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If you are looking for a dog trainer who specializes in obedience training and is in the Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville) area then you have found the right page! 

At our Fayetteville dog training location you work with dog trainers who really care about your dog and about training.  Denver and his team of dog trainers serve clients all over the state of Arkansas with private lessons, group lessons and a board and train program (doggie bootcamp).  We take unruly, rowdy dogs and help them learn how to behave and then we train their owners how to keep them obedient and well behaved!

If you are needing some help from a dog trainer please give us a call today at 479-250-1136.  Your first lesson is $1.00 and we will come out to your house and work with you and your dog.  The $1.00 lesson is no obligation, at the very least we can come out and give you some advice, you have nothing to lose!

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Absolutely amazing work!! Even better than I hoped for! I highly recommend these trainers.Very thorough and clear.
My mother had her dog trained and this group has been unbelievable with our Sally Sunshine. Thank youUpdate. I have had my puppy Stella trained in fort smith. We are so pleased and happy with Denver and the group of trainers that worked with her. She did great. She will continue with the training.
Alexis loved on our dog and was very thorough in showing us how to work with our dog and continue to teach him the commands. Would recommend 100%!
My dog was treated very good and after just 2 weeks it completely changed my dog completely. He minds commands very good and we will be continuing his training inthe near future.
Had a very good experience my puppy had learned a lot and we are very happy! We have come a long way!
10/10 job. trained my dog perfectly
I was worried about my 8 months old golden being aggressive so we looked into training. We did the two week program and it helped tremendously!
We sent our hyper 10 mo old golden retriever to boot camp at Tip Top K9. We are so pleased with the program and how Ruby has progressed and continues to become more disciplined and a joy to be around. We highly recommend this training for your dog/puppy.
Sam was very efficient and knowledgeable. It was a very good training session for my standard poodle. I would highly recommend Sam for your dog training.
We have a Standard Shnauzer , and we had some serious problems with her jumping,barking,and chewing; to the point we had discussed rehoming her. We are totally flabbergasted on the transformation! She is so calm and relaxed. Her obedience, and skills are unbelievable. Can't sing your praises high enough, you saved my wife's dog. Thank you Samantha !!
Absolutely professionally managed organization.They loved Rosie so well and taught her everything she needed to know to be a wonderful addition to our family with 5 grandkids.SamWas a dream!
Sarah and Sam are terrific! Shocked how well behaved our little rowdy girl is now.
Sara and Sam did a great job training our French Bulldog Elvis. He finished training today and is back home. We look forward to continuing his training at home and attending some group classes. Great job!
Service has been super friendly. The trainers are great! I have two dogs and they made working with them easy. Highly recommend. And I love that I get group lessons for the rest of their life.
Great training with Sara and highly recommend.
(6-15-2022) My Lilly was a complete and total spaz that we could not begin to communicate with effectively. After her stay with these fine folk she is a different dog. Still her goofy loving self, but so well behaved. Couldn't expect a better result. Here she is after a long hike. She was absolutely amazing. We met other dogs on the trail, along with wildlife, and she never as much as tugged on the leash. Thank you guys!!! UPDATE: (3-5-2023) Lilly had a fun day at the park today. She never ceases to amaze me with her positive attitude and desire to make me happy. Truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog, due in big part to her outstanding training.
10/10 my dog is so enjoyable at home and in public now
Peyton just finished one on one training and we are excited to continue with group training. We would highly recommend TipTopK9 for any training needs! Sara and Sam are the best and treated Peyton so good. We have learned so much from them.
Mattis now knows how to listen! I'm so glad we can communicate now. Be at group in a week or so!
My dog Ember went to tip top k-9. It was a great experience for her. The staff was great!
Really thorough and responsive. Absolutely recommend!
D-og just came home. I am very pleased with the change in my dog. I am looking forward to the ongoing training at group class.
Tip Top K9 Arkansas crew is absolutely amazing. Champ had issues with attention and commands. He spent 5 weeks at the facility in bootcamp. Champ came back home knowing more commands than I ever expected. I highly recommend Tip Top K9 for all dog training!
The best decision we made with our mini-Aussie, Sweeney, was to enroll her with TipTop Canine. She loves Denver and is always so excited to see him. At 6 months old and after only 6 classes, she is already the very best behaved dog we have ever had, thanks to him (and Sara). I would recommend them to any dog owner, regardless of the age of the dog, whether the dog is aggressive, stubborn, or just a puppy who needs guidance.
Graduation for Wynston was today! We are so excited to have her home, and are beyond excited for her fantastic results! Cannot wait for group classes!
Our pup was trained here and we both loved the experience! 10 out of 10 recommend.
Very please with all aspects of the training. So happy to have Koda home and seeing his transformation
Trainers were very kind and helpful! My dog came back very well trained! If your dig needs training use them!
Tiptopk9 have been the best decision that Murphy and I have made together! The trainers Sam and Sara were just what Murphy needed and we are looking forward to pleasant traveling adventures as a result of this training!
When I first called about his training, he was barking at people a lot and many people would be afraid because he is a big dog. At our consult Samantha took a little bit to evaluate and realized that he wasn’t aggressive, but he was very protective over his family. We are now finished with our fifth private lesson and see a great improvement. We actually were able to ride in the car and go through drive through a without any barking at the people by the third private lesson. The training can change your family and your dogs life, I recommend.
Brad did an amazing job with training our Luna! She came in knowing barely anything and has learned so much in 5 weeks!
Tip Top K9 was amazing. Our boy Otis learned so much while he was there! The staff was fantastic. We would recommend to anyone!
Absolutely wonderful training service. My dog went in knowing nothing but sit (and still only obedient to that on occasion), and many problems with aggression. After 3 sessions, I’m able to get her to come when called, stay calm at the park, and not bark on new people. The trainers are super friendly and great, too. Highly recommend!
Awesome class, was very helpful. Thanks Denver, Ashley, and Brad.
We have a Brittany Spaniel who was having some very breed specific issues. I could see a difference after 1 class! Now 6 classes later, we can walk without being pulled to the ground & take him in public without a single issue! Thank you Tip Top K9 & thank you Sam!!
We are so happy with the training Tip Top K9 provided our dog Dennis! Highly recommend.
We absolutely loved working with Sarah for the past 6 weeks during one on one training!
I'm very happy with Sarah and Sam who are the two I have met so far. They are excellent at what they do & Sadie & I are learning so much!
Great people great costumer service
Great trainers! Highly recommend
TiptopK9 has been amazing to work with from the very first lesson! We knew Cash was capable and wanted to learn but we had no idea how to train him to reach his potential. Our biggest issues were recall and pulling on the leash. For 2 years, we tried so many ways to improve his skills and our confidence. We went into this hoping we could just get those 2 things down.The TipTopk9 training method is exactly what he needed. Our amazing trainer guided me through the whole process with incredible patience and skill! Cash and I have gained so much from our experience. After the first lesson, we never had to use the pinch collar again. We just finished our last lesson and I can’t even believe how fast and easy it was to learn come and heel with the right tools. We’re so excited to start group classes and keep seeing the way he improves!
Awesome job with our Boston Terrier. Sarah was great and pleasure. We would recommend to anyone looking into getting there dog trained!
Ashli did an amazing job training my very stubborn dog who started out either private lessons and eventually went to boot camp to become more polished with her commands and manners! Needless to say, I’m thrilled with her accomplishments!! Thank you Ashli and the whole TipTop K9 team for all your hard work and devotion to my dog. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a dog trainer!
I'm extremely pleased with the training Tip Top K9 did with goldendoodle, Marley. Ashley and Sara were awesome to work with. I would definitely recommend them!!

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00


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Bella the Golden Retriever

Bella was an out of control golden retriever puppy who couldn’t wait to climb you then pull you down the street.  Her heart was in the right place, but she was definitely a handful.  Because of her bad habits her owners Mike and Nicole couldn’t really take Bella for a walk or anywhere else for that matter! After 4 weeks of Bootcamp, her life has drastically changed for the better.  Now instead of running to and jumping all over new people, she sits at your feet and waits for love to come to her.  No need to worry about pulling on the leash either, Bella is now 100% off leash!

Lucy the Husky!

Lucy was just a small town pup trying to make it in the big city.  Her favorite hobbies were helping herself to the family dinner and long walks around the park pretending she was a sled dog. She hated car rides and listening to anyone who was talking to her. Now after 6 weeks of training, she has pulled herself together and is a model citizen.  She still loves walks around the park, but takes a relaxed stroll instead of sprinting to the end of the leash.  She no longer tries to sneak food from the counter when your back is turned, and can instead stay on her bed and watch dinner being made from the living room.

Lulu the Doodle!

Lulu was just your everyday Doodle puppy.  What she lacked in coordination, she more than made up for with crazy.  She was an escape artist and would love to be chased around the neighborhood and parkour through the house! After just 4 weeks of private in-home training, she had a new lease on life.  Instead of taking off down the street every time the front door was opened, she now just stays on her cot.  Lulu still has her same loving and affectionate personality, but now channels her energy into running laps around the backyard pool instead of the neighborhood!

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