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Tulsa dog boarding and train | Wags Are Smiles

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

When you are on the hunt for Tulsa dog boarding and train then you want to make sure that you only getting connected with the people that are going to actually help your dog and not confuse it at all. You want to make sure that they are getting proper training while also being treated with love so that they are just scared and feeling like you are torturing them. There are unfortunately bad places out there but we can do to save yourself the trouble is get booked with Tip Top K9 training! They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training your pupper and will stop at nothing until they figure out the source of your dog’s problems and help to eliminate them for you.

You’ll find instantly that they are good people because they are founded by a man with a big heart who is always loved dogs. Ryan grew up with several different dogs and he would even go as far as training/walking his neighbor’s dog so that they wouldn’t be kept on a leash. Even in college, while his friends were out having a blast, he would stay home and watch dog whisperer for 4 to 5 hours. He basically studied it and has always been fascinated with learning more and more about dogs and how to communicate with them. He brought his wife, Rachel, into the line of work after they met and he was able to help her conquer her fear of big dogs. Now she is one of his top trainers.

They truly are the ones you want to book with what you are looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train because they have the most experience. They have over 10 years of experience which is far later than most dog training companies you hear about. They’ve been able to achieve and stay consistent with their success because what they do is dog training gold. They give a guarantee of fixing 95% of your dog’s problems you get your money back. That is exceptional value from the start and it doesn’t stop- it only continues getting better. You actually see results after you work with them which is also a rarity in the industry. You don’t waste your money but you gain so much value with you and your dog.

So if you been looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train but have been having a lot of issues then do not fret or worry anymore. Usually to get in touch with Tip Top K9 and you will be taken care of. They had pickup and drop off options available so be sure to look into those because they are quite convenient. They do also have a doggie boot camp if you have a more severe case with your dog. This will get them 2 to 4 weeks of living with the trainer and you also get video documented training of it that is personalized for you.

Visit them today by going to: or you can dial: 1.833.484.7867!

Tulsa dog boarding and train | Waste No Time

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

I am curious as to what it is that has been holding you back from getting yourself only the best Tulsa dog boarding and train there is available? Is it costs, recommendation, or just feeling completely lost in the process? That is okay! If you get connected with Tip Top K9 training, you will find that they outshine any other service around in your area or even in the nation, really. They’re going to give you the overall top-notch and well-rounded quality that you’ve been looking for and it is also at a cost-effective rate see won’t feel like you were dropping a ton of money on this. Today’s the day that you waste no more time because time is something we never get back.

You will have a huge breath of relief once you realize that they only charge one dollar for the first lesson. That is correct, you heard me right! The reason why they do that is because they want you to experience what kind of value they have to offer without you have to pay the full price at first. That is a really cool thing that I think more businesses should be doing. They know that they have the service to back it so they are not afraid do this because they know that you want to go back to them after that first visit. That is how confident they are. That alone makes me want to go with them whenever I’m looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train.

You will also know that your dog is in safe hands because they have over 10 years of experience which surpasses just about every other business in this industry. In this goes with a consistent 5.0 Star rating on Google and that is with over 500 Google reviews. That is just about unheard of that they were able to accomplish it and then some. They are also ever-expanding and currently in seven states. You are fortunate to have them in yours. So many across the nation are so thrilled to have dog training that actually yields good results and also with trainers that make both the animal and even, you the human, feel comfortable. This type of sure deal is what makes them your best bet when you’re looking for Tulsa dog boarding and train.

They offer all types of services see you are sure to have the most convenient and well executed plan for your dog. They offer pickup and drop off options so that makes it convenient whenever you are doing the appointments and also have an on the go type life. They do their podcasts on their website to so that you can continue learning as the owner because it is essential that you are also figuring out how to work with your animal wall your dog is getting the training it’s receiving. It’s not just the dogs that need to be taught a thing or two! They can teach your dog go the basics like sit/down on command to even the more difficult things like fence fighting or excessive licking.

Please visit them today by going to the website at: or you can dial: 1.833.484.7867!