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Troy MI Dog Training | Do You Need A Well Behaved Dog?

If you need a behaved dog then Tip Top K9 is the best place for you and we will provide you with the best lessons for your dog and hope to with the training that you want your dog to have with us in the Troy MI Dog Training. The first time that you will have a lesson it is a wonderful price so that you try out the perfect training system that we have for your dog. Our dog training is the best that there is and we will also fix the potty problems that your dog is having and will effectively fix all of these problems with the best of our ability. We guarantee you that we will fix 95% of the problems that your dog is having and if those problems do not get fixed then you will get your money back. We can also start early with your dog if it is very young so we will give more dog betraying so that it doesn’t have any problems later on in life.

Does your dog have any problems or biting problems that are very irritating for you to have to deal with because you would like to take your dog to walk and if it sees another dog that it will attack it instantly? Then here at Tip Top K9, we can help you with all of these problems because of the guarantee you that we will fix most of these problems that you are having with your dog. If your dog is outside and takes up a whole and tries to dig up something or digs under a fence to get out then we will help you fix this problem. We can also fix your dog trying to escape by jumping over the fence or jumping in general if it is trying to jump on other children and scaring them so much that they do not want to be around your dog. At Tip Top K9 we can figure out and fix all of these problems. We are in the Troy MI Dog Training area so you can come to us for the nicest help.

If your dog is also having problems with trying to run away whenever you take are taking it out on a walk or it is the park and smell something and instantly wants to leave and pools on the leash that you are holding then we can fix these problems because with our wonderful program which will help you from two to four weeks. We also will fix your dog wanting to go outside whenever someone opens the door and it tries to bolt out the door and cause you to have to chase it in order to get back. This is the place for you to go and order to fix these nuisances. Another problem that we constantly see is dogs constantly barking whenever around other dogs or outside of the night. If these are problems that you’re having then Tip Top K9 is the place for you to go to.

Other things we can help with is to teach your dog properly how to stay whenever you tell it to do so. If you are in the Troy MI Dog Training and to you need help with problems with your dog then we will be the place for you to go to. Does your dog need a place to go if it is being back? Well then that we will be the place to teach you your dog to go to hits timeout whenever it is being bad so it can learn that it is being very difficult at times and we will teach to go to that place. Your dog can also learn that it needs to come to you, you say come and it will learn to come towards you whenever need be.

Tip Top K9 is the place for you to go so that you are very satisfied with everything that we have concerning dog training. Call us here at 1.833.484.7867 and you will be able to speak to the professionals of training. Visit us at and look at our amazing information on how you training your dog so you can read about the intel that we have for you to keep up. You will not be disappointed with our amazing hard work.

Troy MI Dog Training | Do You Need A Nicer Dog That Will Act Better For You?

If you are needing a better trained dog then Tip Top K9 is the best place for you to go. We will help with potty training, dog training, and puppy training. The first lesson that you once it will be a dollar and the best experience you’ve ever had training your dog. Everything about it will be very satisfying because you might not have the time to do it your self. Potty training is a big problem at the start and we will help to teach your dog where to go potty and keep them from going inside your home. In the Troy MI Dog Training, we are the needed dog service that you are looking for.

Tip Top K9 is the place that you will want to be for training your dog because we will help your dog become better trained and behavioral wise they will have a step up to what compared to whenever you got your dog. All of this training is for helping your dog understand where to go to the potty and do their business. The whole entire process is about routine and will help with getting your dog to learn how to be trained and not go on the floor in your home. Tip Top K9 is the best around because we prior provide you with the best training there is around in your area.

Of all the things we can do we can help your dog 100 percent of the time so that you do not have to go to it instead and so your dog can learn that you are in charge of it. If your dog is jumping on the little kids and scaring them or it is jumping over the fence to try to escape your backyard then you should come here because we will fix all these problems with your dog jumping that could cause it great harm by escaping and possibly getting run over or possible harm to any other specific person. If you are in the Troy MI Dog Training area and you are fearing for your dog’s safety and worry a lot about how doing and what it is going through, then come here to Tip Top K9 and we will ease your worries.

We can also fix problems like before that could know you whenever you’re out and about with your dog and to keep it contained so that does not escape your clutches and does not want to be near you. We will notice problems with aggression with your dog immediately because you do not want a badly behaved dog that will cause you great harm or anyone else great harm by biting you or other things. If your dog is barking and is a great nuisance when you are waking up by the barking of your dog outside and other problems with your neighbor’s possible complaints whenever the dog possibly wakes them up.

Here at Tip Top K9, give you the best services in order to help your dog get better all around. Come to us and you will not be disappointed with the results with your dog. Visit us here at and look at the amazing information that we have that will really allow you to see the efficiency of our work. Call us at 1.833.484.7867 and talk to masterminds behind dogs. We truly are the best Troy MI Dog Training.