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  • “Come” 100% of the Time
  • Fix Jumping
  • Eliminate Leash Pulling
  • Ease Anxiety and Fear
  • Address Aggression
  • Stop Nuisance Barking
  • All your Homework Done Professionally
  • 2-4 Weeks Living with a Trainer
  • Video Documented Training
  • Personalized Training for Owners
  • Best for Hard Cases and Unruly Dogs


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When you train with Tip Top, you’ll get a money back guarantee and lifetime group class support!

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Tip Top K9 specializes in a dog board and train program for you pup. What a dog board and train program consists of is your dog comes and lives with one of our trainers for 2-6 weeks and is fully trained by a professional dog trainer. One of our dog trainers takes your dog from A-Z and does all of your homework for you! This is why we are known for our dog board and train program!

If you have a hyper, excited or just plain crazy dog and are short on time then the dog board and train program may be for you. How we get started is with a $1.00 first lesson. At that lesson we will assess your dog and see if they are going to be a good fit for that program or not. If we deem that it will be a good fit then we will schedule your dog for our next availability. We normally run 1-4 weeks out on our dog board and train program as we can only take a limited number of dogs at a time.

If you read our google reviews online you will see that we are one of the highest reviewed dog trainers anywhere in the United States and many of those positive reviews come from our dog board and train program clients.

Dogs that are a good fit for the board and train are dogs that are hyper, excited, full of energy and have some issues that need fixing such as jumping, leash pulling, barking excessively, not coming when called and well you get the idea! On this program we work dogs anywhere from two to four or five hours a day!. This depends on your dogs energy level as well as their age because a six month old labrador retriever will have a much higher energy level and be able to work a lot more each day than a 5 year old great dane. A six month old labrador can easily for two hours at a time where the great dane may only be able to handle 2 hours a day maximum in 30-45 minute sessions before wearing out.

The time frame of dog board and trains are vary! We do packages that have flexible time tables as each dog is an individual. When you train with Tip Top and we sign you up your price stays the same whether your dog is with us for 2 weeks or 6 weeks. Other dog training companies change the cost if your dog stays longer saying that Fluffy “Needs more time”. But this is an easy way to just scam the customer and not work as hard and then take more money from them. At Tip Top K9 we guarantee our results regardless of time frame. This way you know that you are going to get what you paid for or we will refund you IN FULL for the price of the package you paid if we cannot get you the results we promised.

With locations all across the United States if you are interested in a dog board and train program, also called a doggie boot camp then call us today at 833-4-TIPTOP or 833-484-7867 and we will come out and work with your dog and show you what we can do!

Some of our recent success stories include a 5 year old pit bull that was severely dog aggressive and was rescued with scars all over his body from being in fights.. His parents hoped he wasn’t a fighting dog but there was no way to really know.. But this dog was very very aggressive and would go crazy barking and growling and snapping at other dogs that walked by. We had him in on of our aggressive dog board and train programs for 5-1/2 weeks! This program normally lasts 2-4 weeks but we guarantee our work and kept Sadie for 5-1/2 weeks until she was doing good. After boot camp Sadie could be around other dogs and completely ignore them. She wouldn’t bark or try to lunge at the other dogs that were around her. She wasn’t completely “Fixed”. The aggression was still in there and we wouldn’t let her play with other dogs but she was 95% better in a little over a month.

After just boot camp Sadie could now go on walks and now go to the vet without her owners being afraid that she would lose her mind and try to attack another dog. 5 years of aggression didn’t get 100% fixed in 5 weeks but she was made much more manageable and our hope is that if her owners continue to interrupt these patterns that they will eventually go away.

Another Boot Camp we did was Flynn a CavaPooSchon. Flynn was a 5 month old King Charles Cavalier / Poodle / Bischon mix! When we went out for his assessment we were told he was having 5-6 accidents per day inside on the carpet and was going to the restroom inside the house more than he was outside. To make this even harder on my client they had five children who had no idea how to train Flynn and were letting Flynn eat their toys and pee in their rooms! Flynn was also jumping on the younger kids and knocking them over and would be all the time caught tugging on their clothes and ripping them. In addition to five kids our client was getting very frustrated with their super cute puppy!

After 4 weeks of our advanced boot camp, our most popular dog board and train program Flynn was able to “Come” 100% of the time when called and was able to “Place” or doggie time out for 20-30 minutes at a time as well as loose leash walk and do sit and down stays. Also during this time we took Flynn from 5-6 accidents a day to 1-2 accidents every 3 days. After a month he wasn’t perfect on potty training but he was much better and our clients now had all the tools they needed to fully potty train him in another month! Potty training takes time but in boot camp we did the hard work of setting routines, crate training, and teaching obedience to manage him during free time.

If this either of these sounds like a dog you are needing help with please give us a call today or fill out the contact us form on our website and get started with your $1.00 first lesson today!