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Is important to us as the best dog trainers in Oklahoma to make sure that we are able to truly and fully train your dog. We offer many different services and training programs. One of those training programs we offer is potty training. There’s nothing worse than having a dog that does not know to go outside or wait for you to open the door. It is very annoying to clean up dog droppings in your own home. So that is why we train your dog to know where to go and when to go. We address different myths about dog training for potty.

You might be interested to know some of those myths and since we are the best dog trainers in Oklahoma, we can tell you. There are five potty training myths The first one is thinking your dog if you catch him will teach him not to potty on the carpet. The next one is my dog should be potty trained by 4 months old. Another one is Bells by the door will help train the dog faster. The fourth one is crates are cruel and I don’t need one. While this might seem like it makes sense, we guarantee that it is not right. The last one is that potty pads will help your dog learn to not party on the carpet.

There are many reasons that all of these are wrong so we going to detail those on our website however we can address them here. Spanking your dog when he’s going to the party inside a house will not train him to not go but instead will train them to run away. Your dogs will learn to go to the bathroom where they’re supposed to 1 they’re old enough there is no special age. Those do not actually help your dog and instead they will just learn that means that they get to go outside. Crates are actually a good place for a dog and can act as a safe haven. And then lastly, potty pads are actually very discouraged because they do teach the dog to pee inside.

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