Giving Back

Here at Tip Top K9 we have a big heart for stray dogs and rescue dogs.  Because of this we started a program for giving back to help support shelters and rescue groups.

Both our owners have had a heart for rescue and stray dogs.  Our owner Ryan’s first two dogs, Curley and Rosco were both strays/rescue dogs.  The co-owner, Rachel, 7 years ago she went to the shelter to get a full blood Yorkie but instead left with an aggressive, crippled mix breed.  She knew this abused and aggressive crippled little girl would be put down and she knew the cute Yorkie would for sure get adopted.  Amber was immediately adopted and became a part of the family.  Amber had a broken front leg, was bow legged and aggressive.  But everyone deserves a chance!!  And that is why we give back!!

According to the ASPCA approximately 1.2 million dogs euthanized every single year in the U.S. alone!!

Most Oklahoma shelters and rescue groups are overcrowded and underfunded.  Here at Tip Top K9 for every single dog we train we donate $10 to a shelter or rescue group to help keep dogs out of shelters and to keep great dogs from being put down.  Many dogs that are put down each year are fabulous dogs that usually just have a few fixable issues…

Why do we give back? Because behavioral problems are statistically the #1 reason why dogs are surrendered and ere at Tip Top K9 we can fix 95% of problems in just 2-4 weeks but not if the dog gets put down…


Thinking of getting a new dog?? 

All of the following groups or rescues are ones that we at Tip Top K9 have worked with personally or worked with some of their dogs and believe in their cause.

Before calling a breeder please visit with one of our friends at the following shelters or rescue groups:

  1. Epics PitBull Rescue – Great people, they specialize in pitbull rescues only are super honest with you on exactly what kind of dog you will be getting!! Pitbulls are some of the best dogs we train, don’t be scared of getting a rescue pitbull!! Give these guys a shot if your interested in a pit!!
  2. Humane Society – All of these volunteers have hearts of gold and have helped sooooo many dogs!! They rescue dogs from all kinds of situations. The volunteers are very truthful and honest about their dogs and these people are donating tons of their time and resources to prevent dogs from being put down.
  3. Lab Rescue – These people rescue some absolutely wonderful dogs. We have trained a lot of their dogs and if you are looking for a Labrador retriever PLEASE look at the lab rescue first before calling a breeder!!  Also, Labs are great family dogs but can be very hyper, make sure and tell them exactly what you are looking for in both energy level and temperament.
  4. Route 66 Pet Rescue – This is a newer rescue in the Tulsa area but they are rescuing some great dogs!! Check them out online


All of these groups we have trained some of their rescues and while we cannot vouch for each individual dog at these shelters or rescues what we can tell you is that the people running these organizations are fair and honest.

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