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If you’re somebody with a very hyper dog, and do not know how to control it leave that to us. Here at tiptop canine we have many different training programs and lessons for all sorts of dogs, from older dogs, puppies, aggressive dogs and everything in between. But more specifically if you have a very hyper dog when you You guys hyper and needs to learn how to control themselves we can help you. So if you’re looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train check us out.

At tiptop K9 we know that a dog is a man’s best friend, that is why we hire all of our trainers who love dogs and want to be around him every day, because they love them and want to help you really enjoy your dog to their full potential. So if you been looking for Tulsa dog boarding a train bring them over to our training program. Our Tulsa Dog Boarding and Train usually lasts ran 2 to 6 weeks, where they will go live with the trainer and is fully trained by one of our professionals. The trainer will make sure that your dog comes home with outstanding results that they will be able to keep up, and we will also do all the homework for you.

During this program we focus on if your dog has excessive hyper nest, excited or just plain crazy. We make sure to help them with their jumping issues, lease polling, excessive barking and not listening to your commands. We will give them ways to get better at this all while being a loving throughout the entire process. The timeframe for how long your dog needs to be here just really depends on the type of dog and how was your dog is. So if you are looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train we can help you out.

We have packages that are flexible for every kind of dog & because we understand that not everybody is on the same schedule or timeframe. But it is legal to make sure that your dog achieves the goals that you have set for it and we want to make sure that you leave with a well behaved respectful and confident dog. It is good to have a competent dog, but there’s a difference between confidence and hyper news. Which is why we will teach your dog to control all of its excitement and happiness when people come over to the house or if something small just simply excites them. We want to make sure that you have a calm but happy dog.

So if you been looking for a great dog trainer, leave that to us. We want to help you in any way that we can. So give us a call in one of our team members will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding any of our programs. You can also go to our website and read more about what we do as a dog training company and the programs that we offer. 883-484-7867