There are three main things we work with a puppy on at Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan. The first thing we work on with your dog is environmental soundness. The next things we’re going to do is socialization as well as potty training. We want our dogs to be confident from knowing that the world he is in is going to be a fun place. You want the dog to be able to go into any environment and be comfortable. Puppies may be scared of new things like loud noises, new environments, car rides, slick floors, etc.This is normal but could be changed through training your puppies with us. This gives them a new sense of environment.

Your goals should be to be able to enjoy your dog and be able to take him or everywhere dogs are allowed. Start by packing up your dog and taking him or her to a new spot every day. Take them to the park, the lake around the block, other people’s houses and finally pet stores. The word of caution very much recommends the dog has the second or third round of shots before taking him to pet stores. This is because so many people take their dogs today and puppies at that age are still getting strength.

Most people do socialization very wrong. Most people hear they need to socialize their dog so they can take their dog to a dog park and throw them in there or to take them to their parents house with their puppy, meet their parents and their old dog. This is not what we believe in doing at Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan. This is a great way for your dog to start to have a bad experience and learn to be scared of other dogs. Many young puppies have only played with their siblings or with their mother.

If you take that new puppy and throw it into a dog park with adult dogs they can be terrified. They can get played too rough or attacked or hurt and generally don’t have a good experience. Dog parks are great fun but very young puppies could have a bad experience. That’s why it is important to train your dog the right way and go to tip top K9 Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan.This will ensure that your dog is properly socialized and not scared of other dogs. This is how to have a good strong confident dog that you want your dog to be. It just takes time and proper training in order to do so and sometimes this is the best place to do so.

I can assure you the trainers here are trained very well and are huge animal lovers. They will ensure that your dog is in good hands and this will be an enjoyable experience. They will make sure the owners are also being coached on how to continue the training at home and to ensure that these traits are being instilled in your puppy from a young age.. If you want the best and most affordable dog training you should come to Tip Top K9 for the best experience. This will be the best way to socialize your puppy and ensure they grow into a healthy adult dog. To meet with us today give us a call at 1-833-484-7867. Or you can visit our website at

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Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan can help with your aggressive dog. Tip Top K9 has worked with tons of aggressivedogs. from German Shepherds to pitbulls to Great Danes and even goldendoodles. Some are territorial, some are possessive because of toys or food, some are very fearful, some attack people, some attack dogs, and some it’s going to take anything and everything. Training aggressive dogs and hard to control dogs is one of our specialties and we want to help you solve this problem.

There are three sources of aggressive behavior that we address at Tip Top K9 Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan.The first is learned behavior. The second is genetically linked behavior. The third is protective behavior learned Behavior means any response to a stimulus that a dog uses in order to get its way. This means that something that they were trying to do earlier became a learned behavior. and now they show aggression if they don’t get their way. genetic linked Behavior means that your dog’s aggressive behavior has been somewhat hardwired and their DNA passed on from the mom and dad. this one will be a little bit more difficult to get away because the dog was born with this aggression present. Some dogs are born predisposed to be more human or dog aggressive based on prior generations.

Lastly protective behavior is trying to guard and protect their environment or owner. And the goal here must be determine if the dog is acting aggressive to protect or for another reason. Because the dog could be truly not aggressive at all and is just protecting. If you are unsure while your dog is being aggressive or unsure if your dog is aggressive we can evaluate this at your initial $1 lesson.If you need help with any type of dog, Tip Top K9 Dog Training in Royal Oak Michigan would be a great training service for you. We have some of the best trainers in the nation and have some of the greatest reviews.

There is actually a difference between fixed versus controlled aggression. Fixed behaviors are when the aggressive behaviors are fixed. Which means we were able to teach your Canine Companion that the aggressive behaviors that they are engaging in are no longer appropriate and give our client the tools to continue to reinforce the new boundaries. The controls or managed aggression is that we’ve taught your dog the behavior we would like to see the behaviors that are no longer allowed. your dog understands right Behavior but it’s so strong that it will not exhibit self-control unless its leaders are right there forcing it too.

If you have a dog that is experiencing aggressive dog behaviors, then you can recieve help by attending a Tip Top K9 dog training session. You can come in the first time for $1 to have the dog diagnosed with what kind of training will be necessary to correct this behavior. Our team will be happy to help both you and your dog with this aggression. For more information you can call us at 1-833-484-7867. Or you can read more about us at