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Have you ever seen those perfectly behaved dogs in the park that obey all their owners’ commands and walk pleasantly on a leash? Or perhaps a pleasant dog snuggling next to their owner politely at an outdoor café? Meanwhile, you are struggling with a misanthrope that barks too much, tugs on their leash and jumps on your guests. Fortunately, there is a solution – obedience dog training in Myrtle Beach from Tip Top K9.


Tip Top K9 is the nation’s highest-rated dog training service and we have more than 7,500 five-star reviews from families across the country that have used our service to transform their dog’s behavior. Whether you’ve just brought home a puppy or rescue dog or you’ve been struggling with poor dog behavior for years, we can help. Here’s a quick look at some of the common issues we target during dog training classes in Myrtle Beach.


  1. General Obedience

An obedient dog is a safe dog, which is why we feel so strongly about teaching dogs basic obedience skills. This includes commands like sitting, staying, and responding to “come” 100% of the time. These skills are vital for ensuring a dog can be controlled off-leash and from a distance, safeguarding their well-being.


A dog that reliably responds to sit, stay, or come commands is inherently safer. Such a dog won’t impulsively run onto the road or pursue other dogs or wildlife in public spaces or even from the confines of their home, assuming they’ve been correctly trained to act appropriately under various circumstances.


Our dog behavior training in Myrtle Beach is not exclusive to any specific stage of a dog’s life; puppies, rescues, and senior dogs alike can all learn to adhere to these commands with the right training and consistent reinforcement.


At Tip Top K9, our approach is to educate both the dog and their owner. The dog’s behavior must remain consistent, whether they’re responding to a trainer or their owner. Recognizing that many owners might not be familiar with effective training techniques or how to maintain good behavior, we include instruction for dog owners as well as their pets as part of our dog obedience training in Myrtle Beach.


  1. Separation Anxiety

Witnessing your dog struggle with separation anxiety can be heart-wrenching for any pet owner. Although leaving your pet alone might stir feelings of guilt, it’s impractical to be by their side 24/7. While it’s natural for dogs to prefer their humans’ company, some exhibit extreme reactions to being left alone, such as engaging in destructive acts, excessive barking, inappropriate elimination, or even refusing to eat.


For those in Myrtle Beach dealing with a furry friend suffering from intense separation anxiety, we provide specialized dog separation anxiety training in Myrtle Beach. These sessions are designed to foster a sense of security and calm in your dog during your absences. Additionally, we’ll equip you with effective techniques to discourage any unwanted behaviors, ensuring your dog remains calm and content, even when you’re not around.


  1. Aggression

When it comes to obedience dog training in Myrtle Beach, aggression stands out as the most critical issue we see. Aggression in dogs can appear in various forms: some may show aggression towards other dogs or animals, exhibit possessiveness over food, or even display aggressive behaviors like biting or growling at people. Such behaviors are not only unsafe but require immediate attention before you end up with hospital visits, lawsuits or worse.


Regrettably, aggression and disobedience are leading factors contributing to dogs being surrendered to shelters, which is truly unfortunate considering aggression can be managed. For dogs facing significant aggression issues, our dog boot camp in Myrtle Beach is highly recommended. In this program, your dog will spend two to four weeks living full-time with one of our skilled trainers, dedicated to mitigating this hazardous behavior.


Utilizing our dog training camp in Myrtle Beach can be the most efficient route to reducing aggression, so if you are struggling with an aggressive dog, please contact us as soon as possible.


  1. Potty Training

With puppies, this obviously is an essential skill we need to teach as part of dog training in Myrtle Beach, but most rescue dogs struggle with this at first, and it’s definitely something we are equipped to handle. Crate training is one possibility, but that’s only one approach we can use to teach your dog the proper places to do “their business.”


  1. Leash Issues

Ah, the joys of taking your dog on a nice long walk. Of course, if your dog drags you on these walks or constantly heads over to the bushes to sniff out bunnies or perhaps tends to tangle themselves around you, this is hardly a cause for joy. This is a common problem, but our trainers can teach your dog how to walk politely and properly while on a leash and even stay near you when unleashed.


This not only improves their safety, but it can improve their health (and yours). After all, if you dislike taking your dog on a walk due to poor behavior, neither of you is getting this much-needed exercise. If you are struggling with leash walking, let us know and we will handle it as part of your dog training in Myrtle Beach.


  1. Jumping & Barking

Dogs have so much enthusiasm and they are so excited when their people and their friends and family arrive. While rushing to greet you with a wagging tail is fine, jumping on your family members or guests is not good behavior and can even be dangerous. Even a small dog can knock someone off balance potentially and cause harm.


Additionally, while it’s fine to have your dog bark to alert you that there is someone on your property, your dog also should cease barking on command. Dogs also sometimes bark excessively when they are bored or due to separation anxiety. If any of these issues are in play, we can provide training to address excessive barking. Constant barking is a huge nuisance, often causing problems in neighborhoods and your neighbors will thank you for curbing this problem. You’ll enjoy the silence, as well, we promise.


Get Started With Dog Training In Myrtle Beach

At Tip Top K9, we can provide you with high-quality obedience dog training in Myrtle Beach that will transform your dog into a pleasant, well-behaved companion. We start you out with a no-obligation $1 starter lesson and then, after meeting with you and your dog, we will design a custom dog training program that gets the results you need. Don’t wait another day to contact us and start your journey to better dog behavior.