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Here Tulsa dog training class brought to you by Tip Top K9 you should know that we have the corg-key to your heart. It is also like something that might be the best it for your dog whether their puppy or maybe even a good old dog are good old boy we can deftly help you to be able to provide the necessary training you need to be able to make sure that they can be on their best behavior whether you’re with or without them. If you want to be able to have a dog that can be crate trained as was a dog that connects a place to sit and also be able to not be distracted by the littlest noise or maybe even the littlest movement contact Tip Top K9 today.

Because he would Tulsa dog training class we want to be able to give you the best options as well as the best money-saving and dog training tips that you can use it for long time. Also we can help with training dogs of all shapes and sizes and all breeds. We can help with Labrador German Shepherd mixes Scottish terrier’s golden doodles golden retrievers all these Ozzie doodles German shepherds has keys Kuhn hounds bloodhounds and other breeds.

So contact us if you need help with the training your beagle mix and taking them to camp to be able to celebrate them and also been able to take advantage of their training that we have here and also being able to train your blue tick Kuhn hound and also being able to know about are more by your dog’s personality but getting rid of those bad behaviors that are causing you headaches. Rather than having a rough day with your dog and making it feel like and that is never stopping with the dog behavior contact Tip Top K9 today to what we connected you to be able to help your Rottweiler or your Doberman have a better time out in public.

Sibling to be able to better understand what is actually happening with our company here Tip Top K9 in high can actually book your lesson for only one dollar for your first time contact us they can also find us on Facebook you can find us on Twitter and even on her YouTube channel were able to show you made a bit of a tutorial of what Ray would do for dogs all over Oklahoma and Tulsa. If you have a French bulldog that is being Henri anyone to be able to make sure that they’re able to be on their best behavior when you’re on public or just in your home contact SAC liver able to do for you.

The number to call to be 1-833-484-7867 you can also go to for more Tulsa Dog Training Class information and they learn more about Tip Top K9 today. Also being able to take your poodle and I’ll go out and that going on public and as well as being able to be well-behaved around children as well as other distractions in the area. See for more information or maybe want to be in the know about how to be able take your English bulldog on public to the dog park without them having aggression call us now.