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Fix Obedience Problems, Ease Anxiety, and Build a Bond with Your Dog

At our Boise dog training location you will find a team of professional dog trainers that were named the 2019 Best of Treasure Valley Dog Trainer and the Best in State dog trainer!

Our Boise team loves to help our clients enjoy their dogs not matter where they go and no matter what outdoor activity they are enjoying.  From general obedience to behavioral modification and off leash control our Boise dog training team is here to bring the best out of your dog!  Hiking and Biking off leash a goal? We can get you there.

We want you to enjoy your dog more!  All of our dog training packages come with guarantees and every package we offer comes with life time group class that is unlimited so there is never an excuse to not make sure your dog is just as well trained as possible!

If you are in the boise area and looking for a dog trainer give us a call today at (208) 437-8360 and take advantage of our $1.00 first lesson so we can show you how we became the top ranked dog trainer in Boise, Idaho!

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Tip Top K9 was absolutely amazing!! Almost right away we went from not being able to have our two year old daugher and our malamute puppy in a room together, to them spending hours and hours in the same room and not having to worry about them bothering each other. We are so thankful for Tip Top K9!!
We just got our pup back and she knows SO MUCH from her six weeks of training! The trainer just spent over two hours answering all of our questions and teaching us how to help our dog maintain all of her new skills. It was awesome! The bootcamp was well worth it!
We sent our 1-old dog Yeti to the Problem Solver boot camp and Tip Top K9 did an incredible job! We received weekly report cards on his progress alongside photos of our pup. We had a great experience working with them and would highly recommend anyone else in the area reach out to Tip Top K9 for their exceptional results! We can’t wait to maintain his training while attending the weekly classes they host.
Oli had really bad stranger danger when we first adopted him and didn’t know any commands. Now after his lessons all his issues have gotten so much better! It’s an investment that was well worth it.
One trainer came out to talk about training two different trainers came and dropped the dogs off at home. Great staff and dogs were very well trained. Dogs listened to commands as soon as they came home
Like promised our dog comes every time! Our relationship is better with the our pup because we can now communicate with her effectively instead of just being annoyed that she’s not “listening” but now we know how to talk so she will understand.
Absolutely loved tip top K9! Helped us knock habits and teach us how to create good ones. Our personal trainer Alyshia was fantastic and so patient with our crazy pup. So thankful for her and this training.
So awesome. Great experience. So well behaved after the training.
AMAZING!!! my 1 year old HUSKY with crazy energy spent 2 weeks with Lexi at tiptop and came back a well behaved boy!! Not once did he jump on me or anyone else and he listened to every command on the first try. 10/10 recommend !! 🤩
They did a great job with our puppy Joe! Amariah was so wonderful with my lab. I would highly recommend!
Amariah was amazing! She made Joe a great new addition to our family. We can’t wait to work with you all in the future.
Very professional and great at answering all of our questions! Our dog is learning quickly and we have enjoyed our sessions with Tip Top K9!
I had a great experience with the trainers at Tip Top K9. I was looking at re-homing our dog and I decided I would try one more thing before I gave up. We are all happier now that we have gone through the training course. I am looking forward to the ongoing park group classes that we will have access to for the rest of my dogs life.The trainers were professional, patient (with me and my dogs) and kind. They have a love for dogs that is apparent in their work. I found the training to be clear and consistent. I had some scheduling changes come up and they were able to work with me to rearrange the training to my new schedule. They were flexible and had a good working knowledge of how to train my dogs (and me).On a personal note the three women I had contact with were lovely. They had pleasant personalities that set us at ease. I had a positive experience and I am looking forward to continuing training with them.I happily recommend Tip Top K9!
My dog was not good as consistently following commands before we started training with Tip Top K9’s trainer’s, but now she will come when called, and place for long periods of time! I am very happy with them and would recommend their training to anyone with a dog.
Our pups have improved so much with Tip Top K9 training! We are so happy with them. Thank you so much!
Very professional. Gus Gus stayed with them for about a month and came back very well trained - sit, place, come, heel. He was 5 months at the time. Stopped biting which was the big problem! Highly recommended. Would do it again. And they offer refresher courses and ongoing group training and boarding as needed afterwards, which is awesome.
The Boise team was excellent for training our two border collie / poodle mixes. They were stubborn, tugging on walks, and would jump on house guests.Tip top K9 gave us the tools to communicate with them effectively and train them towards the right behaviors.
They did an amazing job helping me work with my dog Bear! Bear was having some aggression issues that we were able to work through. He now has great recall and is much better walking on a leash. I would definitely recommend Tip Top K9 for anyone looking for a dog trainer!
We had such a great time training our pup. I appreciate all the hard work they put in to help us get us the training we need. Highly recommend them!!!
Absolutely the best training! We have two puppies that were very difficult to handle. After doing 6 sessions they were completely different. Excited to join the group classes.
I can actually walk my dogs without them pulling on the leash! It’s a miracle!
We signed up for private lessons for our STUBBORN English Bulldog. It was amazing watching her transform after each lesson. After only 1 lesson she was so eager to learn and any time we would put her training collar on, she would wiggle with excitement knowing we were going to work on her new commands. Our trainer was amazing and our dog loved her. We are excited to continue working on everything we have learned and would have been so lost on where to even start in our training journey without the help of Tip Top K9.
Vino (big dog) was reactive & aggressive in public settings! After 1:1 training with Amariah he is like a whole new dog! He is no longer reactive, I trust him around other dogs & people. He also LOVES training time! He gets very excited when it’s time to train! We loved that they come to us or meet us where the training is most needed! They also fit us in quickly! Absolutely recommend to anyone!
Tip top K9 were super flexible and easy to work with. Our two dogs came home today and I can see a significant difference. I definitely would recommend them!
Well worth the money paid, and an eye opening experience regarding attention that applies to not only our dogs and their habits, but ours as well
Can't say enough good things about the training we received for our golden retriever. At 6 months old we were having problems with him jumping and nipping at people and taking off and running away any chance he got, not listening and just stressful all around.We worked with Alyshia and he is a completely different pup and much more enjoyable to be around.
Excellent experience with training! We’ve learned a lot of great skills that allow us to have stress free trips to the park and foot hills
Great crew! Very helpful! Thank you!!
I had the opportunity to work with Alyshia for a couple of short sessions, mostly teaching my dog to come when called. She was so good with my dog, and the difference from just those short sessions is remarkable!
Hank, our 7 month old charcoal lab puppy, went to the 4 week board training with Tip Top K9. It was so hard to see him go, but the trainers were great with updates and keeping us informedon how he was and his progress. When he came home, we were beyond amazed/impressed with how much he learned! We are so glad that we can communicate with him with simple commands and no frustration. We highly recommend Tip Top K9
Tip Top K9 are our trainers as well as our go to for dog boarding. They make sure our anxious boxers have fun while they stay!
Completely satisfied!!!! Tip Top K9 lifer right here
Tip Top K9 has been amazing! They took great care of my dog and when she returned it was obvious the great improvement that was noticed. The trainer took time to teach me how to continue with the great training that they worked so hard on and will benefit my dog and me throughout the future!
Isla came back home a happy and well behaved girl. She obviously loved her time with the trainers and I would definitely recommend tip top k9 for anyone looking for engaged trainers for their dog.
Tip top k9 did such a great job with Daisy and Zoey. The boot camp has been great for both of them.
Tip-Top K9 was a great fit for Leo. He hardly listened to commands prior to signing up for this training service, but now he responds 90% of the time! I would highly recommend this servuce to anyone looking for a trainer!
Alyshia was phenominal in my training. It was such a relief to finally get my dog to heel after two years of google searches and youtube videos. Cannot recommend tip top k9 enough.
Fozzy has come a long way in 3 short classes. The training is straight forward and Amariah was fantastic to work with!
An amazing experience overall! Our dog Skye benefited a lot from the whole experience. Highly recommended!
Tip Top was a great choice for our French Bulldog. After one week he came back to us well trained and responsive to all of the promised commands. Our family would highly recommend them to anyone looking for dog training. Awesome staff as well and super friendly people.
A super great experience! Our dog has learned a lot in just 6 short sessions and I feel much more confident taking him places and that he will listen well.
Thank you Tip Top K9! I’m excited that they have learned so many new commands, and mostly that they know what I expect of them. I’m looking forward to the group classes to keep them (and me!) progressing!
Training with tip top has made an absolute difference in my Great Dane dodger! They do one on ones with your dog first then add you in & it’s great for those not comfortable with people. His confidence is gradually getting better & being able to take him outside has also become easier!! Thank you so muchhhh. ☺️
We are so happy with Tip Top K-9 Training! They have savedour sanity with the addition of two puppies at the same time.Training gives our pups a much happier life and not always havingbe told NO! Thank you Amariah and Lexi you were both greatand much appreciated!! We look forward to many more trainingsessions!!

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Why Is Tip Top K9 The Best Spot For Boise Idaho Dog Training?

If you are looking for the best of all Boise Idaho dog training companies, then you need to go online to see the highest-rated and most reviewed dog trainer. We can help you with everything such as jumping, potty training, dog training, and more for your new forever friend! You can see more about the areas we specialize in by going to one of our locations today or just by calling 1-833-484-7867 to speak with one of our amazing representatives. The next time you need help finding the Boise Idaho dog trainer experts, then you can contact us today to see which location will work better for where you are!

Who Can Answer My Questions About The Programs?

If you need help finding the answers to your questions about Tip Top K9 or specifically the Boise Idaho dog training you have been hearing about, then you need to call us today or go online to see the frequently asked questions we have available. If you still need extra clarification on Tip Top K9 then you need to see what our customers are actually saying about us by reading our Google Reviews online today!

What Dogs Does Tip Top K9 Boise Work With?

You will see on our website that we are more than happy to train all breeds of dogs. We can work with aggressive dogs, small dogs, and even anxious dogs! Just call 1-833-484-7867 to see how we can answer any of your questions about the Boise Idaho dog trainer courses you have been contemplating signing your puppy up for today! We are more than happy to show you the incredible things we have done for our past clients! And when it comes to applying the skills your dog or puppy learns from Tip Top K9, you can see that we offer a variety of tools for you to continue your results. 

Where Should I Go For Boise Idaho Dog Training?

The next time you are wondering, what is the best place to go for Boise Idaho dog training, then you can just go online to see what else we can help you with. When you go online today you will see that Tip Top K9 offers your first lesson to you for only $1! How could you resist an offer that good? Call 1-833-424-7867 to see what else we can help you figure out here at Tip Top K9! Call us now to see how we can give you the help you are looking for out of your dog trainer near your area of Idaho! 

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If you are still looking for help with Dog Training in Boise Idaho then you can always come in today to see how we can give you the help you have been looking for here at Tip Top K9! Call us now or go online to see exactly what we can do for you today, our number is 1-833-484-7867 to see what else we are able to help you and your new dog with today! If you need our help, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-833-484-7867 or visit for more information!

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If you are in the industry of dog training, then you very well know that when you are needing Boise Idaho Dog Training, there is no better solution than to visit Tip Top K9! You can go online today to see how we have helped others like you in the testimonials we offer on our website! Call us now or go online to see how we can show you more about the Boise Idaho trainers! Call us today to see how we can help your puppy grow into a well-behaved dog just by attending the very best puppy training classes!

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Do you want to learn more about the amazing Boise Idaho Dog Training? If so, then you can come to our website today to see what we have in store for any kind of dog you may have that is in need of training in some areas. You can always go online to see exactly what we are able to help you with each kind of dog breed! If you are curious about the obedience classes offered at Tip Top K9 then you can go online today to see what else we are able to offer you now!

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The best time to get started with Boise Idaho Dog Training is now! Just call 1-833-484-7867 to see how Tip Top K9 can get you what you are needing from your dog trainer today. You can see exactly what we offer by going online today! We are happy to report that we are still offering our first lesson for just $1! Go online today to see how we can give you exactly what you were thinking about signing your puppy up for, the puppy training classes we offer! Just go online to see how we can give you what you are looking for!

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The next time you need help to find the best place for dog training in Boise Idaho then you need to call us now at 1-833-484-7867 to see how we can give you the help you are looking for today! If you are looking for the puppy classes, Obedience classes, aggressive dog training, and more! Go online today to see how else we can offer you exactly what you are looking for out of your puppy trainer! Visit us now or go online to see how we can help you find the real training classes you have heard about!

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Whenever you are looking for the Boise Idaho Dog Trainer you have heard about, then you need to go online today to see what the trainers can help you get started with today! Call us now or visit us to see how dog training can help your daily life each and every day! We are dedicated to be helping the dogs that will end up helping our own people! We are looking out for those who look out for us, call 1-833-484-7867 with any questions you may have or visit to see what we offer!

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