What does a Dog Boot Camp look like?

What is the Process for a Dog Boot Camp?

Big Bad Frenchie Frenchie French

1. Your Dog Exhibits Frustrating Behavior

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2. You Make the Decision to Call Tip Top K9

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3. Our Call Center Schedules a $1.00 Lesson

Dog Boot Camp Process6

4. A Professional Trainer Comes to Your House


5. We Train with Your Dog to Assess Them

Winner's Celebration Concept With A Golden Trophy And Confetti

6. You Decide on Boot Camp over Lessons

Dog Boot Camp Process7 2

7. We Schedule a Day to Pick Up Your Pup


8. We Train Your Dog 2-6 Hours per Day

Dog Boot Camp Process9 2

9. You Get Pup-Date Photos (Updates)

Dog Boot Camp Process10

10. Your Dog Graduates Boot Camp!

Dog Boot Camp Process11

11. Home-Coming Party & Human Training!

Dog Boot Camp Process12

12. Your Dog Listens to You Perfectly!

Upon completion of the 2 hour human training, you and your dog are enrolled in our Lifetime Group classes for never ending support!  A fully trained, obedient dog is only a few weeks away!! 

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