Training Multiple Dogs

Definitely name the dogs and use the name first.”Bear, sit”.


Don’t try to train all of the dogs at the same time.

  1. Let them play and hang out but at training time you have to separate them


You want to make sure that the dog will take commands from more than one owner.


You want to make sure that when training the dogs they are following the commands and not keying off eachother.


It is important to not play favorites with the dogs so that you will have equal results with the dogs.


Can I loose leash walk two dogs at the same time?

  1. You can, but it is difficult.
  2. Walk them one at a time off leash.
  3. Or have another person walk with you.


In Tulsa the dogs must be “on leash” or “under reasonable control of the the owner”.


Dogs learn at different speeds.


First lesson is $1 – Private lessons are usually 50% off for the second dog.


Does size matter when training multiple dogs?

  1. No. One might be a little slower than the other but the size will not matter.