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Dogs naturally have a protective instinct toward their families. However, when a dog regularly exhibits aggressive actions such as attacking, snapping, or biting at others, it crosses the line from being protective to becoming a hazard. Such behavior not only poses a safety risk but can also strain the bond between you and your pet. Tip Top K9’s dog training for aggressive dogs in Norman can curb these dangerous tendencies.


5 Common Reasons For Dog Aggression

Dogs may exhibit aggressive tendencies due to various factors, making it crucial for a dog trainer to identify the underlying cause. The origins of such behavior often include:


Socialization Deficits

Puppies must interact with other dogs and humans early on to foster proper socialization. A dog that hasn’t been adequately socialized during puppyhood may grow to be wary and aggressive toward other animals and people.


Previous Abuse & Encouraged Aggression

This issue is particularly common among rescue dogs, who may have been subjected to abuse or encouraged to display aggression in their past environments. Examples include dogs that have endured physical abuse or were involved in illegal fighting.


These dogs learn to associate aggression with survival. However, with an aggressive dog trainer, through consistent trust-building and patience, it’s possible to help these animals overcome their aggressive habits and fears.


Insufficient Training

Proper behavior isn’t innate for dogs; they need guidance to understand how to act within the confines of their home and toward their human companions. This underscores the importance of seeking dog training in Norman shortly after welcoming a new pet. Neglecting their training can result in behaviors that range from mildly irritating to outright hazardous.


Boredom and Frustration

This scenario is often observed in high-energy dog breeds that spend a significant portion of the day confined. A lack of opportunity to release their energy can lead to aggressive or destructive actions, such as damaging doors or furniture.


In these cases, while a professional dog trainer can work to mitigate aggression, pet owners must ensure their dogs get ample physical activity. Regular exercise can significantly reduce unwanted behaviors by channeling the dog’s energy into positive outlets.


If you have an energetic dog, we recommend finding daily sources of both mental and physical stimulation including walks, playing games and even using dog puzzles to keep your dog’s mind engaged. All dogs need daily exercise, but this is especially important for high-energy breeds as boredom often leads to unwanted behavior.


Health-Related Issues

Aggression in dogs can sometimes be linked to health problems. Should a medical condition be at fault, training remains beneficial, but it’s essential to consult a veterinarian regarding your pet’s health. Addressing the medical issue may also alleviate the aggressive behavior.


Tip Top K9: A Look At Our Dog Training Options

At Tip Top K9, we offer a variety of training solutions for dogs exhibiting aggression in Norman. Choose from personalized training sessions conducted in your home or our intensive doggy boot camp in Norman.


Our in-home training option provides a traditional and personalized approach, where a trainer visits your home weekly for sessions, alongside assigning tasks for pet owners to ensure continued progress and reinforcement of positive behaviors. The duration of in-home training varies, often extending over several months based on the behavioral challenges presented.


For dogs facing more profound issues of aggression or extreme anxiety, our dog boot camp in Norman offers a more rigorous solution. This immersive program, spanning two to four weeks, involves your dog staying with a professional trainer around the clock, ensuring consistent and focused training within a controlled environment.


Particularly for cases of significant behavioral challenges, or when training a dog for service purposes, our dog training camp in Norman is the preferred method. However, for foundational obedience training and general etiquette, in-home sessions are typically advised.


Our training programs in Norman cover a wide range of behavioral issues, including:

  • Mastery of Obedience Commands (ensuring commands such as sit, stay, and come are obeyed all of the time),
  • Correcting Common Issues (such as jumping, excessive barking, leash pulling, and begging)
  • Reducing Anxiety & Phobias (we do offer specialized dog separation anxiety training in Norman).
  • Potty Training (applicable to both puppies and adult dogs)


These services are available through both our boot camp and in-home training options. Pricing is tailored to the individual dog, reflecting the bespoke nature of our training programs and the varying degrees of intervention required.


While Tip Top K9 isn’t the most cost-effective option, our 99.3% success rate and satisfaction guarantee underscore our commitment to quality. Investing in professional training with us leads to a lifetime of harmony and enjoyment with a well-adjusted and obedient dog, capable of accompanying you anywhere without behavioral concerns.


Keep in mind, we’ve worked with some of the toughest cases imaginable. This includes dogs that were days from euthanasia, dogs that frequently attack dogs and people, dogs from fighting rings and many other traumatic situations.


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