Dog Training Conference March 6,7th

Learn More and Earn More


1100 Riverwalk Terrace #100 Jenks, OK 74037


$395 For Two People


March 6th and 7th, 8 AM to 3 PM

The following training topics and more will be taught:

Clay Clark
  • Reviews Equals Revenue
  • Award Dropbox Mastery
  • Uploading Video Testimonials
  • Digital Organization
  • On-Going Processes
  • Award Video reviews
  • Image reviews
  • Search engine content
  • Music reviews
Ryan Wimpey
  • New Documents
  • Award Staff Page
  • Managing Call Center Conflict
  • Medical, Legal, Insurance
  • Dealing with the Rage of Refunds
  • Sales Super Success
  • Dealing with the 3 Most Common Objections
  • It’s important that they like you
  • No time No money No need
  • Legitimate Budget Concern
  • “I’m like a hotel”
  • Dog Health 101: Training Trainers
  • Dog Training Psychology: What is being taught out there
  • Us versus them: Why our system is better
  • Dream 100: Consistency is king
  • Bet on the vet
  • Trade Show: The good The bad The ugly
  • Staffing / Highest and Best Use