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Is there anything on earth better than a well-trained dog? In our estimation, a good dog is worth his weight in gold, and while you might love your disobedient Yorkie or your aggressive rottweiler, imagine how much more enjoyable your relationship would be if your dog behaved properly. With our obedience dog training in OKC, we can transform behavior from naughty to nice in just a matter of weeks.


Tip Top K9 is the nation’s highest-rated dog training company, and we can provide you with any level of dog training in OKC that you might need. Whether you are struggling with destructive behavior and aggression or simply have a pooch who needs to learn the rules of your house, we can help. Here’s a quick look at some of the common issues we can target.


  1. Basic Obedience Skills

Every dog, large or small, mixed or thoroughbred, should be able to follow basic obedience commands. These include sitting and staying when commanded and going to their owner 100% of the time when called. We will teach them to obey these commands both on-leash and off-leash so that they are safe in any scenario.


  1. Aggression

Most dogs are somewhat protective of their families, but if your dog consistently acts aggressively or attacks other animals or people, this is an issue that needs immediate attention. Dogs also can showcase aggression via resource guarding, such as acting aggressively around their food or toys. If your dog’s behavior is dangerous or even slightly scary, please contact us immediately and we will get an aggressive dog trainer out to help you as quickly as possible.


  1. Separation Anxiety

No dogs love being left home alone, but some dogs suffer from extreme anxiety when their favorite person is not by their side. Often this will manifest into unwanted behavior such as urinating indoors, incessant barking, chewing on furniture, constant pacing or refusing to eat or drink.


There are many reasons why this type of anxiety develops, and while we want to get to the root cause of it, the most important issue is resolving or reducing the anxiety. We offer dog separation anxiety training in OKC that can address phobias and anxiety, which will make your dog a lot more content and stop the associated nuisance behaviors.


  1. Bathroom Issues

While we often teach puppies and rescue dogs how to handle their bathroom business appropriately, we also have worked with dogs that have lived with families for many years yet still struggle with potty training. In some cases, anxiety or a health issue might need to be resolved, but we can teach any dog proper bathroom etiquette, even if you are dealing with multiple accidents each day.


  1. Proper Leash Skills

Taking your dog on a walk should be a fun adventure for both of you. However, if your dog constantly tugs you in all directions or gets tangled up in their leash, this can be both irksome and potentially dangerous. During obedience dog training in OKC, we will train your dog to walk sedately and safely by your side, no matter how often a squirrel (or another distraction) crosses their path.


  1. Curbing Excessive Barking

Dogs bark to warn us that someone is on our property, and this can be a good thing, but they should cease barking on command. If your dog barks constantly and seemingly for no reason or barks at guests and won’t stop when told, this is an annoyance and dog behavior training in OKC can help.


In some cases, this barking is due to anxiety or boredom, and we will need to find ways to alleviate the anxiety and outlets for the dog’s excess energy. Often teaching a command to stop barking combined with an increase in daily exercise curbs this problem very quickly.


  1. Eliminating Destructive & Nuisance Behavior

If your dog scratches up your furniture and chews on your belongings, we can fix this type of behavior. We also can address troublesome issues such as jumping and begging. Before we arrive at your home for our first session, we encourage you to make a list of all the issues you would like us to address. Generally, through our dog training classes in OKC, we can manage just about any dog behavioral issue and teach you how to reinforce positive behavior.


Personalized At-Home Dog Training

For a significant number of our families, opting for a personalized dog trainer to come to their home is the method of choice, offering an effective solution for many pets. We arrange for a seasoned dog trainer to visit your home weekly, delivering a detailed training session and leaving you with practical tasks to enhance the learned skills.


These at-home dog training sessions cover a wide range of needs, from instilling obedience and manners to addressing specific behaviors such as excessive jumping and barking and ensuring your dog masters leash walking. This format is particularly suited for dogs that are generally sociable and show minimal signs of aggression.


Intensive Dog Boot Camp

For dogs displaying more extreme behaviors, our intensive dog boot camp in OKC is often more appropriate than at-home training. This program is specifically designed for dogs facing challenges such as high energy levels or aggression, which are among the most critical issues we tackle.


With our dog training camp in OKC, your dog will stay with a trainer specialized in handling aggression, for a period ranging from two to four weeks. This setup allows for up to six hours of focused training each day, providing a thorough and transformative learning experience. Many dogs have been rehabilitated through this program, avoiding the outcomes of euthanasia or surrender to a shelter.


Lifetime Group Classes

After completing the initial in-home obedience dog training in OKC, you might find it beneficial to polish those skills in a structured group setting. Our training packages generally include access to ongoing group classes, enabling you and your dog to enhance socialization and maintain positive habits. Additionally, we offer lifelong phone support for any challenges that arise, ensuring you can always reach out to our experts for guidance and advice.


Start Your Dog Training Journey

Whether you opt for in-home lessons or boot camp, our obedience dog training in OKC can solve just about any behavioral issue. With more than 15 years of experience, a 99.3% success rate and a money-back guarantee, we stand out as the top dog training provider in OKC and throughout Oklahoma. We charge just $1 for your first lesson, so get started on a path toward better dog behavior today.