Are you grappling with a pooch that’s more snarl than wage? Do you have a leash tugger that thinks every walk is a race? Perhaps you have a furry friend who serenades the neighborhood with non-stop barking? At Tip Top K9, we can provide expert dog behavior training in Novi that can transform your dog’s behavior from beastly to beautiful.


Canine behavioral issues cover a broad spectrum, ranging from minor nuisances to serious problems that affect both the dog and its human companion. Understanding the root causes behind these behaviors is essential for effective training and management. Join us as we explore common behavioral challenges and their typical underlying factors.


  1. Ignoring Commands: If your dog won’t sit, stay or come on command, this can be aggravating, but it’s also a safety issue. Dogs should come 100% of the time when called and they should sit, stay and lay down when told, as well. This is a huge part of obedience dog training in Novi and learning to obey these commands will keep your pet safe in many situations.


  1. Potty Training Problems: Some dogs seem relatively easy to potty train, but if your dog is struggling with this issue, it can be a huge nuisance. In some cases, of course, dog parents don’t really know how to properly potty train a puppy or rescue. During your first training session, be sure to let your trainer know that this is an issue and we’ll work to solve this problem. In some cases, of course, there could be a medical reason why your dog is having accidents, so you also might want to consult with your veterinarian.


  1. Begging: Dogs know how to give you that sad, winsome look and often they are rewarded for this behavior with a tasty morsel. However, begging is not proper behavior, and it can become a huge nuisance. We can help you correct this issue so that you can enjoy your own meal and snack times without canine disruptions.


  1. Jumping On People: While it might not be a big issue for a five-pound dog to jump on you and your house guests, with larger dogs, this can become a dangerous and irritating problem. Whether you have a chihuahua or a rottweiler, with proper dog training in Novi, we can correct this problem.


  1. Chewing On Personal Items: Does your dog gnaw on the sofa or steal your shoes and devour them? Whether you have a dog that scratches up your doors and furnishings or chews on your personal belongings, this issue needs to be addressed. This issue often stems from boredom or stress or simply not understanding the rules of your home. We can work to stop this issue and provide you with some tips to prevent boredom and reduce anxiety and stress if that is the cause.


  1. Lease Issues: If you dread going on walks with your dog because they tend to drag you rather than walking politely, we definitely can fix this issue through our dog behavior training in Novi. Often, this is simply a case of a dog not being taught proper behavior and the dog’s parent or handler not consistently reinforcing proper behavior.


  1. Separation Anxiety: Typically, this manifests as behavioral issues such as barking, whining or destructive behavior when a dog’s humans leave the home. This can be caused by past trauma, changes in routine, difficulty adjusting to a dog parent’s work schedule and some breeds naturally seem to have a more anxious temperament. We never like to see our doggie companions in distress, and dog separation anxiety training in Novi, can help reduce this issue and help your pooch feel more secure when you are away.


  1. Dog Aggression: This is the most serious issue we handle during dog behavior training in Novi. This can manifest in many ways such as biting or snapping at humans or other animals, overprotection of belongings, growling and food aggression. None of these behaviors are acceptable and can be caused by past trauma or mistreatment, and we often see this issue with rescue dogs. Intensive dog training in Novi can tame aggression and reduce the dangers associated with having an aggressive dog.


Our dog training classes in Novi can fix any of these issues. With proper training and reinforcement of good behavior, any dog can become a happy, safe companion. Of course, it is worth noting that some of these issues (chewing, scratching, barking, anxiety, etc.) can be caused by boredom. Providing an adequate amount of physical and mental stimulation each day also can help to reduce many problem behaviors.


Tip Top K9: Why Select Our Dog Trainers?

At Tip Top K9, our track record speaks for itself. With over 15,000 satisfied clients and more than 7,000 glowing five-star reviews, we’re recognized as a premier dog training company nationwide. Our impressive success rate exceeding 99% is a testament to our detailed, effective training methodology.


Embarking on dog training solo can be daunting, but our seasoned trainers, with their extensive experience, make the journey seamless. Having successfully trained over 130 different breeds, our team excels in adapting to various canine temperaments, from the energetic greyhound to the charming yet stubborn bulldog. Our approach extends beyond simple training sessions. We empower dog owners with essential skills to continue nurturing and reinforcing positive behavior in their pets.


Custom Pricing & Customized Training

Many dog training companies charge specific rates for their dog training classes. However, we’ve worked with enough dogs to understand that the extent of necessary training varies from dog to dog. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all cost, because every dog is unique, and we create custom dog training plans for each animal.


That said, we do get our clients started with a $1 introductory lesson. During that first visit, one of our expert trainers will come to your home, work with and evaluate your dog and then discuss your training goals. From there, we will develop a training plan that meets your dog’s needs. In some cases, you might just need a few weeks of obedience training, but with more serious behavioral issues, the process could take longer.


Our Dog Training Classes In Novi

We have three options for dog parents – in-home dog training classes, dog boot camp in Novi and group classes. An in-home dog trainer in Novi is what we recommend for most dogs. During lessons, we will teach your dog important obedience skills and proper leash walking as well as curbing problematic behaviors such as jumping, barking, running away, etc. Of course, we also “train” our doggie parents, so that they can reinforce our lessons and maintain consistently positive behavior.


Doggy boot camp in Novi is what we recommend for our toughest cases, such as dogs with severe aggression. This is an immersive dog board and train in Novi where your dog will live 24/7 with a professional trainer. This allows us to provide consistent, intensive training for dogs that bite, snap, bark or display other serious behavioral issues.


During boot camp, we will reduce the negative behaviors but also will teach basic obedience skills, how to walk properly on a leash and more. We know it’s tough to part with your dog, but often our boot camp dogs are those that display behaviors that could lead parents to surrender the dog to a shelter or perhaps even put down because they have bitten or harmed people or other dogs. We’ve successfully mitigated some of the toughest cases, so if you feel ready to give up on your dog, please give us a call – we can help!


Lastly, our dog group classes are included in most of our training plans. These are “lifetime” group classes that are meant to be used to reinforce behaviors taught in our boot camp or in-home lessons. If you feel like your dog needs a refresher or you just want to maintain good behavior and provide some socialization, the group classes are ideal. We also provide lifetime phone support, so if you are seeing issues, give us a call and let’s brainstorm some strategies to improve behavior.


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No matter what level of dog behavior training in Novi that you might need, we can help. We can help dogs of all ages and breeds and transform them into wonderful, friendly, safe companions. To get started, click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage and set up your $1 introductory lesson. In addition to providing training in Novi, we serve the entire Detroit metro area.