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If you live in The Woodlands then we are here to help serve you in obedience training with you pup.  Our Woodlands locations loves to help our clients get control and obedience with their dog and enjoy them everywhere they go!  If you need help with obedience or manners  then look no further but give us a call today!!  We specialize in working with aggressive dogs and with doodles of all sizes!

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About Our Location: 

At our Tip Top K9 The Woodlands dog training location you will find passionate professionals who want to help Texans enjoy and love their dog more than even thought was possible.

This location is owned and operated by the former operations manager for Tip Top K9 Corporate.  Mikal is a trainer of dog trainers and oversaw all the training of all of the Tip Top K9 Trainers and in addition he works and trains others to work the hardest of the hard case aggressive and behavioral issue dogs.  Tip Top K9 the Woodlands should be your #1 call for hard to handle or aggressive dogs that other trainers can’t or won’t train.


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Some Hardest Cases for Tip Top K9 The Woodlands Dog Training:

Some of our hardest cases lately have been a Cuacasian Shepherd that was brought over from Ukraine after the Russia / Ukraine conflict.  These dogs get 100  – 170 and are genetically aggressive and wary of strangers so taking them for our boot camp program was not easy but no other trainer would touch the dog.  In 3 weeks we delivered amazing obedience training that then transferred to mom and dad in about 2 hours!

Another hard case we just finished was a resource guarding golden-doodle rescue named Muffin!  Muffin had just punctured a 7 year old boy over a stick before his owners called us.  They loved Muffin but were starting to be scared in their own house.  We took Muffin to doggie boot camp for 3 weeks and worked Muffin 3-4 hours a day.  Muffin wasn’t a bad dog but had just gotten out of control.  Muffin needed firm and consistent structure without anyone in the family yelling or hitting.  We were able to provide this to Muffin instead of the little guy getting put down.  With goldendoodles we know aggression is not genetic but only learned behavior so with proper obedience training we are able to manage those behaviors and then un-learn them.

Then there is Maverick!  Maverick looks like a shepherd mix that was found on the streets skinny, malnourished and had worms.  The family who found him tried to clean him up and shower him with love and good food and in response Maverick growled at them if asked to get off the bed or couch or not chew on things.  Maverick also in 5 minutes  destroyed their couch, ripping it to pieces making it look like a bomb went off in their living room.  They didn’t know what to do other then kennel him before calling us.  While we think he may actually be a Coy-Dog (coyote and street dog mix) we still offered to help train him and offered them money back if he wasn’t trainable. But he was definitely trainable, just not easy.  Now after 3 weeks of boot camp Maverick is a different dog and able to come 100% and when you say “Off” he immediately gets off the furniture.

If you are in The Woodlands or Conroe or Spring Texas and are needing help with dog training give us a call today!

Here at Tip Top K9 The Woodlands we do a mix of private in-home lessons for anyone in Montgomery County.  We drive to Spring and Conroe almost everyday so if you are close give us a call.  As well as in home private lessons we do doggie boot camps where your little angel lives with us until fully trained.   Then we come back and do the hard work of training the whole family, kids included if they are 7 years old and up.   We are not cookie-cutter pet store trainers, our first lesson is only $1.00



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