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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Our West Jordan dog training location is one of the top rated locations in the state of Utah!

There are many dog training options in Utah but at Tip Top K9 West Jordan your first lesson is only $1.00!  We specialize in a 2 – 4 week board and train program where your precious fur baby comes and lives with us and then we bring you back a well behaved citizen!  We also do private lessons at your house if that is an avenue you would like to investigate.

We always start with a $1.00 first lesson so call us today at (801) 889-2710.

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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I went to Tip Top K9 to help with my reactive dog. My dog is now so much more confident and I am able to take him so many more places. Not to mention how much happier he is in general. Would recommend this agency to anyone needing dog training.
This has been the most amazing experience ever! We did the boot camp package for the entire month on my boxer-Pitt mix who is reactive and has dog reaction issues. Josh was so kind, communicative, amazing and supportive. And Chad worked so well with Chewy and really got him to a stellar spot with his obedience and reactivity! During the process, they took extra time and extra field trips with him since that’s what he needed the most and that top level of care really made all the difference! I just had my final lesson and it was so incredible to see the difference! Thank you to Josh for keeping me in the loop on his progress, and thank you to Chad for the incredible consistency and work on my love nugget!
Highly Recommend! Marcella was fabulous and professional! Our dog Sandy is obsessed with her ball and playing fetch. I can now throw the ball and call her back while she is in mid-sprint before she gets the ball… and she comes right back, leaving the ball behind! Listening to me is more important for her now! Sandy has much more confidence!
Marcela and tip top are amazing. I have an ADHD siberian husky that is so calm and responsive now after training. I highly recommend Tip Top.
Outstanding staff, experience, and training!They were so good with my baby and helped her get trained, and get me trained!! We will be going to all the group classes and being around all the awesome people and their awesome fur babies! Could not recommend more.
I had my golden complete the 2 week boot camp and am so excited and happy with all she has learned! They really care about the pups and work so well with them! Can't wait to do the group classes and continue learning and training!
We initially came to TipTop after two dogs in our family went there and gave glowing reviews of the staff and training they received. And they have absolutely delivered! My goals for my corgi were to have off-leash ability and excellent recall (chasing him down the road one time and suddenly I realized his recall actually *wasn’t * that great). It was incredible to see how he went from a stubborn, defiant dog to a dog that, while still both of those things, was willing to listen, obeyed commands, and could go places more. We can let him play off-leash, he can walk beside us without pulling or barking, he has better interactions with other dogs and people, and is generally a much better socialized and well behaved dog. We worked with Marcella and she was absolutely amazing! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient without compromising on the quality of my dog’s behavior. Working with her, we got all our questions and concerns addressed and got the dog that I could only hope I would have. Yes, it is an investment, but they truly 100% care about you and your dog and your success in your dog-human bond. I would absolutely recommend at least going in for a consult to meet with them (especially for only $1!!) because you really will see results between you and your dog and your relationship.
Chad is super friendly and very knowledgeable. He is very patient and I would 100% recommend him every time!
Tip Top K9 was the best decision I’ve made for my dog. Rocky is an 8 year old cattle dog and has never been a “plays well with others” type of boy. I decided to get some extra training help after moving across country, in case we needed dog sitters etc if we went back home. Tip top K9 trainer Josh met with us laid out the plan available for our stubborn pup. He had no hesitations of both himself and his trainer Marcella’s ability to get Rocky where he needed to be before we needed to board. Rocky LOVES Marcella and was always so excited for his class with her.After Rocky completed his training he stayed at TipTop K9 while we travelled back east. I was terrified, and with valid reason as an owner of a reactive dog. When I got home Josh greeted me with videos of my non so nice pupper playing with other dogs, and working on his training with multiple dogs mere inches away. I was stunned. The dog who reacts with all hackles raised and teeth barred played with several other dogs. So grateful for Josh and Marcella taking the time with Rocky and me! I could not recommend them enough.
Our puppy Juno is a new dog after coming back from boot camp. So pleased with her progress, Chad and Josh did fantastic! Also Marcella is doing fantastic with our 6 year old Husky who was super stubborn. We can now bring them both to the baseball games. Thank you!!!
Outstanding 10 star dog training business!! Our Cane Corso graduated in 2022. When we added a new member to the family this year our first thought was Tip Top K9, our Saint Bernard Beethoven graduated in 2024.Great communication, excellent customer service! These guys are the real deal! Thank you guys for training our boys. They'll always love their Tip Top family.
Tip top K9 saved my life I'm deeply grateful for the exceptional training services they provide. Their dedication, patience, and skills has significantly improved my pitbull's behavior, who previously struggled with aggression and anxiety. They helped my dog figure out that life isn’t that scary after all. The flexibility in scheduling and understanding regarding payments have been very helpful. I have immense appreciation for Tip Top K9's and I am confident that I will return to them for any future dog training needs.
Marcela was soooo wonderful to work with and helped our Mackey girl so much. We are so glad to have found Tip Top K9! Highly recommend them.
marcela is AMAZING!! very understanding of your situation and so sweet! i’m so very grateful to her for helping with my dog lady, me and lady have both learned so much from her and i couldn’t be more thankful! THANK YOU!!
Chad was great with our Newfie pup. Training was very good and the transition home was great!
We sent our Newfoundland to the 2-week training course and we couldn’t be happier with the results. His trainer Chad did a great job with him! The at home training session at the end was so helpful and I feel confident that I can keep up with all he learned. It has been a great experience.
We had a great experience with Tip Top K9. We did private lessons with Marcela and our dog Hallie is doing so well with everything she learned from her! Marcela was a wonderful trainer and so knowledgeable and patient with Hallie. We highly recommend Tip Top K9!!
Honestly I’m so pleased with what I’m seeing in my dog so far. He just came back from bootcamp and he’s so much calmer and responsive overall that the whole family feels more involved and happy with a dog in the house, which is what we wanted. Our toddler has claimed him as *his* dog and the two of them are so so sweet together. He’s such a sweet dog and now that we are communicating better with him and bridging that dog/human gap so much easier he’s just an absolute treasure. The reality is our family is SO busy and we simply didn’t have the time to dedicate this level of training on our own so bootcamp was a great fit for us. It’s pricey when you first look into it but having Bruce back and following through with his training and commands as Josh instructed us made it worth every penny. Everyone I’ve talked to at TipTop has been extremely professional and communicative and I’m so looking forward to our lives with our pup Bruce. I’m so grateful, thank you for helping us get our “Bruce the perfect dog”!
The difference is amazing! So grateful for all the work to help us with Oso! Happy we get to keep working with TipTop and all the friends he made!!
Josh and his team were amazing with Bruce! What a difference it made and we are so happy with the results!
We are so pleased with the 4 week bootcamp we sent our dog through! He is still the same lovable dog but now listens so well! I can’t wait to bring him to the free classes to make sure he keeps up on his skills!The one piece of feedback I have is he came home really dirty and matted. We are going to have to completely shave his ears and part of his tail to get the mat’s out.
I was very skeptical that they could take a dog with no real training and in 4 weeks turn him into a well oiled machine. The staff were so nice and responsive, while he was out for the 4 weeks. They continually sent videos and updates. The in home training at the end was also amazing to make sure we understood all commands. Thank you Tip Top K9 WJ
We took our Boxer Gus there. Chad was his trainer. He came home so well trained. He picked up everything we wanted him to. We'll have to swing by the group class to learn even more in the future
I would HIGHLY recommend Tip Top K9 to everyone! They were amazing at helping me to train my dog. Marcella was our trainer and she is so good at communicating and very empathetic and passionate about the animals and proper training. I didn't realize how important proper training can be and how effective. Thanks for the time and energy you gave us!The additional group training is such an added benefit that we are excited to use!
Marcela was our trainer for our two stubborn French Bulldogs. She was so amazing! Patient and kind. Knows what she is doing! Our pups never listened but now they can do so many things and I know it will only go up from here!
Marcella, did an amazing job helping us and my dog Blazer learn some very important commands. It was really nice to have Blazer and us learn together at the same time in the comfort of our own home. We’re so happy with the results!
Thank you. I loved how much I saw them love the dogs. Makes me know that he was safe and that the training is friendly and dog forward. Captain chaos Returned as controlled chaos.
Our dog, Klopp, was pure chaos and went to tip top boot camp. The results have been amazing and Klopp loved the trainer Chad. You can tell they really care about the dogs! Highly recommend this training!
i worked with marcela and she is an AMAZING trainer. she helped my dog understand things faster than i have ever been able to try. they use tools like an e collar and recall commands. depending what package you purchase you can have lifelong group classes for however long your dog is alive.
I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Tip Top K9 and more specifically with Marcela! She was so friendly and helpful, clearly very skilled at her job. Her overall demeanor with our dog, Ghost, was gentle but effective and he was so excited every time she and her doggie sidekick showed up! She was able to teach Ghost the basics and teach me how to use the tools and commands provided to ensure we had long term success. We’re very excited to see her soon at group class! 10/10 overall experience!
Marcela was amazing. I appreciate everything she did to help Savanah is great!! Recommend 1000x.
Loved the personal training for our Birdy girl! Can’t wait to continue with the group lessons. Thank you guys!
Tip Top training is amazing!! I can't believe how quickly Josh was able to train Skye. If you want to get your dog(s) trained, you need to go to Tip Top K9 training!! Josh is an amazing trainer, and we are so thankful for all he did for Skye!!
Josh did a great job with our young golden retriever Cody. He came home after a few weeks and is so well trained and ready for us to reinforce and just enjoy. Their methods are logical and Cody responds well. Best of all, this is training we will be able to stick with, and it’s nice to know there’s lifetime support if we need it.
Tip Top K9 did such an awesome job training our Golden Retriever. He came back happy, attentive, eager to please and incredibly obedient. Their instructions were clear and their ongoing lifetime support offer is super. Thank you Top Top!!!!
Marcella was amazing, she worked with me diligently until all my issues were resolved. I feel a much deeper connection with my dog and feel much more comfortable about being outside and around other dogs. I would definitely recommend Tip Top K9. Marcella was so great!!
Wow! What an amazing experience we had with the trainers at Tip Top K9! Josh, the head trainer, was nothing short of fantastic. Our 5.5 month old puppy stayed with the team for around 4 weeks and when she came back, we saw so many great things that she’s learned. We can see the work, time, and love that was put in to her training process and are so happy with the results. The professionalism in communication and consistent updates made our family comfortable and secure that she was in the best place. I want to thank Josh for all of his help with getting our little one to this point and we’re so excited to see how she continues to grow!
I had been struggling with my dog biting the leash and jumping on people for three years. After the first session with Marcela, my dog transformed. She is now the most well behaved and tempered dog. We learned new skills every week and my relationship with my dog has never been better. I can’t say thank you enough to Marcela and Tip Top k9!
Fantastic service! I saw significant behavior improvements with my GSP mix after just a few lessons. Staff were very patient and gentle. Definitely recommend Tip Top K9.
Tip Top and staff are great! Marcella is WONDERFUL!!! We did 6 private lessons She came to our house to train our family and then, in turn train Indy. I must admit , I was skeptical, but now I am a believer! If you are familiar with a Great Pyreneese then you know how stubborn they are. We still have some work to do with our GP. That said, Indy is doing great & will only get better! I will say if you do the private lessons really ask yourself if your willing to commit to do the training yourself. Keep in mind these private lessons require commitment from the entire family to do the work/training consistantly. If you want the reults, you have to put in the work.Marcella is great! She is kind, patient, genuine and natural with dogs! A wonderful trainer. BEST of the BEST! Highly reccomend TT & Marcella!
Marcela was so patient! She was so nice and friendly and she! I can’t wait for the training classes!! Thank you so much for helping us learn to work with Elvis!
Our experience with Marcella at Tip Top K9 was nothing short of incredible. Our 8 month old walks in heel even with distractions, stays in place until released and has PERFECT recall. This dog is dream off leash. Our thanks to Marcella, her dog/side kick, Genos and the folks at Tip Top K9 for a great program!
Josh Johnson brought our Teddy back, and Teddy was a different dog. Josh gave constant updates and videos to let us know of Teddy's progress. We couldn't say enough of how well trained Teddy is after just a few weeks.
Our puppy is a new dog! Josh Johnson worked with him and sent us updates and videos while he was away. Our pup is such a good listener now! We are so happy!
Marcella was awesome. She was very patient and friendly with us and our great dane Duke.
Loved this training for Duke. He is responding well with the commands. Also, Marcela was the greatest with us and Duke. I will refer any of my friends who have dogs to Tip Top K9.
Best trainers! We had a very reactive australian shepherd mix that was hard to take anywhere without him barkimg at other dogs and people.After the first few classes, we noticed Theo was calmer on walks and paid more attention to us instead of other peoples and dogs. We are now able to take theo out at whatever time of day and be confident that it'll be a good walk and take him to public spaces without stressing.Josh was very patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. We're recomm3nding all our friends to TipTopk9
Josh was our trainer and he was AMAZING! We could nkt be happier with the results we saw with our dog, Theo. Theo was highly reactive and showed aggression when in stress, but with Tip Top K9 we have been able to condition Theo. Now we can take him on walks, go on car rides without him barking at people. And when we are eating or when I am cooking he is great about staying in his "place". I LOVE the results we have seen with him.
Tip Tip K9 was a life saver! My rambunctious Husky/Heeler puppy was out of control. We did private lessons where they came to our home to do training. Within the 1st week, we had an entirely different dog that was able to be a part of our family. Our puppy is now better behaved then our older, calm dog that is untrained. SO worth it!

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Bella the Golden Retriever

Bella was an out of control golden retriever puppy who couldn’t wait to climb you then pull you down the street.  Her heart was in the right place, but she was definitely a handful.  Because of her bad habits her owners Mike and Nicole couldn’t really take Bella for a walk or anywhere else for that matter!

After 4 weeks of Bootcamp, her life has drastically changed for the better.  Now instead of running to and jumping all over new people, she sits at your feet and waits for love to come to her.  No need to worry about pulling on the leash either, Bella is now 100% off leash!

Lucy the Husky!

Lucy was just a small town pup trying to make it in the big city.  Her favorite hobbies were helping herself to the family dinner and long walks around the park pretending she was a sled dog. She hated car rides and listening to anyone who was talking to her.

Now after 6 weeks of training, she has pulled herself together and is a model citizen.  She still loves walks around the park, but takes a relaxed stroll instead of sprinting to the end of the leash.  She no longer tries to sneak food from the counter when your back is turned, and can instead stay on her bed and watch dinner being made from the living room.

Lulu the Doodle!

Lulu was just your everyday Doodle puppy.  What she lacked in coordination, she more than made up for with crazy.  She was an escape artist and would love to be chased around the neighborhood and parkour through the house!

After just 4 weeks of private in-home training, she had a new lease on life.  Instead of taking off down the street every time the front door was opened, she now just stays on her cot.  Lulu still has her same loving and affectionate personality, but now channels her energy into running laps around the backyard pool instead of the neighborhood!

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