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Whenever you work with us at Tip Top K9, you can always expect to find The Best Tulsa Dog Boarding that there is. We are committed to making certain that your dog gets all the training that he or she needs so that you can have a peaceful home with a well-behaved dog. Cofounders Ryan and Rachel are committed to making certain that people can have peaceful homes because they love so that they do not have to make any major adjustments to their lifestyle. If your dog is peeing in the house, scratching at the door frames while they are outside, during the couch cushions while you are gone, work jumping up on guests when you bring them into the house, then it you should consider working with us. We are able to take care of any and all of these behavioral issues, and we have the expertise and skills necessary to do so.

When you work with us for your Tulsa Dog Boarding, you can be certain that your dog will be at least 95% more well-behaved and we started working with him. In fact, we are going to make certain that this 95% guarantee is met, or you will get your money back. That is how dedicated we are to helping you with your dog’s behavioral problems. Don’t give up hope; they are people who can help you train your dog properly.

So how does this Tulsa Dog Boarding work? Heard of boarding situations that let your dog come in so that they can place stay while you are gone of vacation or something like that. However, we have so much more than just that. Our boarding program is an actual doggie boot camp, which is an intensive training program for your dog to help with even the most stubborn behavioral problems. In a 2 to 4 week timeframe, you can rest assured that you will be able to see a humongous difference and the negative behaviors of your dog. Your dog will go home with a trainer for intensive, one-on-one training in a gentle but firm manner that is guaranteed to have results.

Of course we have other programs as well. If you are looking for agressive-dog training, puppy training, potty training, and/or standard obedience training, we have got the ability to help you out. No matter what sort of problems that your dog may be having, no matter what state of life your dog is in, we are able to help you. In fact, we are able to teach old dogs new tricks, unlike what most people will have you believe.

We would love to be able to partner with you and improving the behavior of your dog. Just give us a call at 1-833-484-7867 or visit our website, You can also check us out on Facebook or Twitter. We also love for you to take a look at the free podcast that we have on our website, which has a host of resources that you can use to begin training your dog on your own. We hope to see you soon.

Tulsa Dog Boarding | Expect Results In Two To Four Weeks

Did you know that when you work with the Tulsa Dog Boarding program at top canine that you can see results in your dog’s negative behaviors and as little as 2 to 4 weeks? True. In fact, we guarantee that 95% of your dog’s behavioral problems can be solved in our intensive boarding program, or you will get your money back. We are that committed to making certain that we deliver on our promises and that the intensive doggie boot camp that we offer is worth the value.

When your dog comes in for Tulsa Dog Boarding with Tip Top K9, you can expect the dog to go home with one of our experienced trainers for 2 to 4 weeks and have an intensive, one-on-one experience that is unlike any other. We will be gentle, but firm. You can be certain that we will always take care of your dog and give it the training that it needs, even taking care of the most stubborn behaviors such as P on the carpet or jumping up on houseguests. You can trust us to help take care of those bad, stubborn behaviors.

Do you have some major issues that you don’t think it ever be solved? Maybe it’s something unlike anything that you’ve ever heard before going on with the dog. For me, I had a dog that was dealing with being a way to stubborn. He refused to come when he decided that he didn’t want to come. And it was harder to train him to comment because he knew that he was way too fast for us to catch them and enforce our rules. However, if you bring your dog to the Tulsa Dog Boarding that’s available with us, you can be certain that this will not be a problem that you have to deal with. We can train out those stubbornness problems so that your dog will be consistently on his best behavior.

Did you know that we also offer a one dollar first lesson? This is a great opportunity for you to get to know us before you make any commitment to doggie boot camp or an ongoing lesson program. We understand that it is difficult to try to work with the company before you know anything about it. Therefore, we will always make