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Why own a Tip Top K9 Dog Training Franchise?

 The Pet Industry is Recession Resistant

During the COVID madness of 2020 pet spending went up 11.6% and many of our locations hit personal bests during the pandemic.


A Small Number of Clients Required to Start:

With our most popular packages being out doggie boot camps our franchisees only need to sell a few new clients each week to generate significant revenue during the beginning stages of the business.

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Ability to Start Small and Grow Big

We recommend you provide dog training sessions in your clients’ home to begin with. Then as soon as your revenue can support it then move into a location to fuel growth.


There are TONS of dogs in the U.S.

There is an estimated 89 million dogs in the United States! Forbes reports that 60% of households with annual incomes of over $100,000 in the U.S. own at least one dog!

The Pet Industry is Huge and Growing

The pet industry is a 136 BILLION dollar industry according to Forbed and Morgan Stanley predicts 8% annual growth in the pet industry by 2030 and then expects total spending in the industry by 134% over the next decade!

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How are we the best all across the country?

First, we have an amazing system that we use to train dogs with but the real kicker for Tip Top is our support systems that allows our dog trainers to be trainers and run their business!! Other franchise systems make the franchise owners do their own marketing and book their own calls, run their own call center and chase down their own payments. Not at Tip Top.

We provide marketing support, call center support and payment support as well as the training and product support that everyone else does.

This is how our trainers get such rave reviews because we handle a lot of the back office work for them so they get to focus on what they love, training dogs!

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Why Tip Top K9 is best dog training experience available to its customers

The Tip Top K9 experience for clients is full service from start to finish.

First, we have someone who’s always there to answer the phone and answer client questions with a fully staffed call-center. This way people are not playing phone tag with trainers who are in lessons all day.

Second, we have an amazing system of training that works so good even nine year old can train just like we do.

Third, we have a money back guarantee and stand behind our packages.

Fourth, we have lifetime follow up classes in the form of group training we never leave our clients behind.

No other dog training companies answer the phone regularly, provide lifetime group class with almost every package or give money back guarantees!

Tip Top K9 provides a comprehensive service to clients, from initial inquiries handled by a fully staffed call-center to a proven training system that is simple enough for a nine-year-old to use. Our company offers a money-back guarantee and lifetime follow-up group training classes, ensuring ongoing support for clients.

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Types of training programs you would do if you owned a Tip Top K9 Location:

At Tip Top K9 we offer two main dog training options.

Private Lessons – The first is personalized, in-home training, where we focus on training both the dog and the owner. We dedicate half of the session to training the dog on obedience, behavior modification, and manners, and the other half to coaching the owner on effective communication and reinforcement techniques. We also assign 20-30 minutes of homework per night to reinforce the day’s lessons.

Doggie Boot Camp – Our second option is our comprehensive Board and Train program, also known as our Doggie Boot Camp. This intensive 2-4 week program involves us fully training your dog on obedience, behavior, and socialization skills. After the boot camp, we conduct a 2-3 hour training session with the owner to transfer all the skills the dog has learned.

Once the family training session is completed, clients can attend our lifetime group classes for continuing education and reinforcement of training techniques.

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Why buy a Tip Top?

1. Track Record of Success / Risk Avoidance

While success depends on many factors we have developed a method of doing business that can produce great results and we heavily support you along the way. Being a part of a franchise with a proven track record will improve your odds of winning in the market place. According to Entrepreneur magazine 30% of small businesses fail in the first 2 years but only 8% of franchises fail in the first two years according to FranNet. This is due to many factors that we will go into below.

After reviewing our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) you can get an idea of what happens if you become a new franchisee. We will also provide you with a great deal of information in the federally regulated franchise disclosure documents so you can investigate and verify the results with existing franchisees prior to making your final decision to open a TIp Top K9 Location.

2. Training Programs

We have training programs designed to bring you up to speed on the most successful methods to run your business as well as train dogs. We do sales conferences, training conferences and business conferences every year for continuing training for our locations.  Additionally our initial training program is 6 weeks long which is 3x longer than what our competition does and leaves our new locations ahead of the competition.

3. Ongoing Operational Support

We have staff dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to our franchisees. When you own a Tip Top K9 you are not alone when you’re building and running your business, and you can always call on experienced people when you hit a rough spot or are not sure what to do with a certain type of dog issue that you havent seen before.

Our model is low on start up cost and high on support. 

With Tip Top K9 you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. 

No one provides as much support as we do. 

Support We Provide: 

  • Marketing Support 
  • Call center support
  • Business Coaching
  • Calendar support
  • Payment support
  • Product support
  • Training support 

Financing Opppurtunies are available so if this sounds like something you would be passionate about fill out the form and our team will give you a call!

4. Marketing Assistance

We do not want our franchisees watching videos to figure out how Google Ads or Facebook Ads work. Instead franchising vets marketing teams for you and negotiates great prices for you to make sure you have the very best marketing assistance to attract new clients. 

We then implement a grand opening marketing plan with you and the marketing team.   On top of that Franchising also has graphic designers that design all needed print materials or signage related items for all of our locations.

5. Purchasing Power

At Tip Top K9 we take advantage of the buying power of the entire system to negotiate prices for everything you need at significantly lower levels than you could achieve as an independent small business operator. This applies not only to training equipment purchases, but also to dog collars, dog leashes, print marketing materials, trade show set ups, uniforms and everything else you’ll need on an ongoing basis.  You are able to buy the majority of what you need to run your business from us cheaper than you could on the open market.  This also allows you to focus on what makes you the most money. Training dogs and training people.

6. A Small Number of Clients Required to Start

With our most popular packages ranging between $3,000 – $4,000 our franchisees only need to sell a few new clients each week in the beginning stages of the business.

7. Ability to Start Small and Grow Big

We recommend you provide dog training sessions in your clients’ home to begin with.  Then as soon as your revenue can support it then you can move into a location to fuel your growth.

8. Easy to Add New Locations:

We let location owners add territory to their existing location or buy new ones whenever they are ready! One of our location owners has 4 Tip Top K9 franchises in 3 different states. 

9. Demand and revenue potential

Revenue potential 

For locations that were fully operational in 2022 their gross revenue ranged between $178,620 on the low end for an owner-operator home based location and $1,177,703 on the high end for a location with a facility and multiple employees.

The average yearly gross income for locations that were fully operational in 2022 was $519,905. 

Individual results may vary.

10. FAQ

Do I need to have a young dog my dog is older?

You will need a demonstration dog that we take from A-Z during your 6 weeks of training. So the dog needs to be young enough and high energy enough to work 3-4 hours a day.  We love labradors for this but can help you find a good dog if you don’t have the right dog currently.  

What age of dog is too young to bring?

You need at least a 6 month old dog, 8 months or older is preferable.  

Is this owner operator model or semi absentee or absentee?

It is set up as an owner operator or semi absentee.  Most owners are heavily involved in the first 12 months at the very minimum. Our concept does not work well for absentee owner unless say the 60% owner is the money partner and the 40% owner is the operator.

How much does the call center cost? 

6% of gross revenue.

6% seems to be a lot, do I really need a call center?

It may seem like a lot but you really cannot do it on your own for cheaper! 

For instance, if someone was grossing $40,000 a month: 

$40,000 at 6% is $2,400 a month in call center cost.

That’s a 40 hour a week $13.95 an hour employee – but really you need the phone answered more like 60 hours a week and especially on Saturdays. 

So you cannot hire a receptionist yourself for less than we can do it for you. 

Plus in addition to hiring someone you would have to:

  1. Spend a few weeks training agents 
  2. Have expensive call center software that allows tracking and transparency 
  3. Listen to recorded phone calls every week 
  4. Have weekly team trainings 
  5. Continue to interview and hire every month ! 
The initial training is 6 weeks long can that be broken up into 2 segments of 3 weeks each?
No, unfortunately it is 6 weeks straight. Some dogs initially may take 3-4 weeks to get trained by someone new. Also, you will be doing lessons with real clients and those wil be every 5-7 days so there would not be a good way to break that up and make sure you get efficiently trained.

11. Investment - How much does it cost?

The initial investment in your dog training business covers everything needed to get your business started, including: the franchise fee, 6 week initial training, start up equipment, technology, software, your vehicle wrap, start-up marketing packet, and initial marketing costs.

For interested dog lovers the total investment necessary to begin operation of a Tip Top K9® franchise ranges from $68,545 to $143,915.  For those interested but not having access to that much liquid cash we do have financing options!

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Who is NOT a good fit?

  1. 1. Low energy people – this is a pretty fast paced business!
  2. 2. People that want to be 100% absentee owner from Day 1 – being a absentee owner that owns multiple locations in different states is doable with Tip Top K9 but normally takes a few years to get to!
  3. 3. Someone who does not love dogs but hears about the great cashflow of the Tip Top model – You have to love dogs or we will not work with you!

What Kind of Support will my Dog Training Franchise Get if I buy a Tip Top Location?

We provide marketing support, call center support and payment support as well as the training and product support that everyone else does.

  • 2 Conferences a Year
  • Operational Support
  • Scheduling Center Support
  • Calendar Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Digital Ad Management Support
  • Training Support
  • Product Support