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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

Fix Obedience Problems, Ease Anxiety, and Build a Bond with Your Dog

At our Gilbert dog training location we serve clients all over the Valley with customized training programs in the comfort of their home.

Here at our Gilbert / Chandler location we come out to our clients and work with your dog one on one and then give you homework.  We also do a life time group class for our clients.  Wether your dealing with a dog that is pulling on the leash and wont stop or your needing some more control off leash we are here to help!  Give us a call today (480) 739-1236 and your first lesson will only be $1.00!

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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The training has been awesome and it made a massive difference
Great experience- Sydney is amazing! My timid yet stubborn husky is much well behaved now. She is closer to becoming a very well trained puppy and we are excited to continue her group training.
Our dog Rango went to the one week training and definitely learned a lot. He has a lot of energy and Alex and the other trainers did a wonderful job getting him to place and respond to their commands. They also made it easy when they came and taught us how to make him respond at home. Great job overall, thank you!!
Tip top k9 has helped me change my dog with crazy amounts of misguided energy. Into a dog that loves working
My dog is a 2 year old pit bull, cattle dog, Rottweiler, German shepherd mix. We were able to successfully learn not to jump and be overly excited when people were around. We also worked on not scratching/clawing at legs to get attention.. yay, no more bruises! Thaeden was great working with Chloe and myself to learn all the other basic commands within 1-2 months. We’re super happy with the service and look forward to coming to group class to keep advancing! Thank you, Thaeden and TipTopK9!!
Great experience! We saved our Rocco from the euthanasia list and he can take a while to warm to people. He is so much more comfortable and happy to be out and about and experiencing new things. Sydney was absolutely fabulous and was so patient with us and Rocco. Highly recommend!
TipTopK9 has truly outdone itself! I am overjoyed with the results of their Superstar boot camp. A special thanks to Kameron, Treven, and Alex. You all were beyond amazing and took such good care of my boy! The training and skills you taught Winston and I will be lifelong and I will forever be grateful. You’re all dog people and treat the animals in your care is if they are your own and it shows!I loved the report cards and communication throughout boot camp, especially the videos from Kameron of Winston’s field trips. Kameron stopped by my home mid boot camp to pick up a custom collar for Winston as well as a few specific supplements he ran out of. He also informed me that when Winston ran out of food, he went to 2 stores just to find the specific food he eats. This is the kind of care and attention your dog will get here at TipTopK9 and what more could us as dog owners ask for!I deeply appreciate the time they took to work with me alongside Winston to ensure that we will be successful at home and in the future. We spent 2 hours together for Winston’s home coming party and went over all of Winston’s commands and how to use them. I can’t recommend TipTopK9 enough and will be telling anyone I know in need of training to reach out. Once again, I want to thank Kameron, Treven, and Alex for going above and beyond for Winston, you guys are the best!!!
My dog behaved better just after one session. It encouraged to continue and each session gets better and better. Plus lifetime group classes.
Highly recommend Tip top K-9. Very well organized and professional. Couldn’t be more happy with my pups results from the 1 week stay with them and the training he received. Thank you Tip top K-9 team!
Katie is like a new version of herself. She is a border collie healer mix that could be described as a lot of dog. We put her through the boot camp and she listens to every words we tell her and has still retained her personality. The trainers made it so my daughters and I understood what to do
We had a great experience with Thaeden and Tip Top K9! Within 5 minutes of our first lesson, he had our dog obeying multiple commands…we were so impressed. Our pup is already SO much more obedient. I was nervous using about the Stim collar since she is only 10 pounds, but she did great with it and it really was the key to motivate her to obey right away. Thank you Tip Top K9!
Thank you Trevon and Alex. You guys are the best.A little over a month ago my husband found Tip Top K9 and asked me to contact them.I contacted them instantly and explained the problem areas we were having with our dog. The first day that we met at the park Trevon was absolutely helpful. He was very knowledgeable and listened to our concerns. He saw how our dog Zorro reacted with him being around. He knew that he was going to be able to help Zorro by building his confidence. At the end i decided that boarding and training would best help Zorro. That day before leaving I got a date for the drop off to go to school. I felt relief and excitement for Zorro. Every week we got report cards and pictures which made the weeks go by faster.When we got the message that Zorro was ready to come home we met up at the park. As we were pulling up Zorro was sitting on a rock. He got off the rock on command and an actual stranger came up an pet Zorro. I cried out of pure joy. He's never let someone pet him without wanting to attack. My daughter and I walked down where they were and Zorro was so excited to see me. He looked at my daughter and walked away instead of going after her. He has a problem with her for some reason and we don't know why.Both Trevon and Alex were there to show us what Zorro learned. Boy oh boy does Zorro loves Alex. Everytime we would brake him and celebrate he would run to Alex for the party. Alex did a great job working with our fear aggressive dog. I am so thankful and grateful for him and his patience with Zorro. I couldn't of asked for two better people to work with him.A few days after having zorro home he was trying to go back to his old ways. So I contacted Tip Top K9 and Trevon came out to our house to re assess. Zorro is being territorial and trying but it's not working and Trevon gave us tips to use at home.Thank you so much Trevon and Alex. You two guys are awesome. We will definitely be recommending Tip Top K9.
My dog barked and pulled on leashes for so long until we started at Tip Top. Now he is excited to follow commands. Thaeden was our trainer and he was super chill and great.
This service is very helpful. The trainer was incredibly and very patient. The trainers talk you throw everything step by step. Overall a great experience. ✨😁
We had a great experience with Sydney from Tip Top K9. She was very patient and consistent. Our dog Apollo is very scared of strangers and very anxious. Her confidence and demeanor were perfect for him. He is now much more comfortable around new people and new environments. We are so happy that we chose to do training with Tip Top K9. Thank you Sydney!!
We had Thaeden as our trainer and he was the best! Every time I had any questions or concerns, no matter how silly it would sound, he gave me clarifications and explained everything so thoroughly. He was also very friendly to my pups, giving them the confidence to execute on command. His customer service is top tier and his personality made it very easy to be comfortable in asking questions. I would recommend asking for Thaedan as your trainer when signing up!As for the training, we did the Double Teachers Pet, which included 2 one on one dog lessons with the trainer and 4 family lessons. We covered, off, quiet, come, place, and heel. Our last lesson was also customized and we got to choose what to go over. This package was the best fitting for our pups. As both are still pretty young, 2 years old, we saw a significant improvement from when they started. The training uses an E-Collar, which some people think it’s a shock collar but at most, it’s taps the dog to get their attention to correct. The training helps you understand that it’s a tool during the training and it has been such a game changer to how we train now. It does not hurt my pups, they actually get very excited when putting it on. Our trainer also explained to us that the end goal is to have the pups execute the command without hesitation, without the collar, which could be over a year from now, but that the collar is there to help. I would recommend TipTop to anyone who is looking into getting training!
Great experience for Goldie and us.
Thank you Sydney and Kameron. They have done an amazing job with our two Australian Sheppards. That’s have gone above and beyond with their training. They have exceeded our expectations. It’s wonderful to see my pups happy and healthy. It’s has been an amazing postive journey
Signed up my two dogs (one for boot camp and the other for in home) with Tip Top and have to say the transformation with them has been amazing.Going from two boys (litter mates) that would get into arguments and not listen to anything to both dogs disengaging for pretty much all family members has been fantastic to experience.Would recommend them to anyone!
Had an amazing experience with Trevon and Thaeden, they were very knowledgeable and helped us out with training our healer and Bernedoodle. Very friendly and made the experience of training easy. Definitely recommend for anyone who needs dog training help!
Aiden was great in helping to train us and our dogs.
Our experience with Tip Top K9 Dog Training has been great! Our Tootsie is doing so well with listening to us now!
Aidan was great with our dogs and easy to work with. Our dogs have come along way from when we started and look forward to attending more trainings that they offer.
I absolutely loved Tip Top K9! We had a cat in the house and when I googled best training Tip Top came up first. They have super easy to work with and I recommend them to anyone.
Thaede, came over to not only help with my crazy dogs but help me on my day to day walking my two American bullies. My dogs are super friendly but can be intimidating. He walked me through what I was doing wrong and helped me greatly
We have been working with Thaeden on puppy manners for our 1 year old pug, Potato, for the last few months and have seen so much progress. Tip Top K9 has been great to work with, and I feel much more confident continuing training after having their guidance. Thank you!
We are very pleased with Tip Top K9. Kameron and Sydney are both great trainers. Our dog loved Sydney, and so did our cat. Our dog Rusty's behavior is so much better than before we started the training. We will continue to work with Rusty to ensure he continues to improve. I think the service is very much worthwhile. and I would hire them again for sure.Also, we will participate in the ongoing group sessions at the park in Gilbert. Should be great fun!
Thaeden was excellent at training my micro bully, everything was taught well, shown through exactly what to do and sustained with additional tips to ensure my dog acted as best as he could. I would highly recommend tip top K9 to anyone looking to train their dog. If you have the opportunity to work with Thaeden - take it! As he is truly an asset to tip top K9 and an excellent trainer.
Overall, I am happy with my experience with Tip Top K9. They were very patient with my many questions and were very helpful!
Sydney was the absolute best training us as well as Max & Meggie!I would highly recommend!She trained the pups kindly & effectively! And taught us how to continue the training at home!So very pleased
January 2024 began normal in our home of 7 dogs. Hyper, playful pups with occasional disagreements, but otherwise cohabitating well. One night after a laser chasing session in the yard, we had a big fight. Desperate for help after trying to handle it ourselves for a couple weeks, we called a behaviorist. Everything went wrong while following that "expert". We had the biggest fight upon their "guidance" with them standing there instructing. They deemed it unresolvable and they would keep the puppy. After a couple days, we decided we needed different help. We needed dogs to listen and trust us. We needed training! I researched and researched. I was willing to risk the $1 evaluation to see if this felt right. Trevin came to our home and got our most aggressive dog who hates people, especially men, to follow his lead in a matter of a minute or so. He went over every detail of training. He had us test the E-stim collar ourselves. He made sure we knew this was just an attention getter not pain inducing. It was adjustable, 127 levels! He described the type of training he would recommend for each dog after a deep dive into each dog. He told us the cost. I was shocked but then he said "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE". Was I willing to risk spending this large chunk of money to fix our problem or risk waiting for another emergency to arise, inevitably? The thought of another fight was terrifying. We signed all 7 up for camp. The coordination efforts were amazing! They picked up and dropped off every dog. They worked it so all the dogs were as safe as possible while the process was in progress. We also had 3 puppies getting spayed...with complications intertwined in the training schedule. As the dogs left and returned, a calm came over the house. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we know we have a LIFETIME (of each dog) support with twice a week training classes. We have been empowered! Would I spend the money and send my dogs to TIP TOP K9 again? ABSOLUTLY!!!!The two that got in the fight, can they be nice to each other after training? Yes! They cannot play together just yet but they can see each other without a reaction now. We will be working hard on being a big happy family once again! Thank you, Casey, Cameron, Trevin, Thaden, Sydney, and Kara for such a fantastic job with our pack!
Love tiptop and trainer Thaden. Thank you
My dog Dolly is doing 100% better after training with TipTopK9! Would definitely recommend for improving your dog’s behavior and skills.
Thaeden was a great dog trainer! Thank you tip top K9!
Thaeden @ tip top K9 was the best! he really help train my pit bull! thank you again thaeden for everything you did for roscoe!
@Thaden/Tip Top K9 worked with our Rottie pups (Bella & Bear) and we're thrilled with their progress & development! #tiptopresults
WOW! Can’t say enough about the this training program. The results we saw in our baby Rotties, Bella and Bear over the course of a few weeks was dramatic! My 11 year old twin girls are even able to control the dogs with ease now. Sit, down, stay, place, and heal were too easy with this program. Highly recommend!!!!! Thaden is the best!!!
Thaeden the dog trainer is the absolute BEST! I totally recommend this guy! He was so gentle and patient with my English bull dog!Lilo really enjoyed having Thaeden train her!Thank you Thaeden for being so AWESOME!!
They were amazing! You can tell they are really dog people. Training was clear and will be easy for us to continue at home.
Tharden was a great instructor. Rylee loved him and she learned alot.
I sent my dog Piper to Tip Top K9 and she did amazing. I was told by a lot of people that pit bulls were too stubborn to train but she did awesome thanks to Kameron and all the trainers. She is 1000% better than she was and I owe it to them. I would recommend ttk9 to anyone looking to make thier dog follow commands, walk on a leash or just have a better attitude this is the place for you to take your dog.
My dog Maverick is a different dog. Such a good boy! Sydney was so nice and great to work with! Would definitely recommend tip top K9!!
Game changer! Sydney was wonderful and our Jackie O. fell in love with her!
Great training. Help me to better trainer
Thaeden is amazing with our dogs and has taught us so much! He always makes sure we are comfortable and understand what we need to do. 10/10 recommend!
We took our 4 month old puppy, Maisie, to Tip Top K9 and had a great experience. We would highly recommend!Maisie would chase our cats all day and had all the inconvenient puppy behaviors you expect. After two weeks of board and train, she came home exhibiting all the improvements we hoped for. She is still her confident, spunky self but dropped all the issues we were struggling with. No more chasing cats, biting, running all over furniture, etc.The kennel techs at the facility kept Maisie safe and well taken care of. The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly. We got weekly report cards and photos which really put us at ease. They also went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared to keep up with her training once home. We are so happy we chose the board and train option to create a solid foundation for us to build on at home.Thank you, Tip Top K9!!
I had a terrific experience working with Tip Top K9 in training my dog Milo. He has made a lot of progress and I am excited to continue my relationship with them further through the group lessons. Thaeden was really informative and patient in his instruction and I appreciate all he has done in helping my dog become the good boy I know he can be!
Great experience. Have already seen results that we can build in

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Bella the Golden Retriever

We love to help our clients get control over their pups and live in peace with their dogs!  We serve all types of dog training and obedience needs in the McKinney / Allen area!   We specialize in helping spoiled dogs learn boundaires and in training their owners!  Our location does private lessons but specializes in doggie boot camp where your pup comes and stays with us for 2-4 weeks!

Lucy the Husky!

Lucy was just a small town pup trying to make it in the big city.  Her favorite hobbies were helping herself to the family dinner and long walks around the park pretending she was a sled dog. She hated car rides and listening to anyone who was talking to her.

Now after 6 weeks of training, she has pulled herself together and is a model citizen.  She still loves walks around the park, but takes a relaxed stroll instead of sprinting to the end of the leash.  She no longer tries to sneak food from the counter when your back is turned, and can instead stay on her bed and watch dinner being made from the living room.

Lulu the Doodle!

Lucy was just a small town pup trying to make it in the big city.  Her favorite hobbies were helping herself to the family dinner and long walks around the park pretending she was a sled dog. She hated car rides and listening to anyone who was talking to her.

Now after 6 weeks of training, she has pulled herself together and is a model citizen.  She still loves walks around the park, but takes a relaxed stroll instead of sprinting to the end of the leash.  She no longer tries to sneak food from the counter when your back is turned, and can instead stay on her bed and watch dinner being made from the living room.

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