhere they go. So take your puppy to a new spot every day or two on a leash to the park or to the lake or even around your block.

We would suggest having your puppy receive all of its shots before taking it into other pet stores because they’re so many people who take their animals into pet stores that you puppy is little immune system may not be able to handle it. Because it still gaining strength. Have your dog walk over everything have them smelled different things aren’t everything you hear differently this. Because once they build up that confidence they will be able to accept other environment and you will be able to desensitize your dog’s discomfort of experiencing areas. I would also recommend payment areas over and over again so they are able to feel comfort in knowing they were not spending the summer.

Top dog training Gilbert Arizona works with some of the most amazing trainers and handlers in the industry. There extremely knowledgeable and have dogs of their own. We provide a doggie at the camp and with our seating places we are able to teach them place command as well as command such as sit, stay, fetch, etc. These will teach your dog to not act with aggression and as long as you show them love, shower them in cases and talked them into the voices they will become your best friends. After all they are part of our family, and we should treat them as such. Go to to schedule your appointment were consult with your puppy today.