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Adding a new furry friend to your family can be a great idea and bring a great deal of joy into your life. While you might be scrambling about purchasing dog food, bowls and other essential items, don’t forget about dog behavior training in Plano. The team at Tip Top K9 can help ease the transition of bringing a pet into your home.


  1. Professional Training Is Faster Than DIY Training

Neither puppies nor newly adopted adult dogs come with a built-in understanding of household rules. While it’s possible to learn some basics from training manuals and online videos, these resources often give broad advice that may not suit every dog’s individual needs.


Our trainers in Plano start by assessing your dog’s unique personality. Based on this initial evaluation, your Tip Top K9 trainer will craft a bespoke training strategy that leverages your dog’s distinct traits, capitalizing on their strengths and addressing their weaknesses. This tailored approach, guided by the hand of a seasoned trainer, helps achieve quicker and more effective training outcomes than if you were attempting it solo.


  1. Training Clarifies Leadership

Effective training establishes clear communication channels between you and your dog, teaching them to respond to commands and understand expected behaviors. This clarity is crucial for introducing structure to your home. Additionally, by clarifying who is in command, training helps to avert behavioral issues that arise from confusion or boundary testing.


Our dog training in Plano ensures consistency in both training methods and behavioral expectations. We teach your dog to follow commands reliably, and then we train you on how to effectively implement these commands. With everyone in the household applying the same directives and maintaining consistent expectations, it becomes much simpler to reinforce desirable behaviors.


  1. Dog Training Increases Safety

Dog obedience training in Plano is crucial to ensure the safety of your family as well as your dog. Essential commands such as “come,” “stay,” “sit,” and “leave it” extend beyond mere obedience—they are vital for your dog’s safety. Effective training ensures that your dog will respond to your directives in potentially perilous situations, whether it’s close to traffic, around dangerous substances, or in interactions with other animals.


  1. Training Corrects Problem Behaviors

Our dog behavior training in Plano not only imparts essential obedience skills but also addresses a variety of problematic behaviors commonly seen in dogs. For puppies, the goal is to preemptively curb undesirable habits. However, for rescued dogs, the focus shifts to establishing new norms and commands that eradicate existing issues.


Behavioral issues we can target include:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Chewing (on furnishings/belongings)
  • Leash Etiquette
  • Begging
  • Potty Training Problems
  • Jumping
  • Digging


Our programs are designed to manage more complex challenges such as aggression and separation anxiety. While properly trained and socialized puppies are less likely to show aggression, rescue dogs may bring past anxieties or aggressive tendencies into their new homes.


We specialize in both dog training for aggressive dogs in Plano and dog separation anxiety training in Plano. Our skilled trainers work to mitigate aggression and ensure your dog feels comfortable and secure in their new surroundings. We can help create daily routines that reduce anxiety and eliminate issues such as snarling, biting, resource guarding and other aggressive behaviors.


  1. Dog Training Boosts Your Bond

Engaging in training activities with your dog not only strengthens your relationship but also fosters trust and respect. This enhanced bond makes your dog more content and at ease, as they clearly understand what you expect from them. This understanding promotes a more peaceful and fulfilling interaction between you and your pet.


Tip Top K9: In-Home Training & Dog Boot Camp

We provide both in-home dog training classes in Plano and an intensive dog boot camp in Plano. Choosing an in-home dog trainer in Plano is a convenient solution that suits dogs without severe behavioral problems, like aggression.


Our doggy boot camp in Plano is ideal for puppies, hyperactive dogs, or dogs facing serious behavioral challenges. During boot camp, your dog will live full-time with an experienced trainer in their home. This immersive approach typically delivers quick and effective results. Dogs remain with the trainer for about two to four weeks, during which time any behavioral issues are addressed and resolved.


After completing either the dog training camp in Plano or in-home sessions, most of our training packages include lifetime group classes. These classes offer an excellent opportunity for your dog to continue socializing and refining obedience skills. Additionally, we provide lifetime phone support, underscoring our commitment to assisting families in upholding superior canine behavior for the lifespan of their beloved dog.


Tip Top K9 – Trust Our 99.3% Success Rate

Over the course of the last 15 years, we trained thousands of dogs and have been graced with more than 7,500 five-star reviews. We charge just $1 for your first lesson, as well, and there’s no obligation to continue and we also offer a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and an amazing, well-trained dog to gain. We love dogs and will work with you for as long as it takes to achieve the best possible behavior.


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