At TipTop K9 we believe in giving back. As our business grows, so does our ability to help others in need. Below is an organization we’ve partnered with. As you benefit from our services, some of your money is being invested into organizations like this who are dedicated to helping those in need around the world.


At Safari Mission, we train local leaders in East Africa.

These leaders build churches, grade schools, high schools, orphanages, businesses and other institutions that help to build the communities. The result is that the locals are empowered to build their own communities. Long term methods that solve the real problem. We empower people in East Africa by involving natives in management and leadership. We emphasize effective and results-oriented use of funds, strong accountability systems, and all our financials are published online for transparency and inspection. Good reporting on the results. Partners, businesses and churches consistently comment on how much they enjoy receiving the updates on what their gifts are accomplishing The gospel of Christ is the power of God for salvation and transformation. This is the core message that drives the development of communities.

Quick band-aid fixes that help immediate needs in the short term and create long term dependency problems.

Others will only engage locals in smaller jobs and further create dependency by not delegating and training leaders.

Many others will waste large amounts on administrative overhead and big executive salaries and then hide their financials.

With many others, you seldom hear reports or get to know the real results of what was accomplished.

Many others focus so hard on the humanitarian needs, that the eternal spiritual issues take a back seat.

At Safari Mission, we have lots of results on a small budget. It costs us about $2 for each person we reach with a long-term impact. The testimonials and stories from transformed people are many and varied. Marriages are mended, family life is transformed, churches start growing in number and influence and their members start living better lives. Others comment that entire communities are changed.” – Vidar Ligard (Founder of


“At Tip Top K9 we are proud to donate $1 for every service that we schedule to Safari Mission."

– Ryan Wimpey, Founder of Tip Top K9

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