A wise man (Charles Schulz) once said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” We quite agree that a canine companion can enhance your life with huge amounts of joy, but if your dog’s behavior is problematic, this can impact your family’s happiness. Fortunately, with proper obedience dog training in McKinney, the trainers at Tip Top K9 can fix many common dog behavioral issues, including the following.


  1. Aggressive Behavior

While dogs can be protective of their families, they should settle down on command. If your dog’s aggression is not well-controlled, however, this can be a dangerous problem. This is the top reason why people come to us for obedience dog training in McKinney, they need an aggressive dog trainer that gets results.


We’ve tackled some of the toughest instances of dog aggression, including for dogs that were literally days away from heading to the pound or being put down. Our dog training in McKinney can alleviate aggression and provide you with a safer, sociable dog that won’t snap at or bite other dogs or humans. We also can target issues like resource guarding, which is when a dog displays aggression near food, toys or other special items.


  1. Separation Anxiety

The connection between obedience and separation anxiety might not be immediately apparent, but our trainers are skilled in addressing this challenge. A prevalent issue among dogs is their anxiety when their owners leave home. The discomfort of being left alone often leads to a sense of insecurity in dogs. It’s just not possible to always be at home, and it’s equally important to manage any adverse behaviors your dog might exhibit due to separation anxiety.


Typical signs of this anxiety include non-stop barking in the owner’s absence and house-trained dogs experiencing accidents. Destructive behaviors like gnawing on furniture are also common indicators of separation anxiety. Our dog separation anxiety training in McKinney is designed to alleviate these anxieties, helping your furry friend adjust to being alone occasionally.


  1. Barking, Barking & More Barking

If your dog barks when the doorbell rings or when someone walks onto your property, this is not a bad thing. However, your dog should cease barking as soon as you command them to stop. If your dog continues to bark or just barks excessively in general, this is a problem we can deal with during obedience dog training in McKinney. In some cases, this is tied to separation anxiety, so we will work on reducing the anxiety as well as curbing the barking.


  1. Jumping Issues

Does your dog jump on everyone that walks through your front door? This can be dangerous as well as annoying. Even with tiny dogs, this behavior is unacceptable. While it’s lovely that your dog is so enthusiastic about having guests, jumping is an issue that needs to be dealt with during our dog training classes in McKinney.


Your dog can be taught to simply wait patiently and sit when you or your guests enter your home (or in any other instance). It might seem “cute” for a dog to showcase this enthusiasm, but a big dog could cause injury and there are many people who dislike or fear dogs, so this is just not the type of behavior that should be encouraged.


  1. Bathroom Behavior

Potty training is essential for puppies, but it’s equally important for rescue dogs to learn the correct places for bathroom breaks. Although many rescue groups assert that a dog is house-trained upon adoption, and they may have received some training in foster care, the truth is that these dogs often feel anxious in new environments. They might not immediately grasp the house rules and can have accidents. However, with the right training approach, they can swiftly learn the appropriate places to relieve themselves.


  1. Proper Leash Walking

Leash pulling may not appear significant with a small dog weighing around 10 pounds, but the scenario changes with a larger breed. Uncontrolled leash behavior in big dogs can be hazardous. Similarly, a small dog lacking in leash etiquette could inadvertently cause accidents like tripping or entanglement.


Regular walks are beneficial for both dogs and their owners. However, these outings shouldn’t be marred by a struggle for control with the dog. Teaching dogs to walk calmly without tugging or pulling is achievable, and it’s an integral part of our dog obedience training in McKinney.


Tip Top K9: Our Dog Training Options

At Tip Top K9, we cater to all your dog training needs, regardless of the age or breed of your dog. Our trainers are adept at handling a wide range of behavioral issues, including severe cases of aggression. As the nation’s top-rated dog training company, we boast over 7,500 five-star reviews and maintain a success rate of more than 99%. Our proven, step-by-step training method is designed to resolve 95% of dog behavior problems – with a guarantee of your money back if not satisfied.


For most dogs, particularly those without severe behavioral issues, choosing an in-home dog trainer in McKinney is the ideal solution. Our trainers visit your home for a period that could last from several weeks to months, as needed, ensuring that your dog fully comprehends obedience commands and adheres to the rules of your household. Our objective is to equip you with a well-trained pet that is adaptable to almost any environment.


If your dog is facing serious behavioral challenges, especially aggression, our dog boot camp in McKinney is the recommended approach. In this board-and-train program, your dog will reside with one of our professional trainers for about two to four weeks. This setting allows for intensive and focused training specifically tailored for dogs with aggressive tendencies.


Of course, this journey doesn’t end after completing the in-home training or our doggy boot camp in McKinney. Most of our training packages come with the benefit of lifetime phone support and access to ongoing group classes. These group sessions are invaluable for dog owners, providing a platform to continue reinforcing positive behaviors and promoting socialization for their pets.


Book Your $1 Intro Lesson Now!

If you need any level of obedience dog training in McKinney, Tip Top K9 offers an introductory lesson for only $1. In this initial session, one of our trainers will visit your residence, assess your specific training goals, and engage with your dog to gauge their needs. Based on this evaluation, we’ll either formulate a tailored in-home training plan or suggest our dog boot camp, depending on your dog’s requirements. To begin, simply select the ‘Schedule Lesson’ option located at the top of our homepage.