We have been the top ranked dog trainer in the state of Oklahoma the last 3 years in a row on google.  We have over 50 Five Star Reviews on Google.  We have also received the Best of Tulsa 3 years in a row.

We got started full time about 9 years ago to help people be able to enjoy their dog more whether off leash, in the house, or anywhere. Our trainers all love dogs and want them to have the best lives possible, not just be stuck in the back yard but to have freedom and be able to be trusted by their owners.

All of our head trainers this is their full time job.  This means when you train with us you won’t be working with just a hobbyist but a full time professional.  In the last 9 years we have worked with over 2500 dogs in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso areas and have videos on YouTube of over 300 dogs we have worked with.


We have dog trainers that live in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, and Jenks who have a passion to train dogs and help people to better enjoy their dogs.  Dogs are pack animals and the better people understand how to interact with their dog and how to train their dog the more they will enjoy their pet!

Here at Tip Top K9 we do not train for competition obedience or agility, but our focus is on and off leash obedience and manners.  We want the average dog owner to be able to take their trained dog anywhere and everywhere off leash with them.  We specialize in training aggressive dogs and dogs with issues.  No dog is too hard; we have seen many dogs saved from being put down that were labeled “red zone” or “un-fixable” by other dog trainers.

Issues our Tulsa area dog trainers can handle include:

  • Behavioral issues – (anxiety, jumping, digging, licking, humping, jumping on furniture)
  • Leash pulling
  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Dominance
  • Obedience Training
  • Manners – (No begging at table, sit and wait at the door humans first!)
  • Human training – (Normally half the training is human training)

Training services we do not offer include:

  • Protection training – (i.e. bite training, guard dog and or commonly referred to as attack dog training)
  • Service dog training – we do not train service dogs, seeing eye dogs or assistance dogs
  • Therapy dog training – we do not train therapy dogs, we have trained many dogs that are or have become therapy dogs as obedience and manners and social skills is the #1 thing needed to become a therapy dog, we give them the skills to be able to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and become a therapy dog but this is not one of our focuses
  • Agility Training – As of yet we do not have a facility set up for agility or flyball or any of the dog sports

One other thing about us is we operate differently than most other dog trainers in Oklahoma.  We are so confident that we are the best at what we do that our first lesson is just $1.00!!!!  We come out and work with you and your dog for 20-30 minutes and find out how where your little buddy currently is training wise, where you would like them to be and how much time you do or do not have for training.  Then we will either recommend or customize a package based off your needs and your budget.

Call today at 918-991-8634 to schedule your $1.00 lesson and see what we can do!

Our Mission –     

  1. To quickly fix dog behavioral problems so that people do not have to re-home or get rid of their dog due to behavioral problems.

(Statistics indicate that behavioral problems are the #1 reason people get rid of their dog).

  1. To help people enjoy their dog more through dog training!

Our Goals –

  1. Train any dog to be able to go anywhere either on or off-leash and be able to listen under any distractions! More freedom = more fun!!
  2. Train the humans how to train and communicate effectively with their dog!

Our guarantee –

We can fix the 6 most common behavioral problems in 95% of dogs in 2-4 weeks!!

  1. Leash pulling
  2. Constant Jumping
  3. Not Listening
  4. Running Away
  5. Never Staying
  6. Nuisance Barking

We can fix these behavioral problems in 95% of dogs in just 2-4 weeks!!  After an initial assessment we will let you know what course of training we would recommend and then if we can’t get your dog where we guaranteed you, we will either refund your money or keep working with you until we reach the desired results!

If you are wondering if your dog would be part of this 95% then call today and lets get started with your first lesson for just $1.00!!!  We will meet with you and go over your goals or problem areas and then will work with your dog 1 on 1 and see exactly what it will take to get you there!


Our specialty is very hard to handle dogs such as severe anxiety or sever aggression.  While extreme cases are not normally quick fixes there is hope!!

On top of just fixing problems, we also help you train your dog to a level that you are more than happy with!  While some of our clients just need some problem solving some take their dogs to ROCK STAR status!!

This is what your dog COULD learn if you put in the time!  (Normally more than 2-4 weeks!)

  1. Listen to you with 25 other dogs around at a public park
  2. Place on a box or dog bed for 30 minutes or more!
  3. Go to your from a distance
  4. Sitting and waiting at the door
  5. Sitting and waiting for food
  6. Automatic sit when we stop walking
  7. Sit and Downs from a distance or while moving
  8. Place on a firehydrant! – Why? Because it is just a fun trick and is the ultimate in foot awareness
  9. 50 yard sit stays
  10. 50 yard down stays
  11. 30 minute down stays
  12. Come on command to front (squared up to you and then sit and watch)
  13. Watch command – total eye contact
  14. Heeling Off-leash
  15. Spread em command – this one is hilarious!
  16. Shake or paw
  17. Roll over
  18. Play dead
  19. Spin
  20. Weave between the legs
  21. Reverse – walk backwards
  22. Bark on command
  23. Directional work for retrieval or advanced placing from hand signals

We have done this with TONS of dogs.  We work with all ages, all breeds, all ages.  We specialize in aggressive and hard to handle dogs.

Your dog is NOT too crazy or too wild for us to train!!  Below is a list of some of the absolute hardest and extreme cases we have trained!

Some of our hardest cases:

  1. 2 Pitbulls out of known fighting dogs:
    1. One at 6-7 months old would attack any dog or person it saw and at 6 months old mauled the other family dog and would chase people out of the backyard
    2. One at only a year old was recommended to be put down by 5 different veterinarians and was 85 lbs of pure muscle that wanted to attack every person it saw
  2. 170 lb dog aggressive Great Dane
  3. Dogs returned to shelters 3-4x and considered un-adoptable
  4. 5 year old dogs that couldn’t walk on a leash
  5. 5 year old dogs that were not potty trained
  6. 13 year old Rottweiler
  7. 14 year old Border Collie
  8. German Shepherd with such bad anxiety he was on 3 pills of xanax a day
  9. 140 lb aggressive mastiff that would rip fence pickets off its fence to chase people
  10. 7 year old aggressive mini poodle that was recommended put down by the vet
  11. Dogs that have seriously attacked other dogs
  12. Dogs that have seriously attacked people
  13. Dogs with severe anxiety and phobias

Above is a list of a few of the harder cases that we have seen.  We work closely with many vets offices and get referred a lot!  If you think your dog is too far gone or is too out of control please call us anyways so we can at least professionally assess your situation and offer advice!

We love dogs and we want every dog to have a chance to live!! Please call us today 918-991-8634 if a Tulsa veterinarian or other Tulsa area dog trainers are telling you to put your dog down!!

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