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When you watch dog shows on TV, you might marvel at the high level of obedience and general good behavior of those dogs and wish that your own dog displayed such pleasant manners. These animals weren’t born knowing how to obey commands and walk properly beside their owner so if you long for a well-behaved obedient pooch, our dog training classes in Plano are just what you need.



At Tip Top K9, we can provide you with quality dog training in Plano that generates results. We know that hiring a trainer is an extra expense, but there are many reasons why professional training is worth its weight in gold, including:


  1. Professional Training Generates Faster Results

While there are books, articles and online tutorials that provide insights into dog training, hiring a professional trainer produces much faster results. Not only do our trainers have more experience training in general, but they also have extensive training with different dog breeds and personalities.


A book or online video might showcase one training method, but it’s not a given that your dog will respond to that method. As expert trainers, we evaluate your dog to get a sense of their behavioral needs and issues, but also what type of training approach might work best. For instance, what works with a confident, exuberant dog might not be the best fit for a timid dog or a dog with aggression issues.


  1. Training Increases Safety

Dogs must understand and obey essential obedience cues to stay out of harm’s way. Teaching your dog to adhere to commands like sitting, staying, and lying down on cue—even when off-leash—prevents them from wandering into dangerous areas or pursuing other animals. Our obedience dog training in Plano guarantees your dog’s consistent compliance to commands. These critical abilities safeguard your dog in numerous scenarios.


  1. We Can Fix A “Problem Dog”

Problematic behavior such as jumping, excessive barking, and, worst of all, dog aggression, can take a huge toll on the relationship between you and your dog. Serious behavioral issues are one of the main reasons why people send their dogs to shelters, but rather than rehome or get rid of your dog, why not simply hire a trainer and fix the issues?


Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve had experience with thousands of dogs, and many of these dogs displayed unsafe and frightening behavior. Some of these dogs were about to be put down, heavily medicated or rehomed, but we were able to reduce their aggression and other unwanted behaviors and provide the dog’s parents with a tame, obedient and safe dog.


If you are feeling a bit desperate about your dog’s behavior, please contact us. We even offer you a guarantee. We promise that our dog behavior training in Plano will fix at least 95% of your dog’s problems, or we will refund your money.


  1. Training Can Help Socialize Your Dog

There’s a short window of time in a puppy’s life that is the ideal time to socialize a dog with both humans and other dogs. Unfortunately, sometimes that window of opportunity closes before a dog has really had a chance to get used to social situations. If your dog tends to distrust people or attack or shrink away from other dogs, training can help them feel more comfortable in social situations.


Many dogs without adequate socialization act out aggressively which is dangerous and annoying. It’s fine to have your dog be a bit wary of strangers and be protective of your home, but if you are dealing with a higher level of aggression, our dog training for aggressive dogs in Plano can help.


If their response is due to anxiety, we also can provide you with dog anxiety remediation and dog separation anxiety training in Plano. Our goal is to help your dog behave and feel comfortable in just about any situation. This includes interacting with dogs and humans and being able to handle time alone when you have to leave the house.

  1. Training Improves Your Relationship!

Dogs cherish their moments with their owners, yet constant behavior correction and cleanup can strain this special relationship. Dog training classes in Plano offer a pathway to teaching your pet the house rules and expected behaviors.


A clear understanding of what’s expected of them allows dogs to feel more content and at ease, enhancing your peace of mind as well. A dog that behaves well is a joy to have around and can accompany you in various settings, further strengthening your connection and mutual trust.


Moreover, dog training classes in Plano provide an excellent source of both physical activity and mental engagement for your pet. Dogs, much like humans, thrive on a balance of physical and mental challenges, and training sessions are captivating and stimulating for them.


After your trainer has laid the groundwork, continuing with daily practice sessions will not only keep your dog mentally sharp but also reinforce the bond through praise and positive reinforcement for their efforts.


Tip Top K9 – America’s Premier Dog Training Experts

At Tip Top K9, we specialize in offering bespoke training programs designed to meet the unique requirements of your canine friend. Over the years, we’ve successfully partnered with over 15,000 families across a spectrum of more than 130 breeds of dogs. Our track record boasts a remarkable 99.3% success rate, and we stand by our commitment to resolve 95% (or more) of your dog’s behavioral concerns – that’s a promise.


We provide two primary training pathways – doggy boot camp in Plano or personalized at-home dog training in Plano. For pets needing to master basic obedience or skills such as leash manners and house training, our at-home sessions are often the perfect solution. Additionally, we’re adept at eliminating problematic behaviors like excessive barking and jumping.


For canines facing more significant behavioral issues, our recommendation typically leans towards our dog boot camp in Plano. Here, in a board-and-train format, your dog will spend two-to-four weeks in the care of our skilled trainers, away from home. This immersive approach suits dogs dealing with advanced aggression or those that have been particularly challenging to train. We dedicate ourselves to working with your pet until the issues are fully addressed.


Following the completion of either doggy boot camp in Plano or at-home training, most of our packages also grant access to lifetime group sessions. These gatherings are key in boosting social skills and maintaining positive behaviors, and they’re available to you and your dog for life. With a focus on sustained success for every dog we train, these group lessons, conducted by our top trainers, serve as an invaluable resource.


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