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Tulsa Dog Training : German Shorhair pointer

German Shorhair pointer Tulsa Dog Training

This post is about the lesson that we just did today involving a German shorthair pointer and a Brussels Griffon. German shorthair pointers can be a hard dog. One of our owners Ryan he grew up with German shorthair pointers and he said his uncle also had them as bird hunting dogs and he said while the German shorthair pointer always has a great personality and is wonderful with kids they can be very stubborn dogs. We at tiptop love German shorthair pointers but we do have a lot of stories about them.

This lesson involved a seven-year-old rescue German shorthaired pointer. The client called for dog obedience class because the dog has severe anxiety and hiding corners and bark at people and run away. When we got to the house the dog barked and ran through the house hiding and then eventually hit in the bathroom all barking and growling at her trainer.

This is common in abused and rescue dogs but it’s something that needs to be worked through and not just let go so the dog thinks that that is their personalities that is how they should handle stress. Letting the dog handle stress like that is very bad just like letting a young child I was hiding in a corner if you’re scared would be bad.

Not only is this dog running and hiding and barking at new people Tulsa Dog Training.

This German shorthair pointer is also in need of some obedience training because he needs potty training. This dog is partying all over the house and pooping in the house. It’s a seven-year-old full-grown dog but if they put it in the crate it destroys the crate with urine and feces and attacks the Cajun bands it and breaks it up.

A lot of dogs we’ve seen hate the crate if they weren’t properly introduced to an every younger and I need to be slowly integrated into the crate. Most of the time we recommend slowly introducing the dog to the crate putting their food just in the front of the crate and leaving the crate door open. This way the dog doesn’t even have to step foot in the crate but get used to just putting their head in the crate to eat their food. After a few days of leaving the food at the front of the crate then we moved the food to the middle of the crate. At this point some dogs do not want to eat their food. They don’t want to step all the way into the crate with her front 2 feet to eat the food because the crate makes them nervous. This is where some people stop on their crate training a rescue dog and don’t make the dog do what needs to happen which is start to go into the crate and eat. Instead they feed the dog in the kitchen of the pantry Tulsa Dog Training.

This is wrong because it never forces the dog to overcome that anxiety. Instead leave the food in the middle of the crate for 10 to 15 minutes and if the dog eats he said if he doesn’t eat and the food comes out and you get a chance to eat the next day. After a few days the dog will go in the crate me.

The worst case scenario that we’ve ever seen as a dog that lasted seven days without eating in the crate and then the owner gave in and fed him but this is a very extreme case. After the seven days the dog had one meal and then the owner went back to feeding him in the crate and the dog lasted three days and then he ate. After that this dog ate every meal in the crate and didn’t have a problem. But he just had to be forced through and work through that initial anxiety. Don’t be overly anxious just because your dog is nervous and uncomfortable just know that you’re doing this for your dog. This lady if she can’t fix the potty training she was thinking about giving the dog back to the pound. It’s not the dog’s best interest to go back to the shelter.

Tulsa Dog Training It’s better to just be strict with them for a few days or a few weeks or month and teach them that it’s okay that they’re not gonna die this happy place in the live and work them through it.

This is what we recommended with this pointer and after a few days in the front we move the food to the middle after a few days of the food in the middle the crate we moved the food all the way to the back of the crate. After the dog is eating at the back of the crate with the door still wide open they should be somewhere 7 to 9 days from the initial start date then we will close the door on the dog.

We leave the food and the dog in there for 10 to 15 minutes and the dog comes out. This is how initially teach them to accept her crate.

The other thing I recommended with this lady was a commonplace command. You’re probably realizing that we use the commonplace commands a lot. We do use come and place a lot because it’s very very functional. For this lady she can keep the dog in the same room with her because her German shorthair pointer likes to sneak off and go in the other room and then party. Other Tulsa dog trainers teach their clients umbilical cord training.

Tulsa Dog Training What this dog training technique is is latching a leash on your dog and the other into yourself and walking around connected to your dog so you can catch them if they pee.

Our dog trainers in Tulsa I think that’s a stupid idea. This is not obedience training and this is not an actual technique. I want the lady to have 100% come command so she can call the dog and it cannot Pee and poop on the other side of the house without her seeing it. She’s gonna keep it with her and then after a while 30 minutes to an hour later she’s gonna take the dog outside and if it parties then it gets freedom if it does not potty and 1/2 either stay with mom or it goes the dog bed and does a doggy timeout. The doggy timeout is our place command.  Now instead of having to keep the dog right next to where we can have the dog stand dog better box for a little while and not run away and potty in the other room without being under mom’s feet.

I can’t wait for her private lessons to start. She and her boyfriend will start training with us very soon and after our private dog training lessons then she will do our group classes.