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Our Frisco dog training center is made up of humans who are dog lovers and dog training professionals that are 100% dedicated to helping you get the most out of your relationship with your fur baby. We cater to all dog training needs for clients in Frisco, Texas, even if you don’t have time for homework, with a special focus on spoiled dogs in need of a manners makeover. Our most common dog training areas include obedience solutions to common issues such as a 100% recall, loose leash walking, and preventing jumping. We offer a blend of private in-home lessons and immersive doggie boot camps where your pet stays with us for a few weeks, receiving 3-4 hours of training daily. Afterward, we train you, the parents, ensuring a seamless transition back home with our 24-step human training checklist designed to make sure you are 100% capable of doing all of the exact same training our team of professionals did.

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About Our Location: 

Transform Your Pup’s Behavior in Days with Frisco’s Best Dog Training Solution!

Say goodbye to months of struggle and hello to quick, effective results with our Frisco Dog Training location! We have an amazing team that is dedicated to helping our clients gain control over their dogs, fostering a peaceful coexistence where everyone gets along and knows their place in the pack!

We offer a wide range of dog training services in the Frisco, Texas area, tailored to your specific needs and to the personality of your dog. Our specialty? Turning spoiled dogs into obedient pets and guiding their owners on the path to successful training. We provide private lessons, but our doggie boot camp is where the real magic happens. Your pup will stay with us at our facility for 2-4 weeks (Yes, mom this is hard but its the best!) and embark on a journey of learning and transformation!

Frisco dog training clients after their lessons or bootcamp with us:

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