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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

Fix Obedience Problems, Ease Anxiety, and Build a Bond with Your Dog

At our Southlake dog training location you will find professional dog trainers with years of experience that know how to handle behavior issues as well as common obedience needs.

We love to help people with their dogs!  We serve dog training needs all over Southlake and Grapevine, Texas!  We specialize in spoiled rotten dogs that need more manners!  The most common problems we help our clients with are obedience issues such as coming when called, loose leash walking, and learning not to jump.

We do a mix of private in-home lessons as well as doggie boot camps where your baby lives with us for a few weeks (pampered of course) and gets 3-4 hours of training a day!  Then we come back and train mom and dad.  Not all dog trainers are the same!  Give us a call on our local line today 817-761-5037.

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Highly recommend!!! We couldn’t be more pleased with our mini aussiedoodle’s training from Tip Top K9! Kody has been AMAZING working with our Macie Mae and us. She is so much happier because she has gotten over her fears which caused all her behavioral problems (constant barking, growling, pulling on leash), and in such a short amount of time! Kody works so hard and is so kind and loving with dogs. The private lessons are worth every penny! Now we are onto group lessons (which are part of the price and LIFETIME) and she is ready! We couldn’t even imagine her going to group lessons before we started her training. This last lesson was at Lowes with lots of distractions and other dogs and she did great!! We are over the moon happy! Thank you Kody!!!!
Cameron was awesome! Super helpful and friendly, made the whole process of bringing the pup home so seamless!
Very great experience with TipTop. Amazing communication and instructions. Our dog Bleu went for 2 weeks and came back a completely different dog. Cameron did a great job explaining everything after the 2 weeks and we are good to go now!
I can not express how much gratitude and appreciation I have for this training! We have a giant schnauzer who’s now 7 months old, and her stubbornness was off the charts!!! She would jump on the counters for food, bite for no reason, not listen unless she actually wanted to and so many other behaviors that were unacceptable. She came home an hour ago, and she’s the same girl with the same energy and happiness, but the difference is she’s actually listening to me. Not hearing me,But listening. I know the classes and bootcamps are expensive, but enjoying my dog instead of just having a dog makes it all worth it. When they came out to our house to go over everything, it was SO HELPFUL! I could see what they were doing, and how she learned, so that I could understand what to do with her. I am now looking forward to walking her, and not seeing it as a chore. I can now eat in peace without a dogs nose at my food, that’s the big one. Thank you tip top! I can’t wait for group classes now!
Baxter (our French bulldog) just got home from a week at Tip Top K9 and he learned so much. We are so happy he is back. We can’t thank all the trainers enough. We are so glad we sent him.
Kimber just came home today, and Cameron was very detailed and thorough in working with the whole family. We are excited about working with Kimber daily and attending group lessons.
Eli was great and patient with our dog. Excellent costumer service from office and Eli. Excited to continue with group training.
Very proud of how well our pups were trained. Looking forward to the continued group training. Five stars indeed…
We have two pups that needed some training. We are so pleased with the results after just two weeks. Amazing.., now it’s up to us!!!
They did such a great job training Dakota. Her behavior has improved so much through the advanced boot camp! All of the handlers are extremely professional and informative! Great program - cannot recommend highly enough!
Kody, is fantastic! I definitely recommend him and tip top to everyone who needs dog training. 5 stars!!
"I cannot recommend Cameron highly enough! We recently had our puppy trained by him and the experience was exceptional. He went above and beyond, spending two full hours with us, patiently guiding us through the training process and addressing all of our concerns. Our puppy responded incredibly well to his methods, and we've already seen significant improvements in hisbehavior. Cameron not only has a deep understanding of canine behavior but also possesses a genuine passion for helping both dogs and their owners. Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise!"Tammi Douglas
Kody did a great job with our 4 year old golden. Just needed her to learn to “heel” and we succeeded!
Tip Top K9 was great. We did a two week session and Cosmo came back a different pup. Can’t wait to continue our learning with the group classes.
Tiptop k9 has been awesome! We are so happy with the results our dog has had. Baleska did a fabulous job and made us feel comfortable with all the commands our dog learned!
Baleska did great with our dog. Highly recommend!
I have to say I am utterly impressed with the changes made in my puppy over the last 2 weeks. He was just returned and follows all the commands given without fail. He was constantly jumping and biting to the point of seriously considering rehoming prior to these lessons. What a great joy he is to be around now and I am so proud of the process he has made. Thank you Tip Top K9 for your program! I highly recommend!
Cody came to my home to evaluate my dog. He worked with the dog and explained exactly how the lessons would be handled. During his visit, several interruptions occurred. He was kind and patient. I was very impressed with the suggested program and how Cody worked with my dog. I would strongly recommend him and the program.
Cameron & Adam were amazing!!!! Cameron was so knowledgeable and helped with all our questions at drop off!
Somewhat reluctantly, we put our dog into a 2 week boot camp. We needed her to be less excitable with new people and other dogs.So far, we’re impressed and optimistic. Our dog was delivered to us this evening. If the training our dog (and we) received, works as it appears to, it will be worth the expense.All signs seem positive to this point.
Can’t recommend them enough! Kody was awesome and got our bulldog using several new commands consistently in just a few visits. If you’re going into a new season of life, they’re perfect for getting your pets ready!
Kody was an amazing trainer and worked super well with my girl Stevie. Such a change- so excited to see her continue to progress.
This place is great! Night and day difference. Kody is awesome and the continuing education classes are great. Highly recommend.
This has been a seamless experience thus far. We had our puppy go to the facility for a week of training. She’s responding really well to the training. And I’m really excited to reinforce with group classes.
We just wrapped up training with Tip Top K9, with Cody as 'our' trainer! He was great--both for us, and our hound, Hank! We are excited about our 'new and improved' Hank--and improved confidence in our ability to control and guide Hank. Cody was awesome--and I'd highly recommend. Thanks, Cody! Looking forward to ongoing group classes with Cody in Southlake!
We have a 110 2yr old lab full of energy and Cody did a super job with Ace in the two-week program. I might get my house and sanity back.
My husband and I used tiptopk9 for our German shepherd sage and let me tell you, tiptopk9 was a gods sent , they did an amazing job for our girl. She was a brand new dog when we got her back. No more leash pulling, no more aggressive barking , obeys commands, and is so much more enjoyable. We highly recommend tiptopk9 to anyone out there who needs that extra push. 💯 We will definitely be using their services again in the future.Thank you tiptopk9 and especially the trainers who worked with sage.
Absolutely loved Tip Top k9 and our trainer Cameron!!! He was so wonderful with my dog hunny and so personal with her! Not only did he teach her but he also taught me a lot about training and the different bad habits people can pick up. Felt like hunny and I had a friend over every time!
I just finished up with my last private lesson. In this package they taught my dog commands “come and place.” Each lesson I learned some good pointers on how to deal with my dogs guarding and aggression.
Tip Top K9 is a great investment for your dog and what a great home coming experience where they spend about 2 hours walking you through everything learned. We look forward to going to the Thursday and Saturday group lessons in the future.
I just finished the 3 private lessons with my dog Tully! The training definitely made a huge difference. Tully listens more, understands commands, and does not pounce on others often. It takes daily practice for him to be more obedient. He is much better around kids as well.Laura Wong
Just finished our 8 class bundle with Eli - very impressed with our Doberman’s progress!! Everything was explained in detail and we progressed as Xena became more comfortable! Would highly recommend!!
Awesome job. Very pleased with the communication and results. The in home wrap up was so helpful. Rylee and Baleska did an awesome job educating us on the tips and tricks to keep up the training.
B was amazing!! Cooper came home so well behaved. It was an amazing experience I highly recommend!
Sent our puppy for training and we missed him, but so glad to have him back with such nice manners! Come, sit, place, heel - he can do it all with ease! Eli came and explained everything and had us practice until everyone was comfortable, even the 10 year old!
Baleska worked with our two Basenjis who were boarded this past week and just came to our home to train us too! What an outstanding experience and she is WONDERFUL!!! She explained everything so well and we feel so comfortable with continuing this journey! Highly recommend!!
10 out of 10. Would do again. Eli was awesome to work with. Not i ly did he train Tuna, he trained me as well. Great job!
What a difference TiptopK9 made with our boy! He was rescued from the streets and had big problems with resource guarding. They taught him all the basics and made a huge difference in the quality of all our lives. It’s important to us for our dog to be safe for the grandkids to be around and with TipTopK9’s help, he will be. We plan to continue weekly training and couldn’t recommend their professionalism and step by step instruction enough!
I am so happy that we used Tip Top K9! Our German Shepard, Maci is a completely different dog after her time training with Tip Top. Our dog is much more in control and very responsive to all the commands.
Tip Top k9 worked wonders in teaching me the tools & my dog the skills needed to improve my dogs behavior. I would highly recommend as results are seen & have stuck.Thank you Tip Top K9
The Tip Top K9 team was fantastic. Our 7 month old puppy, Daisy, was always excited to see Kody. We all learned a lot through the private lessons and are looking forward to the group sessions.
We couldn’t be happier with Ollie’s training he received at Tip Top K9 Southlake! Kody was beyond great to work with and we can’t wait to continue to work with him in the group classes!
Our sheepadoodle had the best time and came back with such good manners and obedience skills!!! we are so impressed and excited for group classes!
I worked with Alexis. She was great! She was so consistent and patient with me and Henry! She made it look very easy to train him and I feel like she gave me all of the tools to keep working with him.
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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00

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Yes, your first lesson is only $1.00


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Bella the Golden Retriever

Bella was an out of control golden retriever puppy who couldn’t wait to climb you then pull you down the street.  Her heart was in the right place, but she was definitely a handful.  Because of her bad habits her owners Mike and Nicole couldn’t really take Bella for a walk or anywhere else for that matter! After 4 weeks of Bootcamp, her life has drastically changed for the better.  Now instead of running to and jumping all over new people, she sits at your feet and waits for love to come to her.  No need to worry about pulling on the leash either, Bella is now 100% off leash!

Lucy the Husky!

Lucy was just a small town pup trying to make it in the big city.  Her favorite hobbies were helping herself to the family dinner and long walks around the park pretending she was a sled dog. She hated car rides and listening to anyone who was talking to her. Now after 6 weeks of training, she has pulled herself together and is a model citizen.  She still loves walks around the park, but takes a relaxed stroll instead of sprinting to the end of the leash.  She no longer tries to sneak food from the counter when your back is turned, and can instead stay on her bed and watch dinner being made from the living room.

Lulu the Doodle!

Lulu was just your everyday Doodle puppy.  What she lacked in coordination, she more than made up for with crazy.  She was an escape artist and would love to be chased around the neighborhood and parkour through the house! After just 4 weeks of private in-home training, she had a new lease on life.  Instead of taking off down the street every time the front door was opened, she now just stays on her cot.  Lulu still has her same loving and affectionate personality, but now channels her energy into running laps around the backyard pool instead of the neighborhood!

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