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Dogs are instinctively protective of their families, but if your dog consistently attacks, snaps or bites at people or other animals, this is beyond protective and venturing into dangerous territory. Aggressive behavior is a safety issue, and it also can diminish your relationship with your dog. Fortunately, Tip Top K9 offers dog training for aggressive dogs in Troy that can stop this behavior.


Why Are Dogs Aggressive?

Dogs can demonstrate aggressive behavior for a number of reasons, and it’s important for your dog trainer to get to the root of the problem. Typically, the reasons for aggression stem from one of the following causes.


  1. Health Issues

It is not uncommon for dogs that are suffering from certain health conditions to act out aggressively. If a health issue is the culprit, training can still be a helpful tool, however, you will need to discuss your pet’s health with your veterinarian as dealing with the health issue also should reduce the aggressive behavior.


  1. Training Deficiencies

All dogs need to be taught how to behave, and they instinctively want to please their humans, they don’t understand the rules of your house or how they are supposed to behave unless you train them. This is why we recommend dog training in Troy as soon as you bring a new dog into your home. A lack of training can lead to all sorts of problems, ranging from merely annoying to extremely dangerous.


  1. Lack Of Socialization

During their puppyhood, dogs should be introduced to other dogs and humans to help socialize them. If your dog was not properly socialized as a puppy, this can lead them to become distrustful and aggressive toward animals and humans.


  1. Mistreatment & Reinforced Aggressive Behavior

In some cases, often with rescue dogs, we find that in their previous life, these dogs were abused or perhaps encouraged to become aggressive. For instance, we’ve trained dogs that were beaten and starved by previous owners as well as dogs used in fighting rings. These dogs acted aggressively because their history taught them that was a way to survive. With patience and by working to build trust, we can train these poor creatures to feel safe and secure and reduce these aggressive tendencies as well as reduce their fears.


  1. Frustration & Boredom

We see this often with high-energy breeds, especially when these dogs are confined for a large portion of their day. When dogs are not allowed to expend their natural energy, it can manifest as aggression or destructive behavior, such as scratching on doors or chewing on furnishings.


In these situations, our trainers can reduce the aggression, but it will be crucial for the dog parents to find plenty of opportunities to exercise their dog. Often expending the excess energy will reduce the extreme behavior. Daily walks, games, dog puzzles and even activities such as dog agility are all good options for mental and physical exercise.


Tip Top K9: In-Home Training, Dog Boot Camp & More

At Tip Top K9 we have several options to consider for dog training for aggressive dogs in Troy. You can opt for an in-home dog trainer in Troy or select our dog boot camp in Troy.


In-home lessons are the traditional approach, and we send a dog trainer to your home for lessons each week. We also assign “homework” to dog parents, so they have the tools to reinforce positive behavior. In-home training typically takes a few months to complete, depending on the complexity of the behavioral issues.


For dogs with severe aggression or other serious behavioral issues, such as severe anxiety, our doggy boot camp in Troy can be the best option. This is an intensive board-and-train experience that lasts about two to four weeks. Your dog will live with a professional trainer 24/7 during the duration of the camp. This allows us to provide training throughout the day in a consistent environment.


Generally, with severe behavior, we recommend our dog training camp in Troy. Dog boot camp also is recommended if you have a dog that you would like to utilize as a service dog. For dogs that need to learn basic obedience skills and some general manners, in-home training is usually what we recommend.


In addition to curbing aggressive behavior, our dog training classes in Troy also include:

  • Obedience training (sit, stay and come 100% of the time)
  • Curbing Nuisance Behavior (jumping, excessive barking, begging, leash pulling)
  • Potty Training (for puppies and older dogs)
  • Anxiety Reduction (we do offer dog separation anxiety training in Troy)


These issues can be addressed either in dog boot camp or with in-home dog behavior training in Troy. When it comes to cost, we do not provide a one-size-fits-all price for our services. Every dog is unique, and we develop custom training programs for each dog and some dogs require more training, which will come with a higher price tag.


While we aren’t a budget dog training company, we do have a 99.3% success rate and we offer a money-back guarantee for our work. Yes, dog training is an investment, but the result is a well-behaved dog that you will truly cherish for a lifetime and a dog that you can take almost anywhere without struggling with behavior.


Remember, our experience covers a wide array of challenging scenarios. We’ve successfully trained dogs that were on the brink of euthanasia, those known to aggressively confront other dogs and people, as well as survivors of dog fighting rings and other distressing circumstances.


Start Training Now!

If you need dog training for aggressive dogs in Troy, we encourage you to contact our team as quickly as possible. We are the nation’s top-rated dog training company with more than 7,500 five-star reviews to back us up. We can fix issues with aggression quickly and permanently so that you can enjoy a safer and happier relationship with your dog.