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If you’re looking for a company that does it Tulsa dog training, the make sure you get touch to us here at Tip Top K9. If you’ve never heard of us, then we encourage you to give us a simple Google search. You the only are we the best dog training destination here in Tulsa, but were actually the highest most viewed dog trainers in the entire country. Is because in addition to our Tulsa location, we have 11 other locations across seven states and we are a company been training dogs for well over a decade. We have over 1500 five-star reviews and still company, and we been featured by Bloomberg television, for the business insider, and working to build to provide you with real results for your dog will get and most of the place. Is because here at Tip Top K9, we have a better method and better dog training a better system here that to provide you with better results than anywhere else. We do better result in our methods proven to be better all around.

Whenever you want Tulsa dog training, talk to us here at the beginning build provide you with comprehensive dog training in a variety of different areas. Amid that overall is a little bit here at Tip Top K9. Instead of focusing on a one-size-fits-all class for your doctrine, we make sure we. For just a dollar. Greatly for you to get in the door, and you want to pay exorbitant your first lesson, and we can show you what our method can do. It’s a mutually beneficial situation because we can show you exactly what we’re capable of to make you a believer, and you only pay one dollar it makes it completely risk-free. Many people simply the kind of results we get that first lesson.

To get to us whenever you need Tulsa dog training, and you will be. This because after we give you your powerless, working to build process your dog talking to you and many your dog provides you with your dog. Working to build a place in a class or combination classes to make sure they get the training they need. We can provide you with all the training that they need, and they don’t. We make sure we offer them specialized classes that address aggressive dog training, puppy training, product training or whatever the case may be. The class finds with most other counters out there utilize a real positive and negative model of training, we can do things differently. Utilize better methods, and with a class because we want to make sure that we address your dog’s training specifically.

All dogs are a little bit different and all docs have different needs. We make sure we come up with the right solution for you. Marketing methods proven to be more effective and healthier for your dog. Instead of using positive digging reinforcement and punishments and rewards as motivation, all we do is a leash and collar make sure that we take your dog to pay attention. It will learn how to listen to your commands. So whatever your dog issue is, we’ve trained 134 different breeds successfully aging and ranges from four months to 14 years old, so there’s really no situation we would which we can help you get results and we even have a comprehensive document can for your dog to go through your dog needs a lot of help.

So make sure the get to us as a company that situation I can both anytime. maybe out there give us a call anytime at 1-833-484-7867 the website anytime at to find out more.