What Types of Dogs Are Not a Good Fit for the Tip Top K9 Dog Training Bootcamps

A lot of people are finding Tip Top K9 online because they are looking to get the pet trained up.

How do you know if your dog is not a good fit?

95% of dogs are a good fit

Not trainable dogs

  1. Wolf hybrids
    1. Wolf that is breed with Husky or German Shepard


Do  you guys have luck with the following dogs

  1. Afghan Hound
    1. No – these are hard to train – not intelligent
  2. Chow Chow
    1. No – they are on edge and usually have a preference with one owner.
    2. Very guarded dogs
  3. Basenji
    1. No – these dogs are more like cats
    2. They are a little more wild
  4. Bulldog
    1. Yes – we are able to train them
    2. We do not see progress with English Bulldogs with aggression
  5. Bloodhound
    1. Yes – they are hard and stubborn
    2. It will take a lot of hours
  6. Pekingese
    1. Yes – they are trainable
  7. Dachshund
    1. Yes – they can be difficult to potting training
  8. Welsh Terrier
    1. Yes – we have had no problems
  9. Borzoi
    1. We have yet to train one
  10. Beagle
    1. Yes – they take a long time and you have to be firm
    2. We love beagles


Remember that any of the hound breeds can be difficult