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If you’re dealing with a furry friend who likes to wreak havoc on your belongings, shows signs of aggression, or simply refuses to follow commands, our dog training camp in Novi can help. Often, with just a few weeks of dedicated training, we can address these issues (and more) and transform your dog’s behavior.


Dog Boot Camp In Novi: What Is It?

At Tip Top K9, we offer several options for dog training in Novi, including personalized in-home training sessions, group lessons, and our intensive doggy boot camp in Novi. Our in-home training sessions are a popular choice, offering a conventional method where a trainer visits your home to work directly with your dog.


This option not only trains your pet but also equips you with the necessary techniques to encourage and maintain preferred behaviors. It’s a versatile solution that suits many canine companions well.


However, for dogs exhibiting more intense behavioral issues, such as aggression, our dog boot camp in Novi stands out as the optimal solution. In this program, your dog will stay with a professional dog trainer 24/7 for a period of two to four weeks (sometimes more), receiving constant, immersive training throughout their stay. This setting allows for a level of consistent and comprehensive training that simply can’t be matched by weekly in-home visits.


While in-home training provides significant value, offering an hour or more of professional guidance weekly and allowing pet owners to reinforce training techniques, it doesn’t offer the immersive experience of our boot camp. For dogs facing serious behavioral obstacles, the extended, focused training period in our boot camp enables us to address and rectify issues more efficiently and effectively.


Is My Dog The Only Dog At Camp?

This is a common question, and the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. Many of our experienced professional dog trainers do have dogs of their own. Even if your dog is aggressive toward other dogs, this can be seen as a positive aspect of camp because we can work on those social skills and reduce this problem behavior. The trainers’ dogs also will demonstrate proper behavior, which further helps to reinforce these skills in your dog.


Behavioral Issues We Tackle

At our dog training camp in Novi, we address a broad spectrum of behavioral problems, and these are often the same issues we work on with in-home training, just at a more serious level.


For example, a dog that shows occasional aggression towards other dogs might be well-managed through in-home dog training classes in Novi. However, for dogs that display persistent aggressive behaviors towards other animals or people, a more intensive approach is needed. Such cases are ideally managed at our dog boot camp, where specialized trainers work to reduce and/or eliminate these aggressive behaviors.


Aggression is the primary concern for many of our clients seeking the boot camp approach, but it’s far from the only behavior we correct. Our comprehensive training programs also include:


  • Obedience Training – Ensuring your dog can follow basic commands such as sit, stay, and come every time.
  • Anxiety Management – For dogs suffering from severe anxiety, we can provide you with comprehensive dog separation anxiety training in Novi.
  • Eliminating Problematic Behaviors – From excessive barking and leash pulling to jumping up on people and destroying property, we work to eliminate a range of disruptive actions.
  • House Training – We offer potty training for dogs of all ages, not just puppies, to promote proper bathroom habits.


Through the years, we have tackled a variety of tough cases through our dog training camp. We’ve helped dogs that were taking anti-anxiety drugs multiple times each day, as well as dogs that were considered “unadoptable” and dogs that were days away from euthanasia. Whether you have an unruly Great Dane that drags you through the park or an unwieldy Dachshund that nips at all of your guests’ ankles, we can fix these issues and much more.


We’ve trained more than 130 different dog breeds as well as a multitude of mixed breed dogs. We have a deep understanding of dog temperaments and the best approaches for training and a 99.3% success rate as well as more than 7,500 five-star reviews. We’ve earned these accolades because our proven step-by-step training method generates long-lasting results.


How Much Does It Cost?

We don’t post prices on our website. This is because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing, given that we don’t offer cookie-cutter training solutions. Each of our dog training plans is meticulously crafted by our trainers to suit the unique needs of each dog we work with.


The training duration and approach can vary widely—some dogs may learn the ropes quickly and effortlessly, whereas others might need several weeks of dedicated, intensive training. Our process begins with an initial lesson where we get to know your dog, evaluating their obedience levels and specific behavioral challenges.


It’s only after this personalized assessment that we can provide an accurate quote for our dog behavior training in Novi. To make this step as accessible as possible, we offer this initial session at a minimal cost of just $1, with no further commitment required to proceed with Tip Top K9’s training programs.


Contact Tip Top K9 Today!

Exhausted from managing your dog’s disobedience? Reach out to us through a phone call or by clicking the “Schedule Lesson” button, and we’ll quickly arrange your initial $1 session. Following this, we’ll assess and suggest either our dog training camp in Novi or personalized sessions with an in-home dog trainer in Novi. Within a matter of weeks, you’ll witness a remarkable change in your dog’s behavior, resulting in a more compliant and secure animal companion.