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If you have a dog that is becoming out of control, we will help you. If you have been looking for Tulsa dog boarding tiptop canine is the perfect company to help you with that. We are one of America’s highest rated and reviewed dog training companies and browns. We will make sure that you have at least 95% satisfaction guaranteed as well as your first lesson being only one dollar. To bring your dog test and we would love to help.

You have a dog that’s crazy as in being hyper all the time jumping on people had anxiety seeing people come over, we can help you. We want to help and we understand that not everybody has all the time in the world so if you’re short on time the dog boarding train program is the perfect fit for you. This program normally runs from about 1 to 4 weeks, and if our next upcoming one cannot fit into your schedule then we would simply looking for our next upcoming one. So if you want Tulsa dog boarding we will help you.

At your first lesson it will be an assessment of your dog to see if they’re going to be a good fit for the program or not. If they are good for you and me do want to train them, then we will schedule you and your dog for next availability. This program normally runs anywhere from 2 to 4 or possibly five hours a day. This all depends on your dog’s level as well as how old they are because certain dogs at certain ages have more energy than others. We will help you with your dog’s jumping, lease pulling, excessive barking, and not listening to any of your commands. So bring your dog over to tiptop canine for Tulsa dog boarding.

All of our dog trainers here at tiptop canine love dogs and a huge crowd of people. This is a big factor because not a lot of dog companies trainers actually love being with dogs. You can guarantee that when you bring your dog over to one of our programs that they will be properly loved and cared for. While getting the best instruction and training possible. We will guarantee the results regardless of a timeframe. Because we understand that some people’s dogs need longer and some don’t. But either way you will get amazing results.

So if you’re somebody with a over hyper dog and you need help controlling them, we will help you. Contact one of our team members today may be more than happy to talk to about anymore of our board training programs. You can also go to to read more about our programs and depth, as well as see what else we offer. On our website you can also read customer reviews and ratings, because we want you to hear from actual people that have worked with us. We can guarantee our methods work, so go ahead and read for yourself and listen to what the people are saying. You will not be disappointed with your decision to work with us. 883-484-7867